10 Winter Outfits Combinations for men

By Jack Martis


Winter gives us a good opportunity to make a winter fashion statement because we use multiple layers of clothes out of the need to keep warm. With some creativity we can use different colours, materials and textures to come up with some noticeable combinations. Just by layering the same basic outfit in different ways will help you create fresh outfit versions everyday. Here we will look at 10 outfits combinations that will make you look stylish this winter. So be prepared to raise the temperature this winter with our go-to fall fashion guide in handy.

10 outfits combinations that will make you look stylish this winter


A crisp white buttoned down shirt and a well-fitted black pant is a part of everyone’s wardrobe. These are very basic and could be easily found in anyone’s wardrobe. Wear a black biker’s jacket with it and black shoes, and you are ready to step out in the crisp winter morning. A grey knitted woollen shawl, a smart wrist watch and a prominent key chain at the waist will definitely increase your style quotient.


In an all black combination, wear a navy black polo necked tee shirt with black pants. Pull  on a pair of black moccasins and a black woollen long coat. The combination is completed by donning a waist belt with a prominent silver coloured buckle, a smart wrist watch and a set of goggles. The white buttons on the navy blue polo gonna drag attention right where it is needed.


If you have not tried wearing an anorak or a parka, this is the moment to make a pretty loud winter style statement. Wear a pair of navy blue trousers or jeans with white crew cut tee shirt. Pull on a dark blue denim jacket and pair them with a pair of white sport shoes or white sneakers with smart white socks. Now wear the anorak, a polo cap and a pair of goggles. And get ready to turn heads while you hit the roads this winter.


A turtle neck sweater is a good piece of apparel to keep warm in the winter. Choose a grey turtle neck sweater and a pair of Mountbatten pink chino pants. Wearing a black woollen, wide lapel coat over the sweater and a pair of black shoes will make a good combination for a day out or a movie date in the cold weather.


Being stylish is a matter of being both inventive and creative. A black crew cut tee shirt worn with blue stressed jeans, a pair of white sports shoes or white sneakers and a grey coloured woollen long coat is as good as an outfit for a winter’s day as any. Add a black woollen shawl to that and a smart wrist watch, and you have another stylish outfit handy for a casual day out.


Try wearing a chestnut coloured woollen cardigan that is buttoned over a tee shirt and a pair of grey worsted woollen trousers. A pair of dark brown moccasins will go well with the combination and a heavy hand knit woollen shawl thrown around your neck adds style to it. You can wear your favourite shades to give this look the perfect finishing.


When it is snowing outside, one really has to dress up. That just gives us a good option to throw together a more stylish combination of a winter dress. A light blue shirt worn with a black pair of jeans, a striped tie and a grey coat. A heavy woollen black long coat, a pair of black shoes, a wrist watch and a pair of goggles will do the trick. After all what else is better than enjoying the snow without hampering your style quotient?


Wear a white tee shirt and a pair of black jeans with black laced canvas shoes. Find a good blue denim blazer to don over the tee shirt. Complete your outfit with a grey knitted woollen shawl thrown over your shoulders.


Rustle your wardrobe for a dark blue polo neck tee-shirt and a pair of black jeans. Wear a thick light grey cardigan over the tee shirt and complete your outfit with a pair of laced brown shoes, a wrist watch and a pair of goggles.


Here we will combine a formal shirt and a pair of trousers with a couple of warm coats. Choose a white shirt, a dessert sand brown coloured pair of pantaloons, a pair of brown laced boots, a brown waist belt and a navy blue tie. Wear a bluish grey waistcoat with a navy blue woollen cardigan before you step out.

The above stylish combinations show that stylish outfit combinations for a winter’s day can easily be put together by being by being innovative. It is a matter of trying out different apparels that you have in your wardrobe. Oh yeah, you may have to do some shopping before the winter sets in.

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