10 Best Gyms in Manipal-(Website, Address and Contact No)

By Sakshi Joshi


Selection of a gym is very necessary before getting a membership and going head with a fitness regime. This process has to be done properly in the best possible way. Following is the list of all the gyms in manipal

Top 10 Best Gyms in Manipal

So if you are looking for a gym that best suits your needs and interests, go through the list of TOP 10 gyms in Manipal –

1. Falcon Fitness

Phone: 099162 07525

Ranking no 1 in our list of best gyms in Manipal is Falcon Fitness. As you can see from the name itself, it is as sharp as a falcon in terms of its quality, features, and prices. Everything from a stick to a pin is well measured and the good quality ambiance is provided to the customers in the best possible way. This fitness studio is a perfect choice for daily healthy training purpose. It is best in terms of work duration, ambiance, trainees and everything. 

The address is Hayagreeva Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104.

2. Extreme Fitness Gym

The best efforts are made by the trainers to make you feel confident in the best possible way. They have a provision for providing you the best fitness programs. It will help you in the best possible way to overcome your body blues and make you perfect in the most special manner. They will make you feel special and pamper you to the utmost of their priorities. It is the best hub for body freaks and health changers

The address is Vidyaratna Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104.

3. Body Care Gym

Phone: 093431 61977

Ranking no 3 on our list of top 10 best gyms in Manipal is Body care gym. If you are more into the work environment and the ambience of the gym, then this is the best place you can visit. It is considered as the best weight gain and loss gym performing the best activities creating a suitable environment for the customers.

The address is Udupi, Karnataka 576101.

4. Muscle Kingdom Gym

Just like a dream come true, this fitness club is a utopia for the clients. This zone of fitness will provide you extreme happiness if you join it. As you can see from the name itself, it is a kingdom of muscles. A large variety of techniques relating to the muscles and various other activities are performed here in this gym. It is like a muscle factory which will help all the customers in getting to the point from where they will never want to come back. They will drown you in the facilities of their first class gym.

The address is Nagar 1st Stage, Manipal, Karnataka 576104.

5. Zumba fitness

Zumba fitness is considered as one of the best gyms in Manipal. You will love it here. There are various types of Zumba dance forms and the dance classes are available for all the types of age groups. All types of age groups and genders can participate in the Zumba fitness classes in this gym. The gym is the best for the dance lovers. The people who love dancing can keep themselves fit at this place by learning all the Zumba fitness techniques.

The address is 8/7, End Point Rd, Shivalli, Vidyaratna Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104.

6. Xth Block Gym

The address is Eshwar Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104.The main objective of this gym is to work out for the best and stay away from the rest. The gym has an x-factor which wills help the clients in the best possible way to gain as well as lose weight within the specified duration. The gym freaks can take all their types of equipment to this place and exercise as hard as possible in order to stay fit and fine.

7. Core Fitness

Phone: 0820 292 3181

As the name suggests, the gym is a place where you can receive the core fitness for your body. The main objective of this gym is to provide the best facilities to their customers and in this way the members will feel the happiest in the best possible way. The core fitness is what they mean to provide to their members.

The address is Rudra Priya Nagar, Hayagreeva Nagar, Udupi, Karnataka 576104.

8. MIT D Block Gym

The total focus is on the zones of fitness only.  The gym will provide you the best ambiance and the environment and will never let you down. The block gym is very beautiful and you will be able to entertain yourself in the best possible way.  The gym is necessary for the profitable opportunities in the lives of the members.

The address is Eshwar Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104.

9. Universal Gym

Universal Gym will make you look the best. You will be the center of attraction for each occasion you attend. This gym will offer you the best discount packages due to which you will be attracted towards this one for sure. It is considered one of best gym in Manipal and being One of the largest gyms in India, it is highly reputed in terms of training and fitness techniques.

The address is Kunjibettu, Udupi, Karnataka 576102.

10. MIT Fitness Center

Ranking no 10 in our list of best gym in manipal is not one but two MIT, and Spartan.

You will be the center of attraction of the universe. The offers are available at various discount seasons so you need to keep a check on the website for better packages and membership. They have been guiding there customers towards a healthy living since a decade there are various services available such as health counseling, spa, innovative techniques so on.

The address is  Eshwar Nagar, Manipal, Karnataka 576104.

Spartan Fitness

Phone: 0820 429 5234

The address is 2nd Floor, Okude Towers, Kunjibettu, Udupi, Karnataka 576102.

All the above gyms will help you feel the best and stay fit. These gyms will offer you access to equipment, exercise classes, and personal trainers. Exercising at a gym offers benefits such as scheduled exercise classes, which help establish a routine. Also, exercising along with other people is a good motivator for meeting fitness goals.

Disclaimer: Listings provided here are based on author’s own opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Mensxo’s editorial team.

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