10 Style Mistakes That is Making U Look Fat

By Sachin Pullil


One of the best things about fashion is that it allows you to alter your body shape or, more accurately, how people perceive it. Fashion lets you visually change your body type if you’re unhappy with it; and let’s be honest, most people are.

For decades, men and women have been looking for ways to be slim without actually putting in the effort. We’ll be honest in saying that we may also belong to that group. A great way to make it seem like you’ve lost weight, when you actually haven’t, is to fix simple mistakes that men often make when assembling their outfit.

Listed below are 10 common style mistakes that people make which can make them look fat, even if they are not. These are all simple adjustments you can make to your wardrobe to make yourself look less bulky and imposing.

However, we do recommend that you integrate a decent workout regimen to lose fat if you are, indeed, overweight. You may be happy with your body, but with obesity comes various diseases that will quickly shorten your lifespan. We want you to live a long, happy and fashionable life, so we advocate adopting a strict exercise routine and diet control for all our readers.

Now, let’s get on with the list.

10 Style Mistakes that is Making u Look Fat


1. Wearing tight or loose clothing

In our opinion, every man should wear fitted clothing. When we say fitted clothing, we mean shirts and pants that neither fall loosely off of your body nor stick to it like compression garments. Generally, when you buy off-the-rack clothes, they won’t fit you, because they’re not meant to. It will always be a loose or tight fit that doesn’t compliment your appearance in any way. That’s why we suggest you buy fitted clothing whenever possible – it will do wonders for your outfits.

2. Wearing large patterns

Avoid shirts or other pieces of clothing with large patterns. If you have a Hawaiian polka-dot t-shirt, it’s time to throw it out. Large patterns on your wide figure can make you look daunting. Instead, opt for small patterns, like that on the vest in the photo above.

3. Wearing horizontal stripes

Stripes are a great tool to change how people perceive your body. For example, in the photo above, the well-built man wears a red t-shirt with horizontal black stripes in order to accentuate his muscular frame. If he were to wear a shirt with vertical stripes instead, he could make himself look smaller.

You can use stripes to make your body visibly slimmer. Buy apparel with vertical stripes to offset the ample width of your body. These will also make you seem taller and, therefore, thinner.

4. Wearing clothes that are too thick/ wearing too many layers

Wearing clothes that are thick on your already plus-sized body is just exacerbating the problem. So, when buying jackets or vests, look for ones that are thin but can also keep you warm. The same bulking effect applies for layering. We usually say that one should layer their outfits and incorporate different patterns and materials to improve it. However, this can be counter-productive for large men. Layering effectively makes you bigger, so, as a large man, you should avoid it and stick to just one or two layers of clothing.

5. Wearing clothing of bright colours

You’ve probably heard that black is slimming. Conversely, it is true that white has the opposite effect. The reason for both is explained here. Therefore, you should avoid wearing clothes with bright colours and go for those with darker ones.

6. Wearing thin ties


When you wear a thin tie, it will aggrandize your already large body because the tie will seem so small in comparison. Pick a tie that is thick and proportional to your body. In the photo above, the man, of average build, wears an extremely wide tie, compared to which his body looks small. This makes it seem like he has a slim body.

7. Wearing a belt

Wearing a belt won’t necessarily make you look fat but we recommend that you don’t wear one. Alternatively, consider wearing suspenders. The same theory behind the effect of wearing striped clothing applies to suspenders. With the two long vertical bands these bad boys will instantly make you look thinner. In the picture above, the slim man wears suspenders which makes him look even more gaunt. He should have gone with a belt instead.

8. Baggy jeans

When you’re a bit overweight, people describe your body as “curvy”; aptly so, since your body has many curves instead of straight lines like those of someone skinny. To rectify your lack of lines, we recommend you to wear straight fit jeans or slim fit jeans.Baggy and skinny fit jeans are both big no.  Baggy jeans are one such piece of clothes that make you look fat. it add extra proportion to your lower body which will add extra pounds to your overall appearance. Same with skinny fits, if your legs aren’t in right shape, keep skinny jeans way.

9. Round hairstyles

The reason why you should eschew from round hairstyles is the same reason why you should avoid round glasses; the curves. If you’re overweight, chances are that you have a round face. If so, you should avoid round hairstyles as they can accentuate the rotundity of your face and even your whole body. To complement your face (and body) shape, choose a hairstyle that is longer on the top and thinner on the sides; to elongate your face and eliminate circularity.

10. Thick, heavy beards

You can keep your beard, of course. Even if it’s thick, no problem. Just make sure it isn’t round, for the same reasons you should avoid round haircuts. There are a ton of facial hair styles out there for men with round faces and we’ve even made a list of the best ones here.

Those were our top 10 style mistakes that make you look fat. It won’t take much effort to alter your wardrobe and adopt these style changes. Avoiding these simple mistakes can go a long way in improving your overall appearance and fashion sense. Remember that these are simple illusions to make you seem thin but won’t keep away the nasty health ramifications of being overweight. Get fit and stay healthy.

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