Best Gym in Bilaspur- Our Top 10 List

By Kunjansinh Rajput


Bilaspur is known for it’s Rice quality, the Kosa Industry and Cultural Background. The town famous for it’s rich history has seen exponential growth in terms of fitness centre and gym over the years.There is no doubt that the people of Bilaspur are steadily falling in love with those Bench Press and Calf Machine. Bilaspur people don’t baffle and get confused we have brought the best gym in Bilaspur which you should look out for.

Top Gym in Bilaspur

Here are our list of gym in Bilaspur.  However, it might happen that we have skipped a popular or a famous gym in the city. If you have any recommendation, feel free to share in the comment section and we will be more than happy to add that in the list.

1. Body Temple Gym

Just like the name is, this is the temple of fitness. Body Temple Gym located at Sipat Road. The beauty of this gym is the equipment it provides right from calf machines to Dumb Bells, everything is present under one at an unbelievable price. The cost won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The certified trainers and it’s customer favorite cardiovascular fitness program is the highlight of this gym. So instead of repeating what everyone does, you can assign them your fitness goals. So, we ranked it no 1 in our list of gyms in Bilaspur.

Contact no- 8827844777

2. Gangashree Gym

 If you are totally committed to getting those fats burned and a muscular body, then this gym is what you should seek.The staff of its gym are totally committed, co-operative towards it’s customers. If you want the best trainers, the best equipment then this gym is best for you. Located at Vidya Nagar, this gym has gained a customer favorite tag because of it’s commitment and co-operative behavior for it’s customers. If you want the best then Gangashree Gym is your destination.

Contact no-09755565503

3. Fitness Zone

Ranking no 3 on our list of best gym in Bilaspur we have we have Fitness Zone. Just like the name it  has it’s own niche zone when it comes to providing it’s customer fitness. Located at RajKishor Nagar, this gym has multiple equipments, certified trainers. Their various plan for fitness is what catches customer’s eyes. Multiple plan, free trial and multiple equipment are some of the perks of the gym that the customer celebrate. Personal trainer have well versed knowledge about fitness which helps customer achieve it’s goals.

Contact no- 09406248102

4. Status Fitness Club

If you want to turn yourself into a fitness beast and if you are a fitness freak then this Gym is all you need. Located at Shanti Nagar, it’s breathtaking ambience and cross fit schemes are some of the untalked perks that it’s customer enjoy. The customer of the Status Fitness Gym feel lucky because of the versatility it offers which includes Aerobics, Zumba and Nutritional Program. The versatility this gym offers with beautiful venue always attracts it’s customer. If you want quality and not quantity then this gym is for you. Their customer favorite weight gain and weight loss program is worth trying.

Contact no- 9522222521

5. New Personna Gym

If  you have a strange believing that watching television while working out will help you in burning more fats and calories then this gym is for you. New Persona Gym located at Vyapar Vihar Road offers plethora perks to it’s customer. Their female certified trainer has made this gym as female favorite. Their Diet Counseling and versatile Aerobic techniques is what separates them from the rest. The Power Yoga program is a pocket friendly program making it as customer favorite program.

Contact no-9575920000

6. Body Fuel Gym

If you want the best Power Yoga program in Bilaspur then Body Fuel Gym is your destination, located at Sarkand their Power Yoga program is just the tip of the ice berg of various perks it gives to it’s beloved customers. Their Personal Gym Trainers and Yoga classes has garnered population from the working age people. Their separate Power Yoga for ladies is one of the quirkiest perks the gym possess.

Contact no-09098762214

7. Pro Fitness Gym

Just like the name, this gym is in pro level when it comes to fitness, located at Ashok Nagar this gym has come up with an innovative idea which is burning calories and fats by dancing. They have a dance floor and this creative plan has got positive response from people. Diet and Weight loss program and diabetes program is what makes them unique from other gym. Aerobics, Yoga, Dance you name anything, Pro Gym has everything that you been looking for. So instead of following other common gym head out to this gym.

Contact no-09098762214

8. Bob Fitness

If you have love for Zumba and are only looking for the best Zumba programe then this gym is your perfect location. Bob Gym located at Bus Stand Road is a paradise for Zumba lovers. Not just Zumba, their weight loss program and affordable membership scheme is popular amongst people and this is what attracts it’s customer. If affordable rates and excellent Personal Trainer are your priority then this gym should be your first priority.

Contact no-9730724000

9. Sky Gym

Just like the name sounds this gym will leave no stone unturned until your sky high expectations are fulfilled. If you believe in good atmosphere and new equipments for fitness then Sky Gym is your choice. Located near telephone exchange road, this gym believes in quality rather than quantity. They only have yoga and weight loss program besides the fitness program but these three are customer favorite program and customer enjoy their service which is their first word of appreciation when asked about this gym.

Contact no- 7752423331

10. Gold’s Gym

Last but not the least ranking no 10 in our list of best gyms in Bilaspur we have Gold Gym.If you want to know the synonym of Fitness then Gold’s Gym should be the first word to come up in the dictionary. Located at Bharatiya Nagar, Gold’s Gym is a paradise for every fitness lover and fitness enthusiast, their abundant program for people belonging to all ages is what attracts customer. The fact that it has fitness equipment designed for kids, Arthritis and Pain Management and Slimming, and various other perks this gym offers makes this gym as people’s first choice gym. Don’t keep reading about this gym it’s time to book yourself and enjoy the gym.

Contact no -7509410000

Website –

So this are the best gym in Bilaspur, welcome 2018 with a better and fitter version of yourself by joining these gyms.

Disclaimer: Listings provided here are based on author’s own opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Mensxo’s editorial team.

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