10 Best Male Bedroom Color Schemes


Colours are present all around us and are involved in every aspect of our life. Sometimes, the choice of colour reflects our personality and thoughts. They also influence our emotions and actions. Colours symbolize happiness and confidence. It is up to us to see the beauty of everyday things. A house becomes a home when it is built with love and dreams. Love resides and memories are created. If home is the body, soul resides in the bedroom. Who doesn’t wish a bedroom designed exquisitely with fresh and swish colours. A man is content and happy in such a amicable environment. The bedroom is a place where we rest all our worries. It is a place to introduce a color scheme that fits the mood you want to feel most while you are there. A beautifully designed bedroom with decorous colour schemes will surely give all the good vibes. Here we bring you a curated list of best ‘Male Bedroom color Schemes’.

10 Best Male Bedroom color Schemes

Here is our list of the best male bedroom color schemes. However, It might happen that we have missed any . If you have any recommendation, feel free to share in the comment section and we will be more than happy to add that in the list.

A combination of red white and black color:

Black and white is a classic color scheme and adding a mix of red to it just takes the colors to a whole new level of energy. Red is known for its energy, so it makes a good pairing with the solid black and white palette. This combination is a great color scheme for a modern bedroom for men. This color scheme buzzes with inspiring energy and a perfect bedroom colour inspiration for all the men outh there .

Neutral grey with a pop of color:

Soft grey on the walls, ceiling and larger accessories make for a serene and contemporary bedroom setting. A tinge of vibrant red breathe life into the neutral space.

This combination calls for a swish set-up. It is perfect for a exquisite bedroom design.Thus, it make its way to our list of best male bedroom color schemes.

Cool blue and white:

Blue and white as a color combination in general is an eternally fresh, scrubbed clean combination. The bedroom of these colours looks friendly, down home and inviting. In colloquial space, blue is said to be the color for men unlike pink for women. The combination of blue with white which is classic and symbolizes peace makes for a beautiful bedroom setup.

Two toned neutrals:

Two toned neutral colours never fail to make an incredible impact to the eyes and it is always cosidered as one of the best colour combinations for rooms . Grey with taupe, cream with charcoal, or tan with ivory make lovely and pleasing bedroom colour schemes. Pairing two different neutrals together to create a color scheme provides variety in colouring. They are not too jazzy and make up for a swish setup.

Coastal inspired blues with white:dark blue bedroom ideas

Blue and green give a visually soothing effect scientifically. If you need the vibe of an ideal bedroom, seaside color scheme inspiration is recommended.  whites, pale aquas like the water, grounded by some earth tones like the wood floor or the sand of the sea works great together to create a truly serene space.

Grounded brown and navy:

Like grey, brown too have become the mainstay for neutrality in contemporary colors. Rich, deep brown add presence and maturity to this stately bedroom. The sombre color can be softened by luxurious velvet on the headboard and footboard. Navy is also a perfect complimenting color as it is bold enough to be noticed in a sophisticated way.

Black and white:

Black and white never goes out of fashion and one of the best colour combinations for rooms . You can hardly ever go wrong with black and white as a color scheme. The yin and yang of these polar opposites, the stark contrast they exude makes for an eye catching and dramatic bedroom space. It is a perfect bedroom setup for me but also for all people with contrast likings.

Forest green with earthy brown:

A color combination found all over the place in nature is the one we can certainly take seriously, and forest green with earthy brown is no exception for awesome bedroom colour inspiration . The depth and darkness of these colors is overwhelming. The key to make this bedroom feel alive and inviting is to ensure plenty of natural light. This color scheme is a perfect and natural way to balance the nature based color palette.

Green and brown:

Its easy to get caught up on a color scheme for bedroom and have that palette dictate every decision for the space it is a modern bedroom colour scheme  . A bedroom color scheme that can provide general inspiration for the overall vibe of the space. Green and purple though are not entirely gelling colors but they do not fail to give the vibe for your bedroom.

Deep teal and cognac:

Ranking no 10 in our list of ‘Best Male Bedroom Color Schemes’ we have this gorgeous bedroom colour inspiration just for you. Cognac is a rich and sophisticated leathery tone the benefits from the presence of another color. The pairing color should have deep rich tones as well. Deep teal has a rich tone to match the tones of cognac. These colors go really well. The colors are serious yet soothing. It os sophisticated yet warm.  A tinge of  brass shine could take things over the top.

These male bedroom color schemes is a great way to enhance the look of your bedroom. Decorous color schemes is a great start to design your dream home. The perfect combination of colors can give you the soothing effect you are longing for in the most desired way.

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