Top 10 gifts for her under 500 bucks

By Sakshi Joshi


Gifts are a token of affection and remembrance. They provide an affiliation to the person and make his/her day special. Whenever you are choosing gifts, you need to be attentive of the choices, needs and preferences of the person you are choosing it for. I, being a girl, feel that handmade gifts are the best you can give to anyone. If I receive a handmade gift, my happiness is on 9th cloud because handmade gifts are a symbol of the valuable time which the person has spared for you. However, there are many other gifts as well which will show your love towards that person. Some of the presents, which can mesmerize her, are listed below as the top 10 gifts for her under 500 bucks.

Top 10 gifts for her under 500 bucks


The explosion Box

Ranking no 1 in our list of best gifts for her under 500 buck is the explosion box .this is one of the best handmade article that I received on my birthday. According to me, every girl would be happy to receive such a present. The best thing about it is that you can make it yourself or you can order it from someone who is expert in handmade articles. There are various pages on Instagram and Facebook for these things, they are not very expensive. If you make it yourself, that would add your time, love and affection into the present and make her the happiest. You can also learn how to make this explosion box with the help of YouTube videos.

Video link: explosion box tutorial

The smiley cushion set

This is one of the present, which I personally like. Girls prefer this type of presents because they are cute and soft. I received this present from my brother on my birthday and it is below Rs 500 for sure. The best thing about these smiley cushions is that they are bright in color and energises a sense of motivation inside you. You can sleep on them or with them. She will definitely feel happy when you gift her smiley cushion set. You can also select a single smiley according to her favorite expressions.

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A set of books

This gift is the best for the bibliophiles. As I am a book lover, I know that books are not too expensive. You can buy the books online on Amazon or near your residential place at the local markets. The fiction and the crime thrillers will cost you around 500 bucks. There are many other books, which are perfect gifts for her under 500 bucks; you can select any one of them as per her taste. Books are the best gifts as they can be opened repeatedly. They never die.

The sapling gift 

It is one of the most amazing gifts that you can give to someone with whom you have an emotional connection. You can gift some saplings like the lucky bamboo, or any of her favorite flowers. It is a notion of love and care. It denotes that your relation will also grow as the sapling grows with time. This will increase your bonding and make it emotional as well.  There are various website where you can buy these saplings for your loved ones such as go green, green orchards and so on. The best thing is that it is environment friendly and it inculcates a habit of responsibility inside the person to whom it is given.

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The photo Album

The best thing about it is that you can make it on your own with the help of YouTube videos and can search it online on other websites as well. If you are incapable of making it on your own, then you can order it online from the handmade websites or in the local photography markets. The thing about this present is that it will help the person memorize all the times spent with you. It is a lovely gift; you can add your own messages and letters inside. It falls under 500 bucks.

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The magic jar

This jar is a very special gift. The best thing about it is that it is affordable and lovely. You just need to buy a jar and then put up all the slips relating to your memories, days spent, things you love about her, things you hate about her, etc. You can write anything and put it inside the jar. Then you can take it to the shop for wrapping and decoration or you can even do it yourself.

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Open when Box

This is the most innovative gift that you can give to her. It falls under 500 bucks and is very fascinating as well.  You can pick an old cardboard box and then make some enveloped and put some letters inside it as shown in the image below. Various YouTube videos are available on this. I gifted this to one of my friends while she was going abroad and she still has those letters with her. They are easy to carry, do not cost much and are affordable.

A bouquet of love 

This one is the most refreshing gift for the flower lovers. If she is a rose lover or any other flower lover, then this is the best gift for her, which you can give . The fragrance will soothe her and she will feel mesmerized with her present. This is a perfect gift under 500 . You can pick fresh flowers from your garden and make a bouquet as well.

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The one for the chocolate lovers

A box of chocolates is one of the best gifts for her. Most of the girls like chocolates and the most interesting thing is that you do not need to select, you can buy any type of chocolates because they are all same. The box of chocolates is one of the easiest and most common gifts.

Photo Frames

These are the most amazing gifts for her. These are affordable and handy. You can select the best as per her need and preferences and put up a picture with her. This will give her immense pleasure and make her the happiest.

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That, brings us to the end of our list. What we would advice is that just do not stick to old boring gift ideas and switch to hand made stuffs. that could define you and hers relation.

Hope you do it right, ciao.

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