Top 5 Clothing Rental Websites for Indian Men


Internationally,  there has been an increase in clothing rental websites . There are dresses which cost you a hole in your pocket if you are looking at buying them. However, renting them at a cost nearly 1/15 of the buying price can be effective only if you dearly wish to wear that particular brand on any particular occasion. Renting isn’t cheap altogether since the cost of these apparels is quite high.  The concept of clothing rental is new in India but slowly picking up as consumers are becoming more fashion sensitive and looking to try out exclusive dresses on certain occasions in their lives. However, the clothing rental industry in India has been majorly dominated by local and offline players. But,  we are seeing quite a few startups taking the courageous leap of faith to start an online clothing rental business in India. While the concept of renting clothes works for the necessities in the eleventh hour, we would like to remind that this is something that really works for all you guys for certain things which you gonna use once or twice in your lifetime, why to pay such a hefty amount to buy them!

Top 5 Clothing Rental Websites for Indian Men

Let us take a look at the top 5 best clothing rental websites for Indian men. These websites are certainly doing things off the chart. Building a business in India on clothing rental, ensuring free shipping and other facilities is not an easy task at all.  Let’s cheer them up and start renting some of your clothing which has always been on your wishlist.


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Flyrobe is a Mumbai-based fashion rental service that gives out men’s and women’s accessories and clothing and apparel for various occasions. Flyrobe has brands like FCUK, ASOS, Mango, Quirk Box, as well as collections from designers like Shehlaa Khan, Surendri, and more. You can rent a garment within three hours or more, for a time period of three days. They offer their services in selected cities, in most of the metros, and also have a free delivery option for all clothes which are displayed on rent.  You can choose a cash on delivery as your preferred method of payment and there is a hassle-free return policy if the product has defects or doesn’t match the choice you wanted.

The Clothing Rental

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The Clothing Rental is renowned to be a clandestine stop for professionals from the glamour industry. The Clothing Rental offers it’s customers a plethora of clothes to choose. One can look tuxedos, shirts, jackets and ethnic wear. Some of their tuxedos collection is quite unique and appealing. However, we found their price to be a bit on the higher end. They cater to the people in Mumbai and have a store in Bandra and Versova. Thus, you might be required to spend something on shipping if you’re willing to rent out clothes from The Clothing Rental.

The Mr.Collection


They have upped the ante in rental market services. The most stand out feature of this website is that while renting a garment you don’t have to pay any additional security deposit. This is the just the tip of the iceberg of perks they give to its customers. They also allow a trial before the date of rental. It seems they are doing everything right to really expand their growth in the Indian clothing rental market. They offer style variety and also have an extensive collection. They work on a subscription basis where you can rent clothes for a fixed subscription price per month and have some of the top clothing brands in their collection. Definitely, The Mr. Colelction is one of the top clothing rental websites for Indian men.

Candid Knots

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They are versatile when it comes to clothing and offer clothes for every occasion at affordable prices. At pocket-friendly prices, they also provide home trial service before renting out clothes. Candin Knots is becoming one of the top clothing rental websites in India for wedding dresses. You have an access to a wide variety of suits, accessories, Jodhpuri suits, men’s ethnic wear, and more. This would immensely help people who don’t want to spend lakhs on their wedding dresses and yet want something which is as good as a Sabyasachi collection. They offer free shipping on both ways and there isn’t any hassle of dry cleaning.

Rent An Attire

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They are a luxury premium fashion renting store, which have an excellent delivery service and deliver your desired outfit a day before the event. Rent An Attire does not take cash as a security deposit but takes original documents like PAN card/ passport/ driving license from its renting customers.It’s a blend of premium features and diverse clothing. Their collection includes a variety of ethnic and western dresses and is available for both men and women. So, if you duo of you are thinking of trying out something exclusive which is not in your wardrobe, go ahead and check this website out for a perfect combination. Rent an Attire currently operates in specific cities and are not available across India for delivery.

Try out new things always end up spicing your life. If you’re planning to rent a dress, I hope this curated list of top 5 clothing rental websites for Indian men would be sufficient to help you make a choice. While renting dresses maybe fancy, you need to keep in mind that you’re the custodian of these dresses while possessing them and you need to incur for the charges if it is damaged during the entire process. So, it is advised that you go through the agreement before renting these dresses and take good care of these luxury items while they are with you. Do flaunt yourself and be a fashionista! See you again in your next article!

Disclaimer: Listings provided here are based on author’s own opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Mensxo’s editorial team.

By- Kunjansinh Rajput

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