Ultimate Guide to Achieving the Perfect Grooming Kit

As and when perception of grooming has changed, more are more people are actively and willingly indulging in the same. Grooming, for the record, is just not based on essential levels, that is, not just on traits and qualities but also, on the superficial and physical level and there is no harm in aiming for better. Grooming kit, in the process, becomes a need and to help you cater to it in a perfect manner, we have a list with all that you will need.
1. Face Wash

They are a complete blessing and we are absolute that there will be no refutations to it. They offer varying benefits and trust me, this one product is a must at the end of the day. So, the first reason why it is adored so much is that it eliminates all that has set in during the day, allowing your skin to breathe well at night and obviously making it cleaner. It very efficiently gets rid of everything that you would not want  from dead skin cells to oil to the dirt and every other contaminate that builds up during the day. So, that already is enough to fall in love with this versatile skin care product. But that really is not all that it does. It also provides an exceptionally strong foundation to your skin care regimen because your routine should start with cleansing. The process of cleaning is really undermined but that’s just where one should start and it is substantial in all cases.

We suggest- The Body Shop Maca Root Face Wash

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2. Sunscreen Lotion

The sun is no fun, at all and does not quite use all its’ powers for the best interest, does it? But we have products and sun blocks to keep us from such scorching heat. Sunscreen, as known, are brilliant products that do not just keep fine lines from building in but also, prevent them from further establishing themselves as wrinkles. It combats freckles and age spots and also heals the immediate and dreaded nuisance, the sunburns. It moisturizes skin and the reason it is so dearly loved is that it also protects us from the severe UV rays and further prevent Skin Cancer that is technically a horrible disease that ends with engulfing the individual. Now, if you say you are a tough guy and you can take whatever comes up, maybe you need to panic about losing your youthful look as wrinkles and lines and all the other signs of aging start to display on your face and your skin starts to loosen.

We suggest-  Kiss My Face, Cool Sport Spray SPF 50

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3. Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliation is the primary step to the foundation of healthy skin, It removes dead skin cells which is a necessity and so, cannot be achieved by any other product. These go deep inside and cleanse your pores efficiently to give a radiant look and also a fresh one. Not just that, it also does away with the ingrown hair that further clogs pores and poses as a threat to a smooth, fresh looking skin. It is clearly one of the best products to have been developed and our assurance stands that it cannot be replaced, not with cleansing bars or even face washes. These are distinct on their approach and working.

We suggest- Kyoku for Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub

4. Moisturizer
 One of the best products, undoubtedly is the face moisturizer which not only makes them look youthful and perhaps a few years younger, but also contain some brilliant key ingredients that moisturize and smoothen your face and provide you SPF protection from the sun. Our skin tends to dry up or even get oily at times and if stayed out in the sun, it might get dull and make you look not half as good as you usually do. The entire composition decreased the possibility of crow’s feet and wrinkles and all the aging signs which appear long before they should which is why it is one kind of product one should always keep handy.
We suggest- The Nature’s Co Spirulina Men Moisturizing Cream
5. Hair Wax
 It is impossible to be fully groomed without styling yourself as styling clearly makes up the whole look, defines you, creates a distinction and makes you stand apart and that, is why, the product is a must in your kit. No other product can work exactly well at holding the hair and not drying it out and as long as you do not fill your head with it, you will get a long lasting rugged look. Wax works best with most of the hair styles but the shine varies according the brand and it is just what you need if you live in a humid environment.These are super awesome and gives you the best hold and texture and makes your entire appearance, all in all, a win win.
We suggest- TIGI Bed Head Men Matte Separation Wax
6. Perfume
 It is known that the primary element to leave an impression is by smelling good, no doubt about that and if you truly get to it, no one would want to approach you otherwise. Also, smelling nice can make you appear ten times hotter than you were. Wearing a particularly strong fragrance or smelling nice, catches attention pretty quickly because they linger. It is like drawing a moth to a flame and you appear so much hotter and appealing, just why a nice one, is essential.
We suggest- Armani Eau Pour Homme
7. Deodorant Stick
 People wear deodorants in order to emit less body odor when they sweat and work by destroying the bacteria on the skin that gives away bad smell when feeding on the components of sweat. It is certain that bad body odor gives away a terrible impression which only the opposite can alter. Unquestionably, men have taken up to a lot of grooming and dress, which is a good thing because it keeps up with hygiene, maintains good and well smell and keeps people from wanting to cringe their noses and walk away from you. Using a deodorant stick is never a bad decision because it sticks around for a longer period and explicitly lasts longer than normal deodorant sprays would.
We suggest- L’occitane Bavx Stick Deodorant
8. Trimmer
 For men, there is a variety of ways in which you can chose to keep your facial hair an what you choose for each day, really differs if you have a sufficient growth. That gives you an edge, clearly and also adds to your list, another product, a trimmer. These are clearly necessities because first, they serve better than razors do and there is a lesser chance of hurting yourself. Invest in these, once and appreciate that decision perpetually.
We suggest- Philips Beard Trimmer for Men

9. Shaving Kit

Shaving is a regularity for men and it is obvious that you would want to do it right. Clearly, you men are not very religious in following the procedure and do whatever seems convenient. Possessing it all, and putting it to use in a correct manner will result in better looking skin and smoother surface which, we are definite is the aim, which is why, an entire kit, helps.

We suggest- Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Essentials Value Kit

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That is about with all the materials that you need to make up the ultimate grooming kit. These might differ, based on your perceptions and what you believe is required for yourself but on a generalized level, that is the base.

Let us know what is different in your kit and if at all, we have missed out on anything in the comments section below.

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