7 Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys Who Want to Look Bulky Visually

By Sachin Pullil


Skinny men everywhere know how difficult it is to put on weight. Your metabolism is like a race horse – galloping at top speed with no end in sight. You’ve probably tried to gain weight for ages, but your body just likes being all skin and bones. So, what now? Are you doomed to stay thin forever? Is there no end to this bony hell?

Do not fret, dear readers. Through fashion, anything is possible. Well, almost anything. If you’re a skinny man looking to build size without actually gaining weight, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with a few ideas on how you can look bigger by just adjusting your wardrobe a little. Check them out.

7 Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys


1. Wear clothing of your size

Our first fashion tip for skinny guys would be to wear clothes of proper size. Sometimes, people make the mistake of sizing up when they want to look bigger. After all, bigger clothes means bigger body, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Sizing up will just make your outfit look disproportionate to your body which will ruin your guise. Not to mention, your buying a larger size isn’t fooling anyone into thinking you’re any bigger.

Remember that the fit is one of the most important criteria when buying clothes. That’s why we recommend fitted clothing. Always. No matter the body shape, fitted clothes are always going to come out on top. If you didn’t know, fitted clothes are clothes that fit your body perfectly. ¬†These superior garments are key to improving your whole aesthetic.

2. Coats, jackets and sweaters

The trifecta of winter style: coats, jackets and sweaters. These garments are inherently thick and will add visual bulk to your body. Moreover, they are a necessity during winter so you won’t have to spend any extra money to look bigger.

Coats and jackets come in many different types so you would do well to research them thoroughly beforehand. These garments can last for many years, so they make great style investments. Just don’t forget to keep the fit in mind.

Sweaters also come in various forms, but they’re largely quite similar. Go for sweaters made with a thick fabric like wool to capitalize on the bulking effect.

3. Look for padded shoulders

Try to buy jackets and coats with added shoulder padding. This will add size to your shoulders while improving the overall bulk of your body. Ask the shop attendant for coats and jackets with shoulder padding, or ask if they can add it on for you. Generally, if you buy a coat and then add the padding separately, the fit will change. So, be careful.

Shoulder padding is especially recommended for suits. Since most suits worth their money are going to be tailor-made, ask your tailor to add shoulder padding for you. Since he’s making it from scratch, the fit will remain sound.

4. Learn to layer

Layering is an excellent tool to add visual bulk to your body. It can be as easy as taking a casual outfit and adding a hoodie. Experienced fashion connoisseurs can utilize undershirts, t-shirts, vests, scarves, coats and hoodies to add multiple layers to an outfit and build up a great amount of visual bulk.

Look up ways to add layers your outfit and practice them. Layering is a great technique to have in your style repertoire as it can increase the size of your body and make you look classy.

5. Light coloured clothing

You’ve heard how black is slimming, right? Well, white is the opposite. Opt for brighter colours to add slight visual size to your body.

6. Full haircut and/or beard style

You may have noticed that when you get your hair cut short, your head looks smaller and your body looks more petite. Well, it’s the opposite when you have a large, round hairstyle. Especially with a massive beard. This adds size and detail to your face and makes you appear larger than you actually are. Don’t believe us? Recall the last time you grew a beard and then shaved it all off. Remember how soft and small your face looked? Exactly.

7. Horizontal stripes

Last but not least Fashion Tips for Skinny Guys : look for t-shirts with horizontal stripes on them. Adjusting the stripes on your t-shirt to create an illusion of a different body type is a common parlour trick used in fashion. Horizontal stripes add width to your body while vertical stripes add height. If you’re a skinny man, go for t-shirts with horizontal stripes to add the illusion of size to your body.

That’s all the Fashion tips tips we for skinny men out there. We understand how difficult it is to gain weight for people with a speeding metabolism. However, through fashion, you are able to add size to your bodies without actually gaining weight. Just follow these tips that we’ve laid out for you and you’ll be surprised at how much imaginary weight you can put on.

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