Top 10 Best Gyms in Guwahati

By Sachin Pullil


If you’re as crazy about fitness as I am, then you know that the gym is your second home. This implies that you will need to allocate the same amount of time selecting a new gym as you would buying a house. After all, you’re going to spend possibly the best hour of your day there. We encourage that you be conscientious while picking the fitness centre for you as they come in various forms, depending on your workout style and body goals. Here we have for you the top 10 best gyms in Guwahati. Pick out any centre of your choice from our list and let the gains begin!

10 Best Gyms in Guwahati

1. Chisel

Chisel is a fitness enterprise partnered with Virat Kohli. As the name suggests, the gym features cutting edge fitness facilities that cater to almost every type of fitness regime or body goals you may have. Beyond the classic free weights and cardio areas, they also have resistance, functional and group exercise training areas. Chisel also offers hydro fitness – if you would like to try working out waist-deep in water. We must also point out that Chisel offers Nexersys, which is a unique system of exercise that combines HIIT, gaming and performance analysis. You should definitely check it out when you visit this gym.So, we have ranked it 1st in our list of best gyms in Guwahati.

2. SFL Fitness

Super Fight League (SFL) Fitness is a martial-art focused fitness centre that also offers the classic free weights and exercise machines. If you watch UFC and find inspiration among the blood and violence, SFL might be the place for you. They offer martial art training, performance evaluation, trainers, physiotherapists and everything else you will need to perfect your body. We would also like to mention that SFL’s management team consists of renowned celebrities such as Sanjay Dutt, Shilpa Shetty and the indomitable Mary Kom.

3. Biofit

Biofit is your classic gym,considered as one of the best gyms in Guwahati ,they offer quality equipment, certified trainers and a plethora of cardio machinery. Biofit also offers various group classes, if you prefer to work out in a pack. However, what makes this gym stand out is also what will make you stand out on Instagram – the lighting. Let’s face it – one of the major reasons you go to the gym is so you can show off your body. And Instagram is the braggart’s social networking site. Lighting is the key element that turns your gentle curves into rock-hard muscles. Don’t forget to tag us when you snap a selfie at Biofit!

4. Gold’s Gym

There’s no list of gyms on the internet that doesn’t include at least one Gold’s Gym outlet. This gym, known as “the Mecca of bodybuilding”, is the bodybuilder’s paradise.So,undoubtedly it makes its place on no.4 in our list of best gyms in Guwahati. Gold’s has more dumbbells than you can count and men that look like dumbbells themselves. If you like to lift heavy, and every other gym in the city chides you for dropping your barbells, it’s time to ditch those losers and join Gold’s. If you’re a hardcore lifter, it’s imperative for you to become a member of the legendary Gold’s Gym.

5. Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness is a relatively affordable gym that offers you a respectable repertoire of machines and training options. The company claims to be “the world’s fastest growing health club chain” and may actually be so. Snap came to India in 2008 and now have almost 50 gyms across the country. If you’re looking for a quick and reliable option, Snap is the way to go. They accept everyone from casuals to die-hards.

6. Fitness Freaks

Fitness Freaks is a local gym in Guwahati that recognizes the spirit of fitness. They understand what you seek to achieve and display a solid level of commitment into helping you accomplish your fitness goals. They offer a variety of work out machines and free weights and, of course, gorgeous lighting, to help you look and feel your very best. Plus, the ambience and aesthetics is worth appreciating.

7. Studio Fitness

Studio Fitness is a fitness centre that tries to be a little different. Their slogan is “We don’t use machines for our workouts, we are the machines”. The centre adopts workout programs that focus on weight loss, flexibility and strength gain through functional exercises. Contrary to their slogan, they do, in fact, have a few exercise machines though it doesn’t seem like you’re meant to rely on those. Check them out if you’re into alternative fitness regimes.

8. Transformers Fitness Academy

Transformers Fitness Academy is a fitness center that offers a variety of training programs such as functional and kettle bell training and calisthenics. They also have personal trainers to help you attain your body goals. Transformers frequently holds competitions so that you can test yourself against other gym-goers and become a fitness champion.

9. Metro Gym

Metro Gym is well-reviewed on Facebook as a gym with a great atmosphere for learning. This gym is perfect for beginners – they offer a variety of classes to get you started on your fitness journey. Even veterans can find themselves at home amongst Metro Gym’s moderate amount of weights and machines. The price of this gym may also be more affordable than certain others on this list of best gyms.


We top off the list with Talwalkars – India’s largest fitness center enterprise. Talwalkars has over a hundred outlets across the country and cater to both neophytes and seasoned lifters. The equipment and training here will not leaving you wanting. They also offer services such as kick boxing, Zumba and an exclusive training program called NuForm. The modern aesthetic and the commitment to self-improvement may have been the key to Talwalkars development. Truly, this is a gym worth checking out.

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