10 Best Haircut for Curly Hair Men


This century has brought many revolutions. Men do care about their appearance now. We still don’t have a lot of men who’d use cosmetics to brighten and lighten their faces as is in the case of women. Most of men’s styling is limited to hairstyle they carry. Getting a hairstyle of one’s choice is not expensive either. It is one of the major reasons why men across the globe use hair styling as a tool to enhance their looks. Hair styling and grooming also depends upon the hair of the individual. A person can have thick or thin hair. Somebody else will have straight hair. Another person will have silky hair. You will find yet another person will have curly hair. The reason for difference in the quality is the genetic factor. One cannot place one kind of hair ahead of other. Men with all kind of hair can kill it with their looks if they visit a good barber or a stylist. Curly hair which are not easy to tame offer unlimited styles.I would discuss about 10 best haircut for curly hair men ,which they can look forward to in the present day.

 10 Best Haircut for Curly Hair Men 

Here is our list of the best haircut for curly hair men . However, if you have any recommendation, feel free to share in the comment section and we will be more than happy to add that in the list.

Curly Undercut Male

The undercut has been trending for last four to five years and with out any doubt we have ranked it 1st in our list of best haircut for curly hair men . The undercut is always an option for how to style short curly hair (men) irrespective of what kind of hair one has. Having light sides makes your face look slim. Hair can be colored, and a heavy beard would be the finest thing to go with an undercut. Hair can be combed normally as a good school going boy, or kept rough as curly hair naturally are. For setting of curly hair a good hair gel or a serum will have to be used without failure. One should shampoo his head before a special occasion like a party or a marriage and use a highly rated hair cream for styling his hair.

Curly Comb Over/Side Part

Men with long hair on top of the head can try this haircut. To make it look better, the sides should be trimmed, not as much as the undercut though. The hair should be dried after the shower and with the help of a wax or jell, hair must be combed to one of the sides. The wax also gives a natural shine to the hair. The comb over the side style works on curly hair as well as it does on straight and silky hair.

Wavy Fringe

Ranking no 3 in our list of best haircut for curly hair men  is Wavy fringe.Talking about best haircuts for men with curly hair this haircut will always be mentioned.In fringes style comes naturally to a man with curly hair. A man with straight hair will have to get his hair rolled to don this style. The sides can be trimmed or kept long as per the choice of the person wanting to try this style as both look equally good if hair on top are long. The more the length, more fringes are there. These wavy fringes should be covering the subject’s forehead. The waves can be given by using the fingers. The waves should form a texture. For keeping the hair intact hair spray should be used.

Curly Quiff

The curly quiff requires short to medium hair at the sides and medium to long hair at the top. The quiffs can then be styled to either one of the sides or on the top as per the personal choice. At the time of styling use a hairbrush. For making the quiffs on the top, first dry the hair. if you want a smooth and a textured finish, then use your fingers instead of the hairbrush and apply a hairspray. This hairstyle would usually go with a clean-shaven chocolate boy face. However, sporting a light beard might also suffice.thus, it is one of our recommended haircuts for boys with curly hair.


This style works best with long hair. The sides can be kept as per choice. The long hair on the top should be combed back using a comb or a hairbrush. One may simply use his fingers to settle down his hair keeping in mind that that they don’t mess up after some time. Curly hair have a tendency of randomly spiking at any part making one look like a porcupine. The hair should be damped with water. A good amount of hair gel or wax is required to hold the hair in a fixed position. This should be applied in the end using the fingers.

Windswept Waves

The hair should be of medium length. Men with curly hair don’t need a haircut for this style. If a person has curly hair of medium length, it will suffice. You can shape your hair by giving them textured look by a hair brush or simply by your hands. The hair because of their length will form waves in a definite pattern. To make the hair stay longer in the designed pattern, use a good hair spray. Wax can also be used but it should be used while designing the hair. so we gave it a spot in our list of best haircuts for men with curly hair.

Long and lustrous

If one does not like haircuts and tries to avoid the barber whenever possible, long hair can be styled very well. Long and lustrous hair look very well on men these days. Men with curly hair should not for straightening and should keep their hair look natural. The hair should be oiled regularly. I know oiling hair sounds a bit obsolete, but it is must for long hair. It gives a shine to the hair and promotes hair growth. All you need to look after is the texturing of your hair.

Curly wob

Let the natural curls grow. Ask your barber to shape your curls in the best possible way. It should suit your face. In India we have Imtiaz Ali who knows how to flaunt his curls well. You will need a hair gel or a wax for styling your hair. One should use his fingers for styling.

Man bun

One of my personal favorite in our list of best haircut for curly hair men we have man bun.The man bun is trending these days. Curly hair when long enough to make a bun look very well tied at the back of the head. Get the haircut to make a bun on the head according. You need not set the bun. Rough and messy is the new good. All you need is a hair band. You can grow a long beard which would go very well with the man bun.

Going bald

last but not the least in our list of best haircut for curly hair men we have trimmed bald. Honestly, if you can carry this look well enough there can’t be anything better than this. You can grow a light or a heavy beard. Even a clean shaven face would do depending upon the face cut of the individual. What can be better than a style where you don’t have to worry about your hair at all odd moments. Make sure you apply oil to give a shine to your head.

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