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Being a member of a gym is one of the greatest trending aspects of today’s world. Since with every passing day, we are being more and more health conscious and every one wants to be in a perfect shape and even aware of the fact that true wealth is the wealth of health. And I as an individual truly believe that there is no better way of being healthy than that of being an active member of a gym. Because being a member of a gym is a thing of true discipline and it not only tones down the physical body by at a certain degree it acts as a mediating force and improves the mental health too. Why gym, if you ask? Because the professional approach to the gym along with its perfect synergy with it mechanical appliances provides a perfect synchronization of work out. That focuses on every single muscle individually. And provides a gradual and subtle increase in stamina. By starting with proper baby steps to reaching higher levels of perfection.But then such as there are thousands of fishes in the sea there are thousands of gyms in a locality. And to decide which gym to choose is a tedious task So, here we have listed some of (Best gym in Udaipur) for you. but before that we should know to how to choose a gym.

How to choose a gym

There are certain factors that a person should look upon before selecting a gym.

Gym membership cost : The gym should be cost efficient i.e. it should not be too expensive that a normal person cannot afford it and also it should provide different smaller instalments in which periodic payments can be made. It should not be so that it has bulk instalments which seems to be heavy on pockets. The fee should be divided rationally among the number of months/days the applicant has applied for. Also, the gym should justify the fee it’s charging to its costumers creating a rapport with the costumers. This way it will be able to ensure a good relation and a recurring consumer base

Equipment: The gym should be equipped with latest technologies and any of the machines should not be obsolete or out of date. Also, the machines provided should provide a chronological regime to work upon.

Gyms near me : The gym should be accessible; the location should be centralized and easily available to most of the people. Since if its located in a far off remote area it would result in negative motivation in the form that the farther a gym would be to a person the less likely he’d find himself going. And hamper the regularity.

Cleanliness: Cleanliness is again a very important factor. For the main objective of a gym is to provide aid in improving the health of individuals. But there can be no growth in the same if the place isn’t clean.

Hours of operation: Number of hours the gym is operating. It is yet again a very important factor since not everyone can be available at every moment. So, the greater would be the window of the opening of the gym, the larger the number of people will feel compatible with it.

Personal training options: A gym that provides good trainers that are highly embarked with the skills of physical development and have a high degree of knowledge in the field also can act as good motivators and provide a decent degree of advice on personalised problems on a rate that is reasonable to general public will create an effect of edge over the other competitive gyms.

Best gym deals : A good gym is one that offers, certain discounts offer, privileges to its members.

Maintenance: a gym should be maintained i.e. it should not let the quality of its operation fall with time. Also, the machines should be kept well intact and taken care off. Because not in any circumstance should it happen that any person who enrolled to the gym starts being disappointed after certain period of time because of wear and tear of machines or lack of proper maintenance regarding the atmosphere of the gym for that would result in creating a very negative impact on the goodwill and would demean he interest of people that can cause failure in functioning.

Gym trainer: The greatest determinant of choosing a gym is its faculty. A good faculty can overshadow any of the above shortcomings but if the faculty is not professional enough or is not up to the mark it can be a very high downfall for the same. Because at the end of the day there is no better asset than that of a remarkable human resource.

In reference to the information provided by the above determinants, we have shortlisted chronologically top 10 best gym in Udaipur.

These below-mentioned gym in Udaipur have integrated all the above point in a very synchronized manner and they move in synergy at providing a high degree of service.

Top 10 Best gym in Udaipur

Here are our list of top 10 best gym in Udaipur. While the list doesn’t have a ranking order, we have reviewed a number of salons to come up with this list.

  BABA Fitness Point

Address- 13, Jyoti Nagar, Near Vaishali Apartment, Hiran Magri.

   Phone: 099509 05870

   Fit Fight Club Gym

Address- “Raj Bhawan” sector 11 near Vijaya bank Udaipur raj.

   The Gym Zone

Address- om tower university road near Choti pipli.

Phone:078911 22786

   Fitness Master – the gym

Address- 3rd floor, Technocrate Society, Bedla Road Opp. Royal auto point.

Phone:093524 16985

   Kakes GYM

Address- 6 shikarpur colony, bhopalpura.

Phone: 9772207720

   Silver square gym

Address- silver square health club near menaria guest house sec no.4 Udaipur      Rajasthan

Phone:077378 83838

   Golds Gym Udaipur


Phone: 0294 252 3280

    Rnold Fitness Club

Address- plot No.5, Above SBI, Sector 11 Main Road.

Phone: 086964 25866

   Vindeeps Fit List

Address- 286, 1st floor, Chawda Complex, Opp. Navjeevan School, Near C.A.       Circle, SECTOR-14, UDAIPUR CITY, RAJASTHAN.

Phone: 090012 41814

   Wonder Cricket Academy

   Address – goverdhan villas Shikarbdi, Udaipur.

Concluding the same in today’s running world it is very difficult to catch up on the necessity of health and it becomes highly important that we should accustom ourselves in such a way that we are to derive time for ourselves and look upon our health. For this matter, it becomes very important that we sign in for some physical activity. So, in my personalized opinion gym in the same becomes very important as discussed because of its professional approach and ability to be incorporated as per our time conveniences. And the above mentioned gyms have a remarkable performance and a greater degree of good reviews in terms of customer satisfaction. They are and have been providing a greater degree of response and the results provided by the above ten gyms have been periodically and consistently reliable.

BY- Chetanya Kapoor

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