Top 10 Best Men’s Beauty Parlour in Kolkata

By Sachin Pullil


There’s only so much that we, as men, can do with our facial and hair care kits at home. We don’t have the power of makeup (not yet at least). And relying solely on our inherent good looks is so 2005. So what should we do? This is where beauty parlours come in. Like angels, these divine outlets reconstruct us from lowly humans to living Greek gods. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. Nonetheless, we cannot quantify the value of salons. Salons are there for us when we want to look our absolute best before our wedding. They’re there to give us a little touch-up when we want to get ready for a big date. A salons may not be man’s best friend – but they’re definitely up there.

If you live in Kolkata and don’t know which beauty parlour to visit, then you’ve come to the right place.  You can’t just walk in to your nearest beauty parlour and hope for the best. They may leave you with the worst bad hair day you’ve had in years. No, sir, that’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the best salons in Kolkata for you to choose from. Browse our list, pick a place you think will fit you and give them a try. Just remember to thank us later. Now, onward to the best men’s beauty parlours in Kolkata.

Top 10 Best Men’s Beauty Parlour in Kolkata

1. AN John

AN John is probably the most spectacular beauty parlour on our list of Top 10 Best Men’s Beauty Parlour in Kolkata. If you’re into high-class service from the best available professional beauticians, then AN John is the way to go. This place is extremely well designed and immaculate in form. They’ve got a plethora of hair and skin care treatments and proficient coiffeurs to boot. All in all an impressive beauty parlour.

2. Mapuis

Mapuis is another big beauty salon, but smaller than AN John. The advantage of going to a large place is that you’ll likely have to wait less time before getting your service. Mapuis is well-maintained and a commendable beauty parlour with numerous choices of treatments on their carte.

3. Pony Up

If you look past the strange name, Pony Up is a pretty solid salon. They’re really well rated online and have some great after-work photos – proof of their skilled and competent staff. It’s also of use to note that they are open for 12 hours a day.

4. Head Turners

We’ve found that usually the design of a beauty parlour can tell you the level of quality they offer. On that note, Head Turners is a pretty awesome salon. It has great aesthetics and offers a fantastic selection of treatments for you to choose from. Additionally, the lighting is marvellous – perfect for a post-visit selfie.

5. Eye Catchers

Ranking no 5 in your list of best men’s beauty parlour in kolkata is Eye Catchers. As we just mentioned, when it comes to beauty parlours, looks matter. After all, they are in the business of beautification so ought to be beautiful themselves. And, we have to say, Eye Catchers is truly eye catching. This beauty parlour has a unique colour palette that we haven’t seen before in salons. Moreover, Eye Catchers has a dedicated staff eager to show off their skills in making you look exquisite.

6. Glamour

Glamour is a low key but respectable beauty parlour. They’ve got a large variety of services for you to choose from and are adept at what they do. Further, they sell assorted hair products if you’re looking for a shift from what you usually use. It’s always good to change things up.

7. Trendz

Trendz is another cool option for a salon. They’ve got style and heart. And a ton of beauty services for you to choose from. Pick any and watch them work their magic on you. Did we mention that Trendz sells a truck load of beauty products? Bon shopping-spree.

8. Beautina

Don’t let Beautina distinctly feminine name turn you away. They’ve got a ton of services for men and women alike. Apart from the gorgeous aesthetics of the place, the staff here really know what they’re doing. A trip to Beautina is sure to be a satisfying experience.

9. Green Trends

Surely you’ve heard of Green Trends before. Maybe you even cut your hair there. But have you noticed how every Green Trends looks pretty much the same? That’s some real brand consistency there. Anyway, Green Trends is a decent option for a beauty parlour, anywhere you go in the country. They offer many services at a (more or less) competitive rate.

10. Jawed Habib

Jawed Habib is a national beauty parlour and hair salon franchise. They’ve got over 600 outlets in over a 100 cities in India. They pride themselves in their idea of “science-based” styling. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but it’s crystal clear that these guys know what they’re doing and take their jobs very seriously. The reason we haven’t displayed a photo of the outlet is that Jawed Habib has a ton of branches in Kolkata. So give any one of them a try, and tell us how it goes!

Now that you’re equipped with knowledge of the Top 10 best beauty parlours for men in Kolkata, you’re on your way to becoming the best and most beautiful version of yourself. Make sure you remember us when you have men and women swooning over you in the streets of Kolkata.

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