10 Best Velcro Sneakers To Own Right Now


Velcro sneakers used to be for toddlers and grandpas – to make wearing shoes easy by abandoning laces. Then, last year, they made a big jump in to the fashion world. Suddenly, everyone was wearing them. They were en vogue. Unfortunately, it’s almost 2018 now, and that trend is over.

The blowout of Velcro in 2016 was sudden and unexpected, but the dissolution of the trend was almost as rapid. However, just because a style doesn’t make the front pages of fashion magazines doesn’t make it necessarily “bad”. Velcro shoes remain as elementary  and maintenance-free as ever.

Velcro is a great option for those that want comfortable shoes that can be easily worn or removed. Due to the explosion of the fad, manufacturers have added great Velcro shoe designs to their arsenal that you can now find online.

For these reasons, we decided to compile a list of cool Velcro sneakers that you can buy online. Here are 10 Best Velcro sneakers you can own right now.

10 Cool Velcro Sneakers To Own Right Now


1. Puma White Smash Velcro IDP Leather Sneakers

Classic white sneakers. Remember that trend “Damn, Daniel”? We’re not sure if this is where they got popular, but all of a sudden people started wearing all white sneakers. These are incredibly fashionable and can be worn with most casual outfits. Just watch out for dust, dirt, ash, mud, grime, or literally any other foreign matter.

Buy from Myntra at Rs. 2699.

2. Adidas NEO Black Sneakers

These are pretty much the black versions of the previous item. While not as striking or trendy, these black shoes with white soles are still stylish. Plus, they offer the added benefit of being resistant to contamination from pollutants; meaning you can spend less time washing your shoe and more time wearing it.

Buy from Myntra at Rs. 3129.

3. Vans Navy Sneakers

If you prefer to have a little colour on your feet, you can opt for these navy blue sneakers from Vans – the ultimate casual sneakers company. For maximum style points, we recommend wearing these with a complementing outfit; with warm colours such as red, orange or pink. If you wear these with more hues of blue, the shoes will wash out and disappear into the outfit.

Buy from Myntra at Rs. 3749.

4. Geox Men Navy Sneakers

These shoes are similar to the navy sneakers by Vans except these have a black strap and a bit more detail in the design. The neutral black and white colours here have made the blue fade into the background. This means that these shoes are more versatile, and can be worn with many different outfits, as compared to the previous entry on our list.

Buy from Myntra at Rs. 7499.

5. Puma Navy Blue El Ray Milano II Sneakers

These sneakers are of a totally different design; simple and elegant – with the use of only three colours. This minimalistic design is ideal for casual footwear. It even attracts attention in its own way. Great if you want to stand apart from the crowd.

Buy from Myntra at Rs. 2279.

6. HRX Navy Blue Sneakers

If you want to really stand apart from the crowd in the most extreme way possible, these are the shoes for you. The blue and white is and geometric print on top is one helluva combination. Risky? Yes. Will it be worth it? That depends on how you wear them.

Buy from Jobong at Rs. 1650.

7. Aady Austin Brown Velcro Boots

Boots are arguably the best kind of footwear a man can own. Comfy, versatile and rugged; these bad boys are an unstoppable force. These pair of boots by Aady Austin trades polyester shoelaces for a single Velcro strap. Combined with a white midsole, these boots are unique and definitely worth your while, if you’re super into Velcro.

Buy from Myntra at Rs. 1999.

8. Nike Black LEBRON SOLDIER XI SFG Basketball Shoes

They’ve even got basketball shoes with Velcro design now. Take this pair from Nike for instance. It gives you all the athletic benefits of high-top basketball shoes, with the low maintenance and simplicity of Velcro straps. Performance and comfort at your fingertips.

Buy from Myntra at Rs. 7497.

9. Boltio Black Mid-Top Basketball Shoes

Another stylish pair of basketball shoes with a Velcro design. This pair is a lot cheaper than the Nike ones above. Outside the basketball court, the touch of green in these shoes can add an interesting quirk to your outfit.

Buy from Myntra at Rs. 2099.

10. HRX by Hrithik Roshan White and Black Sneakers

Last but not least, in our list of best velcro shoes we have a pair of black and white mid-top basketball shoes from HRX – Hrithik Roshan’s designer brand. These, however, have a Velcro strap on top of polyester laces so the utility of the Velcro is lost; it’s only used for its cool aesthetic here. Keep in mind that black and white is one of the best possible colour combinations in fashion. This means that these shoes will timelessly remain fashionable and make a great investment.

Buy from Myntra at Rs. 2099.

Velcro design for shoes have always been simple and effective but, as a community, we’ve attributed them children and the elderly. Truth is, Velcro has its own unique style that captured the hearts of many men and women a long time ago. Due to the sudden trend of Velcro shoes in 2017, it has become more acceptable to wear Velcro shoes in public now. So, we compiled for you a list of 10 Best Velcro shoes that you can buy online right away. We hope you found what you were looking for

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