Best Gym in North Delhi- Our Top 10 List

By Kunjansinh Rajput


North Delhi is the most active and youthful part of Delhi. It has the most youngsters who have a zest for fitness not only the young blood has the craze for fitness but the middle age people belonging to the age of 30-45 are also showing their love for fitness.So in this article we present best gym in North Delhi .

North Delhi is always known for very chaotic and busy market area, which indirectly says it’s a busy area and in order to adjust yourself in the chaos you need fitness. Don’t
look for those fitness app, we have done the homework for you and here are the top gyms in North Delhi.

Top 10 Best Gym in North Delhi

Here is our list of the popular best gym in North Delhi. However,If you have any recommendation, feel free to share in the comment section and we will be more than happy to add that in the list.



 Endzone has it’s own beauty, it has group classes and corporate classes which makes a perfect fitness destination for IT industry workers. Since it had people from Microsoft and Cognizant as their customers, Endzone is famous amongst the working class. The fact that it has female certified trainer and training in self defense, stands out itself from others. Bonus it has a park where you can practice self dense, so you can enjoy the nature as well. They also have a free trial so visit their website and get yourself fit.

Address- Located at University Road, Next to Shankar Lal Concert Hall,Campus.

Phone no- 0931168859


2. Anytime Fitness

Located at multiple locations in North Delhi, and it’s steadily getting famous amongst people of Delhi. This gym isn’t shy when it comes to giving their customers a comfortable environment. Anytime fitness has multifarious exercise equipment. Surrounded with polished tiles and rooms installed with air conditioner. It understands your life style and is open 24 hours and 7 days a week and also has huge number of personal trainer which would make you definitely not miss out this gym.Thus, they definitely find a way in our list of best gym in north Delhi

Address- 1st Floor,, E-4/8, Model Town Phase I, Model Town, New Delhi, Delhi 110009

Phone no- 011 4701 7171


3.  Fluid Gym

If you are new to this field and are afraid people will fool you, Fluid Gym is your gym. They have smart start program which will make you fit effectively and safely. The quirky fact of this gym is that it has a headphone zone where you can put your headphone on and workout while enjoying your favourite music. The youth staff and certified trainer are the catalyst which makes this one of the best gym in north Delhi.

Address- 42A, Radio Colony, Opp. Mini Market,, Main road Parmanand Colony, Delhi, 110009.

Phone no- 09289703426


4. The Gym Health Planet

 Just like the name sounds, this gym has everything that you look for ,right from equipment to the trainer.They also have cardio kick boxing which is the main attraction and is the customer favourite. Aerobics, Yoga, Power Yoga are other alternatives with a good customer review. They really care about fitness and not money this can seen by their affordable EMI plans. It is one of our recommended gym in north Delhi.

Address- Banda Bahadur Road, Outram Lines, Mukherjee Nagar.

Contact no- 9811111128


5. Ment E Soul Fitness

If you want to know what love at first sight is, then visit Ment E Soul Fitness. The ambience and gym equipments that they have will make you fall in love with them and you may end up more hours in gym. It’s an all rounder, it doesn’t only have a gym, it has a spa, salon and lounge which makes it a
perfect place to hangout after workout. It also has Yoga and Aerobics plan for female with female certified trainers which makes it popular amongst females. You can book a trial for spa and gym on it’s website so don’t waste time calling and book your spot online.

Address- B-2/22, Ashok Vihar, Phase II, New Delhi, Delhi 110052

Contact no- 09990902394


6. Step up Gym

It’s been given the tag of the best gym in Mayur Vihar because of the versatility they offer to it’s customer. Not only it has a gym it also has a Power Yoga, Taekwondo togive to it’s customer. The Gym has a separate plan for those who want to burn calories, who want to build muscles and who want to stay healthy. Trained Trainers and QualityService are the first word of appreciation for this gym. If you want versatility then hit Step Up Gym.

Address- HPR School Main Road, Hira Colony, Siraspur Village, North West Delhi, Delhi, 110042

Contact no- 9999361939

7. Body Café Gym and Fitness

Ranking no 7 in our list of best gym in north Delhi we have body cafe gym and fitness. If you are one of those who believe music pumps you to do more rounds of Squat or Cardio then Body Café Gym is the perfect spot for you. Located at Model Town, this gym is worth a penny for it’s customers since it offers every gym equipment at an affordable price. They may not have the luxuries spa but their goal is simple and accurate which is to give you chiseled body and toned abs. The certified trainer and the way they co-operate with customers are in the good books of every customer. If simplicity is all you require, then Body Café Gym is you need.

Address- suraj nagar, Gopal Nagar, Model Town, Delhi, 110033

Contact no-9654965432

8. RDX Gym

Just like the name sounds, this gym is acknowledged for it’s famous high core level muscle training. If you want to turn yourself as “Fitness Beast” then gym is the perfect destination for your motive. Located at Rohini, Rdx gym purely focuses on muscle sweats. The gym also has it’s own fitness to provide it’s people fat burners and other supliments. If you are someone who doesn’t likes 6 month
payment or 1 year payment in advance, then this gym is for you, as they have per day fees as well.

Address- Plot – B, 2ND Floor, S.G Century Plaza, GU Block, Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi 110034

Contact number- 01147045243


9. Dronacharya The Gym

The name may sound ancient but still it’s famous today in North Delhi. Located at Pitampura contrary to the name, the gym has all the latest equipments and it’s value for customers has given them success in a short time. The knowledge about fitness amongst it’s staff and worldwide proven fitness training module has helped customers to unleash their potential. The quirky feature that this gym has, it provides nutritional counseling. Nutritional Counseling and Certified Trainers makes this a must visit gym for it fitness lovers

Address-  Pitampura contrary

Contact no- 01147563932


10. The Gold’s Gym

The list of top ten best gyms in North Delhi is incomplete, if we don’t have the heart of the gym which is the Gold’s gym. Gold’s gym is the father of all gym. The credit for this tag goes to it’s expensive and multiple equipments. The fact that it has a large area in Rohini and it’s various plans for it’s customers is what
attracts people. The gym has won several international awards and has played a great role in making physique of many actors.

Address- Gold’s Gym 8th Floor Ring Road Mall, Sector 3, Mangalam Place,Rohini New, Delhi,, Rohini New Delhi, Delhi 110085

Contact no- 011-27942655


So here are the top 10 best gym in North Delhi, work on your biceps and reduce the fat which has been in an unwanted sticky relationship with your body.

Disclaimer: Listings provided here are based on author’s own opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Mensxo’s editorial team.

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