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Popularity of Kpop is increasing rapidly in India as well as globally. This is because of the catchy music, which u cant stop humming and the colourful videos. But the main reason of the popularity of kpop is are the gorgeous boys in the music band. I’m not being biased, they indeed have talent and that’s what selling but who won’t like a sexy man dancing to catchy beats?

One such popular band is EXO. it’s a 10 member boy band group introduced to the world in 2011 and there is no looking back. One of the most popular singer of this boy band is Kai, he is also an actor and worked on various television dramas after gaining popularity.

Kai loves to experiment with his looks. Hairstyles, haircolour, clothes or makeup. He experiments a lot. Here are some of the haircolors he tried and we loved them on him:

1.  Grey


This hair colour is suiting his skin type and also it’s defining his facial features. It has suited him well. We love that his roots are dark and the rest of the hair is coloured. The way his hairstyle is perfectly messy gives the look a plus 1.

2. Golden blonde

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Going blonde is riskin itself but going for golden blonde. Boy you must have the guts. He took this risk in the earlier stage of his career. I won’t say that the colour does not suit him. But obviously this isn’t the best of his hair color choices and we can do better without it.

3. Pinky promise?


If you are kpop celeb and you don’t colour your hair pink once, you are not accepted. Well i may be joking but who follows kpop, very well know what i’m talking about. In the indian film industry people are scared to colour their hair, there is no experiment with hair colors here. That not the case there. They love to experiment even if it is a colour like pink.

4. Golden brown

Unknown 5

A hint of golden in brown, this indeed is not one of his best looks. A shade darker might have suited him better. What we love is that he has the confidence to go out in media with whatever hair colour he has chosen for himself. The fact that he is so famous yet has no qualms to give to the media and fashion pundits is amazing.

5. Yellow and grey


The roots are grey with yellow blonde highlights. Grey hair colour suits him the best. We love his hairstyle, the undercut is suiting him a lot. The hair colour and hairstyle are going hand in hand, completing each other. That smirk though.


Yes your favourite star do go the original way. Thats his original hair colour. He looks amazing in it just like he does in any other hair colour.

Experiment is synonym to the kpop celebs. Kai looks beautiful in all his looks.

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