Top 10 Best Gyms in Noida

By Sachin Pullil


Noida, it’s time to get your booty off the couch. Let us tell you why. Working out is ubiquitous now and steaming-hot bods are what’s in. As the world moves towards attaining optimal physiques, you definitely don’t want to get left behind. If that doesn’t convince you, how about the idea of potential heart disease or impending lumbar pain? Yikes, sounds morbid.

Okay, how about this? Doctors and personal trainers say that working out can improve your confidence by leaps and bounds. The confidence comes from the feeling of accomplishment as you complete a workout or achieve a new personal best. That taste of success percolates into the rest of your day and makes you feel strong and courageous. We can attest for this ourselves.

Now you know the reasons why you should work out. But where can you do so? You can’t just loiter into your nearest gym, pick up a weight and curl it. No, you have to do pick the right gym for you. But don’t worry, we’ve got a list of awesome gyms for you to choose from. Let’s jump right in to the list…

Top 10 Best Gyms in Noida

1. BEneFIT Express

Just read that name again, if you want to. It took us a while to get what they meant. BEneFIT is the first gym on our list of top 10 best gyms in Noida. This place offers a multitude of standard gym equipment, great personal trainers and extra benefits such as diet care, physiotherapy and something they call “fitnography”. Moreover, this gym is well-maintained and the lighting is marvelous. Check it out if you wish.

2. Anytime Fitness

The unique selling point of Anytime Fitness is in their name. This place is open a whopping 19 hours a day – to fit their customers’ “on-the-go lifestyles”. And, truly, you can go workout there whenever you want, provided it’s not in the middle of the night. Their equipment and trainers are state-of-the-art as they have branches all across the nation and are required to maintain a proper standard of quality.

3. The Top Gym

This place really wastes no time hiding its ego. On The Top Gym ‘s Facebook page, they’ve got some excellent body transformation photos that show that they know what they’re doing. Moreover, to our well trained eye, we can see that these guys genuinely understand the true spirit of working out. If you don’t get what we mean, go give them a try and you will find out.

4. Fitness 52

Fitness 52 has a huge quantity of floor space, covered with that classic rubber square gym flooring. And the place is stacked with a crazy amount of workout machines, dumbbells, benches and other exercise equipment. If you’re the kind of person to pump yourself full of protein so you can beat it out later at the gym, Fitness 52 is the place to be.

5. Kailash Health Village

Ranking no 5 in our list of Top 10 best gyms in Noida is Kailash .We thought the last gym was big but Kailash is enormous. It’s not just a gym, it is complete and total health centre, as the name suggests. They offer a truckload of other services – all that cater to your health needs. As a result, this place may be a little expensive. If what you want out of a gym is more than just a place to work out, then you should definitely try out Kailash Health Village.

6. Premier Fitness Club

Compared to our previous entry, Premier is relatively more low key. They offer standard workout equipment and professional trainers in a neat and clean environment. They also offer zumba classes, aerobics and weight-loss programs. Every once in a while, it’s good to change things up. So try joining one of their zumba classes to find out if that’s your cup of tea.

7. Iron Pumper’s Gym

Iron Pumper’s is a decent gym with a good amount of exercise equipment to target every muscle in your body. The place is, indeed, a little rough around the edges. But if you want an affordable option for a gym, then Iron Pumper’s is a modest choice.

8. Addiction

Addiction is a lot like the previous item on our list of best gyms in Noida. This place, too, is small but with a decent amount of equipment and personal trainers, if you need them. But, comparatively, Addiction is a little less clunky and a bit more sleek. It is also another affordable option for a gym.


Talwalkars is a national fitness center phenomenon. They have dozens of branches all across the nation. The best part about this place is that a membership here will be valid throughout the country, which is useful if you’re pretty itinerant. Talkwalkars is a great option for a gym if you’re a beginner but probably not if you’re a hardcore gym rat. If you’re a member of the latter group, our final entry is the gym for you.

10. Gold’s Gym

You’ve heard of Gold’s Gym. Heck, you probably live around the block from one. These capital gold letters have been plastered on buildings more times than you can count, and in more countries than you can count. Gold’s Gym is the bodybuilder’s paradise. They’ve got everything you will ever need in your bodybuilding quest. You can just sit back, relax, and watch your body swell to twice its size.

Now you’ve got information on the best gyms in Noida. Just pick an appropriate workout for your body goals, head to one of these fitness centres and begin your training. Just you wait, before long, you’ll be posing before mirrors and turning heads in the street.

Disclaimer: Listings provided here are based on author’s own opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Mensxo’s editorial team.

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