How to Shape a Mustache


Since the rise of the Mughal Empire until today, in the 21st century, moustaches have become a popular symbol of manliness. It not only denotes the maturity of a male, but also has outreached as a fashion trend. Nowadays, males in different parts of the world grow moustache and respect its shape, style by suiting it in the most passionate way, but the question is How to Shape a Mustache

How to Shape a Mustache

During the British Raj and Modern Period, as a traditional belief in India, moustache was outshined as a symbol of power and pride. There was a certain respect to all those people who had the perfectly grown moustache. Therefore, all the Mughal emperors had great moustaches defining the fact that they had enormous power and the pride of glory of their kingdom and Raj.  However, not every emperor had the same shape and size of the moustache. There were various styles of the moustache. Even today, some are huge, thin, small, twirled and various other kinds. Consequently, with the help of the kind of moustache a person has, people judge the person’s respect and pride in the society.

There are diverse shapes and styles of moustaches. Some of them are as follows:-

popular mustache styles/types of mustaches

  • The Walrus – One of the most different and a unique shape of moustache. It was a famous trend during the 19th Century. It became a hit among the western people and their culture. It usually took an average time of about five months to get this style, and maintaining the shape was crucial during the period of these months. It was trademarked for “walrus “because it had a similar design to a Walrus. Eg : Friedrich Nietzsche.

  • The Horseshoe – A moustache which is one of a kind. As distinctive it looks, it is very easy to grow and maintain the moustache. But, however, it becomes really difficult to remove it. It is appropriately named for the shape it is in, which is a horse shoe. The moustache looks like a goatee with bottom centre shaved.

  • The Handlebar – The most popular moustache during the Mughal rule was The Handlebar. This moustache is curled upwards from both the ends by styling wax and prompting the pride of the emperor. As a result, maintaining the shape and style of the moustache is quite difficult since advanced techniques and oil is needed to groom the moustache perfectly.

  • The Chevron – The most common moustache around the world. Most of the males have this kind of moustache. It is a thick and full moustache covering the upper lip. As such it does not require any care, because it is on the bushier side, and just requires light trimming to remove.

  • The Pencil – A very rare kind since not many people has the type and has advanced grooming. It is usually very thin in shape and lines over the upper lip. There has to be a lot of care taken for keeping it and trimming it to get back the same shape as a pencil. Thus, it is hardly kept by any male.

Now among these popular moustache styles, comes the question, how do you properly groom them, style them and keep them as perfectly fine as you intend to. These following steps will help in the best way to answer this query –

How to style different mustache design /mustache shapes

STEP 1: Most of the men are unaware of the fact that trimming the moustache can result in creating a mess and the shape to fade away. Thus, the first and foremost step every man should know is to keep a perfectly outshining moustache is not to trim it.

STEP 2: Always, to keep the moustache in a perfect shape, combing is must. Rather than trimming it, combing helps the moustache to handle it with fine and retain its style with the efforts put in. If the moustache is long, make sure combing daily is necessary. Combing it through fine edges will help it to style better.

STEP 3:  The next step is to wax the moustache gently. Waxing the moustache helps to groom it up to the mark and styling its shape and structure.

STEP 4: Just after waxing the moustache is completed, make sure to twist and shape it to your perfection and desire in any shape or way you would want your splendid moustache to be kept in.

STEP 5: The most crucial and final step is to MAINTAIN the shape, structure and style of the moustache. It I one of the most challenging tasks as well because a lot of men find it easy to grow a moustache and style it in the way you would love to have it , but later on , maintaining the exact shape and style is not easy , rather it is burdensome . So therefore, it takes a lot of efforts and cares to maintain the perfect moustache.

As we talked about the importance and priority of a moustache, we understand that how important its role has become to denote a level of maturity or manliness. Consequently, nowadays, the production of moustache growth oil has begun, and has soared to heights. The fantasy of growing a moustache has developed a tend all around the world, such, that men who are not able to grow moustache due to inefficient generic hormonal insufficiencies or the ones who cannot grow it as per their requirements, usually tend to buy such oil, so that they can grow it to the shape they love, style it according to their convenience and maintain it as perfect as a possible. It is very easy to use the oil , as you just need to apply it the place where moustache is to be grown , that is between the top of the upper lip and under the nose . After that, in a week or so, the results will start appearing. Thus, the oil is effective and has highly become popular within a lot of men, determining the companies to launch such product as to lead a profit margin and also satisfying the customer’s needs.


Therefore, we come to the end of the phase, what have we learnt is that shaping a moustache, and the technique to style it, occupies a lot of time and efforts to be put in. However, the moustache not only personifies one’s maturity but also the pride and humour of a person. Moreover, the possessing of moustache will not end in some parts of the region due to traditional outlook, especially in the region of Islam, it is mandatory to keep a moustache.

Thus, men should completely understand and utilize the best of the endeavour, to process their moustache in fine shape and style. With the help of the moustache growth oil and wax, one can turn their moustache at a point of attraction. Consequently, in the future, people also remember famous men from the look of the moustache as well, so it even creates an identity for most of the humans to keep you as a remembrance and speak about the honour of the moustache.

So style the moustache and design it in your very own manner, because one can forget what happened during the nick of the time, but one cannot fail to remember the style you made popular.


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