Top 10 Best Birthday gifts for your Father

By sakshi Joshi


It is very crucial to select a present which is the best for your father. A father is not someone with whom you can do any formality. You need to choose carefully between his need and his preferences. It is essential to gift him something which remains close to his heart and he cherishes it forever. Choosing a gift for your father can be a difficult task. So here is a list of top ten birthday gifts for your father which you can easily chose from.

Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for your Father

1. An office briefcase – This is one of the needful gifts which you can present to your father.         The briefcase will help him carry all the essential things to his work. It is not very expensive and comes in all variety and colors. You can also order online or purchase it from the local markets. The briefcase is a gift which will help your father to keep all his essential things at one place. So, we have ranked it no1 in your list of best birthday gifts for your father.                              

  Buy Now  2. shaving kit – This is one of the most crucial things needed by men. You can always gift him a shaving kit. It will contain all the necessary equipments like gel, razor, creams, etc. You can choose the brand which he likes. It is one of the most needful gifts which you can give to your father on his birthday. He will always remember you in the form that you care for him.

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3. A  pen – If your dad is into writing or work all the time, then a  pen is the best birthday gifts for your father. This will make him remember you all the time when he writes something. Whenever he writes he will remember you. That’s the main importance of this gift. It will show your love and devotion towards him.

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4. A yoga mat – If your dad is a health freak like mine then you must give him a yoga mat as a gift. This will help him perform all the asanas in a proper manner and he will feel easy and comfortable. The yoga mat is one of the most helpful and memorable gift which you can gift to your father. It will make him healthier and prosperous.

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5. A box of perfumes – This is one of the most common gifts for males. If you can’t think of anything else, then the last option is a box of perfumes. It will help him keep alive and happy. You can choose the brand as per his comfort or preferences.

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6. Trimmer – A trimmer will help your father in easy trimming of his hair. Now he will not need to go to the barber or parlor for small things. He would be able to use that trimmer in a convenient way for all his small tasks.

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7. A bottle of champagne – If your father is fond of wines, beers or any other alcoholic drinks, then you can always gift him a bottle of champagne, wine or beer as per his tastes and preferences. This will help him whenever there are parties or get-togethers at your place. He will feel good if he is into drinking, then this is the best birthday gifts for your father. ever.

8. A tie or a belt – This one of the most needful gift which you can present to your father on his birthday. You can choose his favorite color belt or tie which will match with his favorite suit and give it to him. The tie or a belt must be chosen with respect to his preferences. You can also provide him with a box which contains both tie as well as belt

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9. A watch – This is one of the classic gifts which you can present to your father. A watch is a token of your time and devotion towards your father. He will feel great on receiving this gift from you. This will help him handle the time well and he will feel great while wearing this watch as a gift from you.

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10. A set of his favorite books – If he is a book lover like my father, then  you can gift him a book set for his book shelve. This will help him increase his reading ability and will add more books to his collection. He will always remember you when he looks at his book collection given to him by you.

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So, if I were at your place, I would have definitely given these gifts to my father. The list provides all the common and the unique gifts. I hope you are able to find a suitable gift for your father, this birthday. If you seriously want to make your father happy, then you should make a list of your own and include these presents in your list as well. Go get planned and make him happy!!

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