10 Best face Wash for Sensitive Oily Skin Men

By Sachin Pullil


So, you’re living life being your awesome self when you begin to notice that your face is acting up. The skin gets red, your face feels tingly and it begins to itch. The more you wash your face with your favorite brand of soap or face wash, the worse it gets. Sound familiar? You, sir, may be subject to sensitive skin. Worry not, we’ve got your back (and your face). It’s time to toss your old face wash in the trash and pick a new one from our list of  best face wash for sensitive oily skin .

Before we get into the products, you need to know what you’re up against. What is sensitive skin, exactly? Sensitive skin is a type of skin that reacts angrily towards household, skin care or cosmetic products. This reaction can be in the form of patches of red skin, areas of dryness, itching or tingling sensations or a feeling of tightness (read more here). Sensitive skin can appear anywhere on the body but the face is one of the most common areas due to constant exposure to our pernicious atmosphere.

Sensitive skin experts say that we have a natural skin barrier that supposed to protect us but often wears down due to “air conditioned offices, centrally heated homes, harsh chemicals, cold weather, and too much sun.” Once the barrier breaks down, it leaves your skin susceptible to the filth and impurities it is constantly subjected to every day. Ironically, the very products that are meant to expunge the contaminants can exacerbate the problem.

There’s a lot of science behind skin products and it can take you hours of research to find the right face wash for your sensitive skin. Fear not, reader. We’ve done the searching for you. Without further ado, we present:

Top 10 Best face wash for sensitive oily skin

Here is our list of the best face wash for sensitive oily skin . However, It might happen that we have bound off any. If you have any recommendation, feel free to share in the comment section and we will be more than happy to add that in the list.

Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash

To start off,our list of best face wash for sensitive oily skin, we have a renowned skin care company, Nivea, with its face wash specially created for men with sensitive skin i.e. you. This product uses no dyes and no alcohol, which makes it safe for your sensitive skin. It also contains Vitamin E which, like pretty much all vitamins, offers a plethora of benefits to your body. Moreover, it has the effect of cleaning and softening your beard, leaving your lumberjack facial hair soft and smooth.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 928.00

Dove Men+Care Face Wash Sensitive+

The “Real Beauty” visionaries (and, lovers of plus (+) signs, apparently) have released their own version of a face wash for sensitive oily skin.This face wash, too, is a gentle cleanser and prevents dryness of skin and leaves your skin moisturized. It’s important that your face wash moisturizes your skin so as to prevent your skin from feeling tight. Dove’s face wash comes at a higher price on Amazon than that of Nivea, probably because it is shipped from USA when ordered.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 1,720.00

L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Power Face Wash

Don’t let the menacing title frighten you, this face wash is anti-discomfort, meaning it will pamper your sensitive skin. Enriched with menthol, this face wash keeps its promise of “ultra cooling” as it cleans your skin. L’Oreal Paris is a respectable brand (formerly the cash cow of the richest woman in the world) and can be considered trustworthy. A word of caution that you may only want to consider this face wash if your skin isn’t excessively sensitive as this is, in fact, a deep cleanser and has a mild deodorant effect. But at least it looks extra manly.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 750.00

L’Oreal Paris Go 3600 Clean Face Wash

Wait, what? Two L’Oreal Paris products in a row? Is this a nod to our sponsors? Nope. Just two great, similar but different products from L’Oreal for you to choose from. This face wash is specifically tailor-made for sensitive skin. It’s a soap-free gentle cleanser made without the use of added fragrances so it’s definitely better than the Hydra Power if you have extremely sensitive skin. The catch? It’s not made exclusively for men. This unmistakably feminine-looking product may earn you odd glances at the gym, but at least you can use the free “Scrublet” that accompanies this product to scrub your shame away.

Price on Myntra: Rs. 427.00

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Foaming Wash

Ranking no 5 in our list of best face wash for sensitive oily skin, we have ALOE by Body Shop. If you haven’t heard of The Body Shop, it’s time to stop living under a rock. This brand, known for its natural and organic goods free from animal testing, specializes in products designed to spoil you. This face wash uses the well-known goodness of Aloe Vera to clean your skin. It comes with no added fragrances, alcohol or dyes and is specially made for sensitive skin.

Price on Snapdeal: Rs. 755.00

Vegetal Tea Tree Face Wash

This is a Indian made product formulated from neem, aloe vera (this thing is everywhere) and rubia extracts with a long list of benefits from use. The most pertinent of which are its pH balance benefits, which helps fortify the skin barrier, and its skin hydration properties, which prevents your skin from feeling tight and helps your complexion.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 230.00

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash

Not the most aesthetic product, we know. Neither is the brand recognizable. Sebamed is an American skin care product company that focuses on products for sensitive skin. All their products are “cruelty-free”, meaning, not tested on animals. This face and body wash is soap-free , hypoallergenic and a mild cleanser. A great combination and a solid product.

Price on Flipkart: Rs. 550.00

Man Arden The Pioneer Face Wash

This sexy beast is Man Arden’s  “The Pioneer.” It’s a face wash made for sensitive oily skin that cleans your face down to the pores without drying it too much. Man Arden also claims that this face wash has a lightening effect. It uses a gentle formula with aloe vera (again?), lemon oil, cucumber extract, neem and papaya extract. All in a beautiful, black-gold bottle.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 399.00

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

Everyone’s heard of Neutrogena. This famous care brand hosts an impressive amount of products for every different skin type. This is a cleanser that’s extremely gentle on your skin and is made soap-free with an added hypoallergenic fragrance that’s safe for your skin. Keep in mind that this is a cleanser, which serves a slightly different function than a face wash, and is highly recommended to be used in combination with the next product on our list .

Price on Amazon: Rs. 1,683.00

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture face wash for sensitive oily skin  

This is Neutrogena’s ultra gentle moisturizer custom-made for sensitive skin. It’s meant to be used in tandem with the cleanser. Where the cleanser will clean your pores of all the dirt and grime, leaving it fresh and clean, the moisturizer with add a layer of protection to your face that will safeguard it from pollution and impurities. This one-two punch is the ultimate skin care routine that your face will thank you for and, in turn, you will thank us for.

Price on Amazon: Rs. 1,602.00

So, that is about with the face wash for all you men. Hope the next act that you do is all about buying a new face wash that was mentioned above.


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