Top 10 Best Gyms in Ranchi


Choosing the right gym for you is an important decision. If your gym doesn’t have the equipment you need, then your entire workout will be ruined. It’s important to match your gym to your personal style of fitness.

If you’re a cardio-head, then you’ve got to pick a fitness center with multifarious cardio machines, so you can switch it up every now and then. If crossfit is your preferred form of exercise, then you have to choose a gym with all the right equipment for it. This won’t be easy because crossfit isn’t very popular in India, yet. If you’re a determined powerlifter, a serious gym with all the necessary accessories would be the best. You should also hunt for the best personal trainers in the business.

Don’t just pick the gym that’s closest to you like everyone does, that’s a mistake. You have to consider what you expect from your gym and then choose accordingly. The right gym can make all the difference in your fitness lifestyle.

If you live in Ranchi and are not sure which gyms to try out, fear not. We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness centers in Ranchi. So, take a look…..

Best Gyms in Ranchi

1. Matrix

The first gym on our list of best gyms in Ranchi we have Matrix Fitness. This gyms ticks a lot of boxes. It has all the necessary equipment for a general muscle building workout, so it’s a solid choice for most of you reading this article. Matrix also has shower rooms, changing rooms, lockers, and spa rooms. It also has excellent lighting which is important for post-workout selfies.

2. Health Freaks

Health Freaks Club has a 1-day free trial, so you can check the place out for a day and see if it feels like a good fit. They’ve got a great gym and offer tons of extra stuff, too, like: functional training, group exercise, outdoor exercise programs and, of course, personal training programs. Check them out.

3. Body Language

Body Language is a small gym in comparison to the other gyms in Ranchi on our list, but it is decently equipped to cater to the regular gym-goer. It doesn’t have too many machines but it’s well maintained and very clean; a rare quality in many gyms these days. Great place to follow a casual fitness regime.

4. Fitness Mantra

Fitness Mantra is  considered as one of the best gym in Ranchi. It is a small gym like Body Language, but it has a lot of heart. The men and women at Fitness Mantra are dedicated to spreading the joys of fitness. Accordingly, they regularly hold fitness events so that all their members can have fun and get fit at the same time.

5. Twelve Hours

Twelve Hours is an excellent gym with various exercise machines and praiseworthy lighting. It may be a bit unusual to regard lighting as an effective criterion in evaluating a gym, but it matters! Without good lighting, how will you see yourself workout? How can you admire your pump? How will your selfies turn out? Think about how truy important lighting is.So, without any doubt we rank it no 5 in our list of best gyms in Ranchi.

6. Body Expo

Body Expo is a gym with a great outdoor view. If you’re super into cardio and want a spectacular view to go with it, this is the gym for you. Otherwise, it has a decent amount of machinery for the casual fitness enthusiast.


Sparx is undoubtedly the smallest gym on this list. Nonetheless, they understand the drive and passion for fitness. It’s always good to surround yourself with people that are on the same journey as you and understand the drive.

8. B International

If you want a well-equipped gym for a decent price, B International is an awesome choice. It has a wide variety of exercise machines that you can use to target all the different muscle groups at every angle. Definitely a great choice for a gym in ranchi.

9. Talwalkars

Talwalkars is a national chain of gyms with great service, good maintenance and high quality equipment. They’ve got gyms in over 70 cities across the nation. Being a national brand, they have a certain level of standards to maintain. Hence, you can be assured that you’ll be choosing a quality fitness center. You can learn more about them on their website.

10. Gold’s Gym

Last but not the least in our list of best gyms in Ranchi, we have Gold’s Gym. If you didn’t know, Gold’s Gym is an international chain of gyms renowned in the world of bodybuilding. It is very closely associated with many of bodybuilding’s greats, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you’re serious about bodybuilding, then there’s no better gym in the world for you. This place is highly recommended for all you aspiring Mr. Olympia’s.

That’s it for our 10 best gyms in Ranchi. We hope you’ve found a gym you like that is a good fit for your personal style of fitness. Thanks for reading and good luck!

Disclaimer: Listings provided here are based on author’s own opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Mensxo’s editorial team.

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