Top 10 Best Trimmed Beard Styles For Indian Men


We had be lying if we said that the beard trends are not impressing and lets be honest, beards are the ultimate accessory for all you men, because that is not just facial hair but so much more. It is the best thing and the simplest method to add to  your face more precision and definition and also highlight your features, for examples, your jawline. While at it, not just that, it also makes you look a hundred percent more attractive and definitely hotter. Also, now that all you men are understanding just how important it is to get the trendy look and also how looking great is essential, we have seen that beard, long, trimmed or anything at all, is quite prevalent and can be seen at all times, all the faces.

Just because a lot of people are doing it, we do not mean you have to follow the bandwagons and get just the style they are sporting and just to assure that you hold an essence of your own, we have some of the best trimmed best beard styles listed below. These will behold your personal style, make you look absolutely gaze worthy, garner for you all the attention and most importantly, you will sport what in the trend but not go with the monotony. So, lets do it.

Top 10 Best Trimmed Beard Styles For Indian Men

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Clearly, we can classify this one as the easiest and best trimmed beard style to don. It does not require effort at all and all you have to do is let the beard grow a little, then taper it well and trim it efficiently. Its main key is the trimming, which if not done well, spoils the entire look. Other than that, assure that as you move upward, the density lessens and reduces to a thin strip. The density all in all, is minimal anyway.

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This is one of the best trimmed beard styles you can undoubtedly go for. Fawad Khan’s designer stubble look, from Khoobsurat. To put it in the least, it is just so hot. It basically is very short hair, trimmed each day, to keep up with the same length and also, the style. Also, considered a sign of maturity, it is considered the ideal style for office and formal venues, because it keeps up with the sophisticated look. Reminder, keep your edges sharp and clean.

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This look by Shahid Kapoor is insanely appreciated by men women alike and is popularly also called the medium stubble. Though you might confuse it with the look Fawad had sported, but the basic distinction is that, this one provides more of the rugged look, whereas, the other one mainly focuses on contrast and sharp edges. This is one of the easiest, yet one of the hottest to sport.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most heartwarming pictures in this list, and the difficulty faced in averting eyes from the picture and further moving on, is totally understandable, considering it is Viral Kohli. Coming back to the style, very popularly, it is called the heavy stubble, that is basically overgrown stubble, just at the verge of gaining the status of a full fledged beard. It also works exceptionally well for the causal and party looks but you had rather refrain from making an appearance in office, like this, unless you are utterly great with excuses.


While you might also confuse with this trimmed beard style look, this actually is very appealing and does work real well. You just have to make sure that the growth is happening rapidly and well and that, in the process, the required moisture and nourishment is provided, else the nature of hygiene might be infringed. Also, even though proper shaping is  necessary, constant maintenance and trimming is substantial.


This one, is more about the shape than about maintanience or care or trimming, even though, incessant, regular trimming is required to keep up with the look. You have to assure that there is fullness on the chin and right below the cheekbones, from where, it creates a subtle hollow, between your beard and the mustache, which also very lightly fades into the facial hair. It can be sported at all times and is clearly one the most favorable ones in our list of top 10 best trimmed beard styles for Indian men.

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Another very popular trend, this is spectacular and looks great. It also holds with it the slight classic and vintage, that is immensely loved, by women and men alike. So, this basically, a thin strip of hair needs to go down the cheek to the chin, and throughout, the length of the hair has to increase. The lower lip can hold a tiny patch or a better version, whatever pleases you, but it like the mustache, must subtly fade in with the beard.

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The last one in our list of best trimmed beard styles for Indian men.This probably gives the impression that you are trying to grow some beard but, what the truth is that you have shaved it a million times, and each day, you struggle to maintain the in between look and make sure that you have a tad bit there and not all of it is gone. Damn, get just how real the struggle is. How Siddharth Malthotra deals with it, is a different story but how much we loved it, had to be displayed.

So, that is about with the best trimmed beard styles for all you men out there. Hope you really try out all of these soon and do not forget to share the pictures with us and also, hope the No- Shave November takes the expected toll.

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