Top 10 Beer Brands In India with Price


Summer is coming and your drinks need to change its taste. A glass in your hand and a bottle of good tasty beer can swing your mood to joy and pleasure. In order to join a party or for having  the joy of drinking beer, you must know the name of top beer brands in India. Beer is the third most widely consumed drink after water and tea. The alcohol content in it does not make it dangerous to health. There are different varieties of this alcoholic drink. Beer is a proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy. We bring you a curated list of Top 10 beer brands in India with price . Happy reading!

A famous quote says “ Whoever drinks beer, is quick to sleep, whoever sleeps long does not sin, whoever does not sin enters heaven. Thus let us drink beer!”

Top 10 Beer Brands In India with Price

Here is our list of the Top 10 Best Beer Brands In India with Price. However, It might happen that we have bound off any of the popular beers in India. If you have any recommendation, feel free to share in the comment section and we will be more than happy to add that in the list

Kingfisher beer:

Kingfisher remains in the top position as being the first choice of beer lover. The mild product is famous for its soft taste along with plenty of malts. The Kingfisher beer is available in 330ml can, 500ml can, 330ml pint and in a large bottle of 650ml. It has a wide range of varieties in beer products such as Kingfisher strong, Kingfisher premium, Kingfisher ultra and so on.

Price: 330ml beer costs Rs 60/-

Royal challenge beer:

Royal challenge is one of the most popular brands of beer in India. and one of the cheapest beer in India which has been tremendously leading the heart of discriminating consumers. It is well known for its extra brewing taste. The product is marketed by a tagline as “ brewed stronger brewed better”. They have enormous demand in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and so on. Buy this outstanding beer as it is now available in almost every bar and Indian pub.

Price: 330ml beer costs Rs. 47/- and onwards.

Hayward’s beer:

Hayward is one of the strong contestant of beer brand in India  Hayward beer is available in the market in various form of strength. Hayward 2000, as well as Hayward Black, light compared to Hayward 5000. The latest variant of this brand is Hayward 10000.

Price: 330ml beer costs Rs. 65/- onwards.

Carlsberg beer:

Carlsberg is one of the trustworthy and reliable names in the world of beer. It is basically a malt brewing item. It is as much demanding in India as in the International market. The brand produces 2 different segments, which are Carlsberg green and Okocim Palone.

Price: 330ml beer costs Rs. 90/- and onwards.

Foster beer:

Foster beer is another top most choice of beer lover in India. It is available in most of the bar and pubs in India. This product is well known for its amazing taste and effect. The 2 varieties of foster beer are foster premium and foster strong.

Price: 330ml beer costs Rs. 60/- onwards.

Budweiser beer:

Budweiser is considered as one of the top selling beer in India and across the globe. The offered items by Budweiser beer are Budweiser strong and Budweiser magnum. This item is specifically made of barley malt along with rice.

Price: 330ml costs Rs. 110/- onwards.

Tuborg beer:

Tuborg beer is the local beer product in the state of Goa, India. It has become famous for its quality taste at a low cost. It consists of 4.58% alcohol adding a mild smoky flavour to the total drink content.It is a recommendation if you are looking for the best and cheapest beer in India

Price: 330ml beer costs Rs. 55/- and onwards.

Corona beer:

Corona is a top ranked beer in India which is even considered as costliest beer in India, basically produced by a Mexican company. This beer is one of the most imported beer brands in India. If this beer is served with a piece of lime, then it will be the most refreshing beer with fun and no hangover. The varieties available are Corona light and Corona extra and both of them are one of the best tasting beer in India .

Price:  355ml beer costs Rs. 240/- and onwards.

Godfather beer:

Godfather beer is one of the most best strong beer in India. They are available in 20 states of the country. The variants of the beer are Godfather super strong, Godfather light and Godfather larer. Thus, it made it to our list of ‘Top 10 Beer Brands In India with Price’

Price: 330ml beer costs Rs.90/-

Kalyani black label beer:

Last but not the least in our list of top 10 beer brands in India with price we have kalyani black label. It is one of the senior most brand’s in India and one of the best in the category of the cheapest beer in India This beer distinguishes in taste by variety of taste and power of drink. It is available in premium and strong version. It is best selling in Delhi and Kolkata.

Price: 330ml beer costs Rs. 50/- and onwards.

Make your best pick and enjoy the pleasure of the best beer!

Article by- Vaibhavi

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