Top 10 Gifts for Her under 5000 Bucks

By Sakshi Joshi


There are a lot of things which you can gift her under this section. 5000 bucks is a large amount of money, there can be money things which can come under it. You just need to keep in mind that the best things as per her preferences. It will help you in the selection of the best gift for her. So, here is a list which provides the best gifts for her. Go through this list of top 10 gifts for her under 5000 bucks in order to find the best present for her.

Top 10 Gifts for Her under 5000 Bucks


The Amazon kindle

Ranking no 1 in our list of top 10 gifts for her under 5000 Bucks is kindle. If she is a book lover like me, then you should surely gift her kindle which will not cost you any extra bucks. It is the best gift for a bookworm. She can easily read her favorite books by her favorite authors. It will only cost of 4999 bucks. This is a way to go to make her happy on her birthday.

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Bluetooth speakers / Portable speakers

If she is a talkative on and a music lover, then you can surely gift her speakers which will fall under 5000 bucks.  She can easily listen to her favorite songs on the speakers and talk to her friends as well. It is easy to carry and affordable as well. The portable speakers are not very expensive and are very easy to carry as well.  It is available in various colors and you can chose her favorite one to make her the happiest.

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Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB

It will only cost you 3000 bucks. It is for the one who loves music. She can take her anywhere and make it a habit of listening songs whenever she is alone, waiting, sad or happy. It is the most sombre choice for the one who loves music. This is something extraordinary to gift. This gift will definitely make her the happiest. She can shuffle the songs and make her own favorite playlists. It has a good quality and an affordable price.  Since it is Apple , it will make her more happy.

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Google Chromecast

Many of the people are now buying various streaming devices for their ease and convenience. There are not many options available in this category to choose from here in India. Though you can choose the Google Chrome cast which is the ultimate option for you. It is affordable in price and is a very compatible device. It is available online on various shopping websites. It will only cost you 3000 bucks.

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Canon IXUS 155 Camera

This is the best camera for her under 5000 bucks. The original price  is more than that however if you buy it under some discount offers or festival offers than this will cost you less. If she is a vibrant personality who is more into capturing everything at one go, then this is the gift which will make her the happiest. It has some various unique features such as 20MP, 2.7 inch LCD display, 10X zoom facility and many other services as well which will make her go mad with surprise.

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Xiaomi Mi 10400mAh Power Bank

This is the ultimate gift you can give her. It will help her in keeping his phone charged every time she is a dire need of a charger. It is an ultimate savior for her. She will be happy and surprised to receive this gift. This will help her in extending the battery life. It will be able to work with all the battery devices and the smart phones as well. There is also a capacity of recharging the chargers which is ultimate. All the services of this device will make her happy in the most possible way.

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SWAROVSKI Cadre Pendant

This is one of best in our list of top 10 gifts for her under 5000 bucks. It will be the most convenient gift for her. This will enhance her beauty.  Furthermore it will look royal and cheek and cool. This pendant can be wore in regular day purpose. She will wear it and remember you every time.

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 Motorola Connect Coin Safety/Security Smart Tracker

This gift will help her in taking selfies, tracking the phone and sending emergency alerts to her loved ones. This will also help her in keeping her phone and keys safe. The dual functionality is what makes it difference from all the features of other gifts. This coin connect is also a security smart tracker and will be useful for her in every possible way. She can click pictures as well if she is a selfie freak. This is the most incredible gift for all. It will just cost you 2100 bucks and you can buy something else with the rest of the money.

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A polaroid camera

There are multiple brands available in this. If she is into capturing pictures of every moment, then this Polaroid camera is something which you can gift her on her birthday. The special thing is that it comes in various cute colors. It has really good reviews and you can buy this cute little camera for her so that she can add it in her collection.

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A Photo wall

You can decorate her room i.e. the one side with the photo frames. You can make it a photo wall and make her all memorable by adding photo frames which might include her childhood memories as well as the teenage memories. It will require a lot of time and you will have to play the game of hide and seek in this one. You need to collect all her photographs and make it surprising for her. This will help her in going down the memory lane.

Disclaimer: Listings provided here are based on author’s own opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Mensxo’s editorial team.

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