10 Travel Essentials Things to Pack for Travelling


Putting together all the travel essentials that you will need on your next furlough is quite a task. It becomes even more onerous when you are visiting a place for the first time. We will have a look here at what are the 10  travel essentials to carry with you on your next trip. The best way to go about it is to make a list of all the things that you will need and put it down on paper in the order of priority. That makes it easier to even procure things that you may not have at hand. So there is no need to carry a family size toothpaste tube when 50 gram tubes are available. So we will make a list depending on the priority of the items that go into your baggage.

10 Travel Essential things to pack for a vacation

1. Travel and other documents

If you do not carry these documents with you, you are simply not going anywhere! Make sure your passport, tickets, visa, any important certificates that you may need and other documents that identify you. The same goes for credit cards, debit cards and others. According to the frequency of use, each of these will either go into your wallet, the waist pouch of the travel bag. Do not put these in the check in luggage!

2. Copy of travel and other details

Carry a small pocket book and a pen. Make a note of your home address, phone numbers of the persons to contact on either end of your journey. Also make a note of all your flight details and those of an onward journey if there is one. These notes should either be on your person or in the waist pouch and can be helpful in case of an emergency.

3. Carry cash

No matter how much credit you have on your credit cards or how many ATMs are there at your destination, carry enough cash with you to tide a day over. If it is a foreign country that you are visiting for the first time get a good grip in the conversion rates of the currencies. If possible, visit a website or a blog to get an idea of how to get along with cash, particularly the bargaining when shopping with cash.

4. Pack your gadgets and gizmos

There are articles without which humankind feels lost today. The laptop, camera, mobile phone, ear phones, connecting and charging cables with adaptors all go into an organiser or a ziplock and into your travel bag. You can also include a magazine or a good book to keep you company.

5. Travel comfortably

One of the most important thing in our list of travel Essential is your night suits. Carry clothes that are comfortable for you. Dress comfortably because long-haul flights and journeys can be tiring and uncomfortable. The same thing goes for the foot wear. One change of bedclothes could go into your check-in luggage but have to be easily accessible. Ensure that you pack some loafers or slippers on long trips. Your style and fashion clothes come next.

6. Carry toiletries

Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth flush, a small piece of soap, a small napkin, sunscreen lotion, goggles, and things like cold cream and mosquito repellent depending on the place that you are visiting. A hairbrush, any sanitary and hygiene items for ladies, and wet wipes also are essential.

7. Take your medications along

Medicines are undoubtedly the most important thing to pack for a vacation . Buy enough medicines if you are suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and other ailments. Visit a website to check if you need any vaccinations or to take any other medicines prior to, during and after the stay at the destination. Pack a first aid kit, tablets for stomach upsets, fever and vomiting.

8. Other clothes

Although they have to be among the first to be packed, the no of clothes and the footwear that you pack has to be limited by the essentials we have discussed before. Make sure you include a pair of tee shirts and a pair of jeans and a pair of chinos. Now pack your formal and fashion clothes, suits and sweaters.

9. Shoes and other accessories


Shoes do take up a lot of baggage space. Sandals and loafers/moccasins take need less volume. Find space for your formal shoes and please do not forget the socks. Here you can add a cap for protection from the sun, a small bath towel and a sweater or a jacket.

10. Pack some snacks

The last item in our list of things to pack for a vacation may surprise you. You only realize the importance of packing a few snacks when traveling on long-haul flights and long journeys. Waking up in the middle of the night or reaching your destination at odd hours on a hungry stomach can be frustrating. You can pack some cookies and energy bars. Water is not allowed in flights now so get a bottle wherever possible to carry.

No list of essential items needed by a traveller can be comprehensive and that applies to our list above too. Many things that you carry depend on the place that you visit. They also will be determined by the kind activities that you going to undertake. A hiker, you can bet, will have a packing list that is vastly different from that of a sightseer or a businessman. But the basic things in item 1 to Item 7 remain the same. Make a note of all the things that you are going to pack and use it as a checklist before leaving home.

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