10 Cool Things for a Guys Room


Grey winters or blazing summer, the struggle of guys letting go off the bed is real. After the nerve wrecking brainstorm of the entire day, all we crave is to go back to our room and collapse into the bed. Our bedrooms are like our mini world where only we matter, our tiny get away from the world. Therefore to have the right things in our bedroom is essentially important. Apart from right colors & right size of bed, we have ’10 Cool Things for a Guys Room’ which would make your room a better place to live in.

10 Cool Things for a Guys Room

Check out our list of 10 cool things for a guys room which are not just stylish, but essentially important for your man cave.


Ranking no 1 in our list of cool things for a guys room is beam bags. They are the most comfortable seating choice you can make, they almost feel like you are sitting on heap of cotton and trust me nothing can get more comfortable . They are just perfect for your lazy cozy day. Be it fifa matches, movie with friends or a Maggie date at your place, bean bags just makes it more comfy and snuggly. Guys, this is a must have in your room for all your chilling scenes and party nights.

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Speakers are such cool gadgets for man cave.They say mood is variable but music is constant. From days when you want to cringe into some corner and cry to days when you want to dance your heart out & celebrate life, music remains by your side. Good coffee and soulful music is all you need to survive your days of hardship.

Therefore you must have a wireless speaker  in some corner of your room to dazzle up your dim mood and to shimmer out your party nights. 

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Men generally don’t thrill over sweet candy fictional romance as women do. However none can deny guys are a little skeptical towards cheesy romance. But trust me guys, women find it super adorable. Worry not! We have something for you where you can put in your manly attributes and still be in your romantic spheres. Romantic candles with some alluring fragrances in cute shape and size. 

Set these Candles in your room for perfect dinner date. Yes! Guys you can surely thank us later. So it is our special recommendation for cool things for a guys room.


The importance of reading books is undeniable and peerless. They say there is always a book which will change your life. Books not just ensure your mental exercise being processed, but also open your door of analytic thinking. From giving you a better vocabulary to reducing stress, they do it all . Therefore, guys a bookshelf in your room important. Again, trust me women desire brains with brawn. Go read & conquer.

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Men generally take “ Hum Saath Saath hain” way too seriously . The gang is less friends and more bothers. Be it cricket matches or cards night they do it all and together. So nothing can be better than giant couches for bromantic sleepovers , food hogging and irrelevant conversations featuring fun nights.

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Today’s world is moving in a fast forward mode where everyone is participating in some rat race.  While running in this marathon, we loose out in many things which are essentially important for us. Among all such things what tops our list is the effort we put in to be fit. We tend to forget how badly our body needs exercise to function accordingly. But don’t worry we have some way out by which you can workout  without spending the least amount of time from your day. All you need is some gym essentials in your room.I am sure you can spare some time out from all your movie nights and fifa sessions for yourself to be the better version of yourself.

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When we talk about cool gadgets for man cave PSP is something you would find in every guy’s room.Guys are up for game sessions anytime of the day. It isn’t just a thing which would kill your time but a great stress buster as well. So guys if you don’t have one this is something you should try your hands on.

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Posters are always considered as cool apartment stuff for guys .Who does not like to wake up to positive quotes and imbibe the positive energy into them. We don’t mind some sassy quotes around us too which keeps our sass game on point. Guys posters are just ‘must have’ in your rooms because they say a lot of things without you being mean to your visitors.

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We all love waking up to pictures of our loved ones. It just makes us cherish all the memories the photograph holds. Waking up to best picture of us isnt a bad idea either. Our pictures reflect our personality without us being over the top.  So guys its high time to put something up in that void wall and nothing can be better than some cherished memories of you right in the walls infront of you . I am sure your mornings would not be any more cranky and grumpy.

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A nightstand to put it all.  Trying to get your hands on everything you need in the morning is a real pain. And 9 out of 10 days you leave the house without your handkerchief. There’s nothing worse than not having a bedside table to place objects like your phone, magazines, books, and bedside lamp. It has storage space inside too, to store your documents, handkerchief and everything you need. thus, it is one of those things every guy should have in his bedroom. So this is a total win- win for you.

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Mini Bar

One of our other recommendation in our list  of ‘Cool Things for a Guys Room’ is bar cart. If your idea is to splurge with your room ,then a bar cart is a timeless choice. Add all your favourite wine and champagne and everything you need for a booze party to the cart, and your man cave is party ready 24*7.

Article By – Sudarshana Roy                          

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