8 Fashion Tips for Men with Dark Skin

By Sachin Pullil


Welcome to India – the glorious land of fairness creams; where men and women are pushed by society to strive for greatness (via skin lightening products). With the overabundance of fairness cream advertisements on TV, newspapers, magazines, websites, billboards, radio programs, flyers, post mail, telegrams and pigeon carriers, it’s pretty obvious what colour of skin is deemed to be attractive by the powers in power. While women have makeup to utilize in making themselves fairer, what should men do?

Trick question. Neither should do anything about it. Your skin colour is one of the many things that make you unique from the rest of the world. Instead of furiously trying to change a part of you because the community judged it as unworthy, we recommend that you build your wardrobe around it. Develop your fashion sense with your skin tone at its heart.

The crux of fashion based on skin tone is choosing the right colours. For every complexion, there are certain colours that provide synergy, and other colours that can be detrimental. Generally, it’s recommended that you avoid colours that match your skin tone, or are similar to it. This is because your skin will blend in with your outfit and your whole look will become monotonous. Conversely, there are colours that you can wear which will make your skin pop and let you show off your complexion.

There are many ways that a dark-skinned man can improve their personal style and look fantastic at every opportunity. We’ve compiled a list of style tips that you can use to create outfits that complement your skin tone. Without further ado, here are 8 fashion tips for men with dark skin.

Stay away from white, unless it’s with black

We’re going to start with a rule that probably every dark-skinned man knows: stay away from white. This is because white will strike a complete contrast with your skin colour which can be unpleasant for the eyes.

Be that as it may, black and white, together, is awesome. White is a highly dependent lover who needs Black to survive. Black and white remains the best colour combination in fashion and even a man with dark skin can pull it off well. This combo allows for a really simple outfit, like the one above, to look impressive and chic.

Pastels are your best friends

Our second fashion tip for men with dark skin would be choosing pastel shades.Gentlemen, meet the pastel colours. When we said that certain colours synchronize  with your skin colour, making it pop, we were talking about pastel colours. These pale and rather drab colours are your best friends. As a man with dark skin, wearing pastel colours is one of the smartest decision you can make. These colours will highlight your skin and, simply, make you look better.

We recommend combining pastel garments with neutral colours, like a pastel blue shirt with cream chinos. More on neutrals later.

Run from dark blues (or most dark colours)

Unfortunately, this fact is not well known. If you go into a clothing store, the attendant will take one look at your face and point you to a collection of dark coloured clothing. You need to slap that fellow across the face and aim him towards a collection of pastel clothing.

Here’s the reason why we’re telling you to run from dark colours. Look at the man in the photo above. He has a skin tone which can be described as dark. He wears an oxford blue shirt and a navy blue vest with a powder blue tie. First of all, terrible idea to match blue and blue with blue. Second, the majority of his outfit is dark which makes his skin colour look dull. If he had chosen a pastel yellow shirt and a similar tie with his navy blue vest, his vest would have popped and his skin would have looked gorgeous. Alas.

Ditch bright colours

The reason for this rule is similar to why you should avoid white; because the striking contrast is unnerving. Usually, you can tell if the contrast is too much just by looking at a mirror in the trial room. Ultimately, whatever you wear should first look good in the mirror, right?

Stay warm

This is the colour wheel. It’s simple. It show the three primary, secondary and tertiary colours in the form of a wheel. Each sector shows a major colour (like Blue) which is then split into 9 shades. If two colours oppose each other on the colour wheel, then they will look good on an outfit. The colours to the left of the black like are called Cool colours and the ones on the right are called Warm colours.

As a dark-skinned individual, you should try to dress using warm colours. These colours will complement your skin and boost your overall style. For layered outfits, you should utilize cool colours as well. More on that later.

Neutral colours make great side-kicks

The colours shown above are called the Neutral colours. They are called neutral because they don’t exactly have a distinct shade, aren’t striking, and don’t belong in the colour wheel. Neutral colours make great side-kicks. Think about it. When you see a man in a black suit, what catches your attention: the suit or the colour of the shirt and tie? It’s the latter, because black suits are common whereas the shirts and ties are unique. The neutral colours can be thought of as a supporting unit for your pastels or warm colours, which form your vanguard. Consider Dev Patel’s outfit to see what we mean.

Also, it is essential that you avoid brown that is similar to your skin. If your skin is on the lighter side of dark, don’t buy beige or tan clothing. If your skin is really dark, shy away from mocha or chocolate shades of brown.

Layer with contrast

When it comes to layering, try to use colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel. If not, at least make sure that you use warm and cool colours. Generally, the way of layering is to use cool colours on the outside and warm on the inside but you can layer the opposite way, too; it’s up to you. Both versions are shown above.

Go for prints

What kind of prints should not really concern you. They will look brilliant, if only you opt for the ones that sightly tilted towards being faded and give out a washed out appearance. If that has been taken care of, really, man,you are the one who is gonna rock it. Colors look great, but just a certain amount. So, with that, make sure that there is not a lot of anything. Keep it matching the tones or uphold the chalky color. Go on board with pairing it with a cool pair of shades.

Thus, we’ve reach the end of our list of Fashion Tips for Men with Dark Skin. Remember that your skin colour makes you unique, and should be celebrated. It’s wise to design your wardrobe around your skin tone, in order to make full use of your gifts. Hopefully, these tips will help you dress better and improve your overall style IQ. Till next time, gents.

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