10 Winter Wear Combination Every Indian Man Should Try


The cold season really gives one an excuse to dress up. You simply have a choice of multiple garments and can play with a variety of colors. Sometimes, it might become difficult to make a choice from our wardrobe since we all have a fascination with winter clothes and end up buying quite a lot of them. If you’re looking for some design inspiration to get started with winter wear combination, then you’re at the right place. Here we are talking about 10 winter wear combination ideas that every Indian man should try out irrespective of his body size or skin complexion.

10 Winter Wear Combination Every Indian Man Should Try

Still hesitating to know which combination works for you and which doesn’t? Here we are listing some of the winter wear combinations that go aesthetically well with any skin-tone.

Sweaters are knitted top wear that is worn in the winter to keep warm. Sweaters can be worn with or without an undergarment, and go nicely with jeans, chinos, and khakis. Deciding in a combination is basically about the colors that one is going to experiment with. Choosing contrasting colors and sweaters is a good option. Sweaters, when they are made up of more than one colors, look good with the lighter colors at the top. Take a look at some of the subtle color combinations for your winter wear style statement.

A white knitted pullover goes superbly well with dark blue jeans. More often than not these two apparels will be a part of every guy’s wardrobe. If not, one can go for any sweater of a lighter color. One can opt for brown or black loafers, moccasins or shoes for footwear.

Be Royale!

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A cardigan of a color combination of grey with brown tan makes an attractive combination when worn with a crew cut white tee shirt and a brown pair of chinos. For variations, the tee shirt could be a light blue or light pink, and the trousers could be khakis or jeans of darker shades. The choice of footwear is wide open here. It can be loafers, shoes or brown color or black moccasins or boots.

Formal shirts can look attractive with darker sweaters and jeans, and on a cold morning can be the office going attire. A light blue cotton shirt and a striped tie combine well here with a dark grey cardigan. Blue jeans and a pair of smart blue loafers complete the outfit. Also, a white loafer can really make you look cool. Turns out to be a sensational combination of winter wear especially when you happen to go for a morning walk.

Winter Smart!!

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This can be your Friday casual winter wear outfit at work or maybe when you’re chilling at your friend’s house after work.

The Trendy You…

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The casual dude is here!

The cold season allows us to use multiple garments worn at once. We do not have the same liberty in the warmer summer months. So here is a warmly knitted woolen ash grey pullover combined with dark blue jeans. A checkered shirt is worn over a crew cut tee shirt and the pullover is sweater over it to make a smart combination. Casual shoes of any color will match to give you a smart look.

For those who have spent hours at the gym working the body muscles, here is something to try out. Wear a tight-fitting knitted sweater with a pair of jeans. Here is a sweater of a lighter shade of brown that is worn with a pair of dark brown chinos. Tan colors of any casual shoes of a lighter shade will go well with the outfit.


The one you see below is perfect for those who are skinny, as winter wears like this give you some clothes over your body. Make sure you don’t end up wearing a tight bottom wear with this since it would look too contrasting. A pair of jeans is a perfect go with this attire!

image9 1

Another attractive combination is knit woolen turtleneck sweater worn with faded blue jeans. The jeans could well be substituted by khakis or chinos. Wear black casuals with the combination. The brown leather belt with the heavy buckle lends the outfit a smart look.

A buttoned neck white and blue knit pullover sweater with motifs on the top, worn with a pair of blue jeans is another way to step out on a cold winter day. The slim black belt the gives the combination a nice touch. Choose black loafers or boots to complete this perfect winter wear outfit. Something we would recommend for all our desi boys.

Spot X…

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For another winter combination wear a striped black and white crew cut sweater with a black cardigan. Dark blue jeans and a pair of light colored shoes make a good combination for venturing out smartly. This is a winning combination and can make you look quite attractive if you’re going on for a date or otherwise. Certainly, one of our top recommendations for winter wear for Indian men who wish to look sexy, suave, and smart.

Be the next door boy! Yet sensational enough to turn all eyeballs!

If you have a dark colored knit woolen cardigan, make good use of it with light colored trousers. Here is a dark grey with a hint of blue worn with a polo neck white tee shirt and a beige colored pair of chinos. Brown shoes of whatever shade will go well with this outfit. The combination of brown and blue can create a sensation in style, and if accompanied with an accessory, can altogether make it look more attractive. This combination tops the rank if you’re someone who wants to look fashionable enough and yet chuck the idea of heavy winter wear.

Live it Large!


image2 1                    image6 1

There are outfits with sweaters for a more formal occasion too. A grey cardigan worn with a crisp white button-down shirt, a blood red tie, and black woolen pants make a good impression. Wear a pair of black laced shoes to make a very presentable combination.

Combinations for going out on a cold winter’s day are innumerable. Any guy with a decent wardrobe can create his own combinations. The cinch is in juggling with the colors for the combinations. All you Indian men, are you ready for the winter combinations that can make you look sexy and suave! Go ahead and enjoy a stylish winter.

Let style be with you!

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