10 Cool New Gadget for Guys


There are tons of cool gadgets for guys out there. Ofcourse with all the new technology coming, it is actually tough to classify which gadget is cool. We have seen some crazy new stuff come out recently, some of these might solve a common problem men might have.Ofcourse some of them are simply great to look at but we prefer cool gadgets which show innovation and creativity.So, without any further ado, here is our list of 10 Cool New Gadget for Guys out there.

Top 10 cool new gadget for guys

Thus, listing down are the top 10 cool new gadget for guys which you should certainly visit to promise a fun and healthy lifestyle:

Light mate emergency LED flashlight:

This LED flashlight is more likely a smart light. It has 2200mah portable power bank battery with USB port and also emergency cell phone charging point. The LED has 5 modes namely, bright, medium, dim, SOS and strobe. It also has high strength pointed alloy steel emergency glassbreaker as an additional feature. The lightmate flashlight makes an amazing gift for campers, travellers and anyone who uses  flashlight.

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Price: $29.99

Rif6 cube:

The RIF6 cube is a small gadget that projects your phone with a 120 inch display. Connect your smartphone to the cube and view Netflix, videos, pictures and so on a nearby wall. It can be used for presentations as well. This cube is extremely bright for its size. It is one of our recommendation for cool gadget gifts for guys.

Price: $279.00 (7 percent off MSRP)

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Airdog Auto Follow Drone:

It is the best quadcopter for you. If you want to capture footage of you doing awesome things like cycling, skateboarding and so on Airdog is the best choice. It’s innovative and you can control it right from your wrist.

Price: $1,599.00

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Divoom voombox:

One of the Cool New Gadget for Guys necessary for outdoorsy type of man is Divoom Voombox Portable Wireless Speaker. The speaker connects to your device effortlessly through Bluetooth, and the quality is absolutely astonishing. It is a great summer gadget for impromptu jam session, beach days or deck parties, and it is one of the cool gadget gifts for guys.

Price: $79.90 (20 percent off MSRP)

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Logitech harmony home control:

One cool gadget you need in your life is Logitech Harmony Home Control. It is a universal smart remote that allows you to use your smartphone as remote as well. It also works with home automation devices like Philips Hue and so on. With this gadget you will feel like a wizard.

Price: $94.99

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Woolet is a slimmer wallet that notifies your phone and sounds an alarm when you walk too far from your Wallet. It keeps your card safe and even has a hidden pocket for cash. It is powered by Bluetooth and the wallet itself looks great. As long as your phone is capable of Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1 Woolet can be used.

Price: $119.00

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DX802 by Panasonic:

Inspired by future design, this great looking stand means you can position this television anywhere. Add in a 4k ultra HD display and it’s a bargain foray into the design led end of the TV market.

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Humax FVP- 5000T:

This multi-award winning FVP-5000T includes the new Freeview Play service which allows you to record four programmes while you watch a fifth. A new smart search feature pulls in content from diverse sources such as YouTube and there is a quick access button for recorded shows. It is also streamed over Wi-Fi. Thus, with out any doubt it makes a place in our list of 10 ‘Cool New Gadget for Guys’.

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Fitbit Ionic:

The ionic builds on Fitbit’s health and fitness expertise, offering a highly personalised experience that’s a level up from its competitors. There is a new relative SPO2 sensor, industry-leading GPS, improved heart rate tracking and water resistance up to 50 meters. This can be a ultimate gift to technology fans.

Price: $269.95

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Nokia steel HR activity tracking watch:

Last but not the least in our list of ’10 Cool New Gadget for Guys’ we have The Nokia steel HR. It is a watch, activity monitor smartwatch. This is all singing, all dancing, all tracking hybrid watch that mixes analogue styling with digital health monitoring. It looks like a smart, sleek French design timepiece. It also has a best in-class rechargeable battery that will keep the time and technology running up to 25 days.

Technology and cool factor go hand in hand. These high-tech cool items can spice up your cool quotient and even make your life easier.

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Article by- Vaibhavi N

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