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Popularity of Kpop (Korean pop) is increasing rapidly in India as well as globally. This is because of the catchy music, which u cant stop humming and the colourful videos. But the main reason of the popularity of kpop is are the gorgeous boys in the music band. I’m not being biased, they indeed have talent and that’s what selling but who won’t like a sexy man dancing to catchy beats?

One such popular band is EXO. it’s a 10 member boy band group introduced to the world in 2011 and there is no looking back. One of the most popular singer of this boy band is Kai, he is also an actor and worked on various television dramas after gaining popularity.

He is very experimental when it comes to fashion. The thing about them is that they can make anything and everything they wear look good. Like for example a face mask. If we are talking about fashion how can we miss out on airport fashion. :

1.  Lazy mornings

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This look that of a lazy sunday morning where you have to take a early morning flight.

White t shirt and blue jeans with black sneakers is comfortable and chic. We love the skin fit blue faded jeans. Unlike other celebs there’s no sunglasses but there is nose mask. What’s better than protecting yourself from the pollution.

2. Layered to perfection

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This look is next to perfection, in fact it’s more than that. Grey and white checked sweater layered with long jacket with big checks and striped scarf. Wow seems an expression demeaning this look. This jacket is goals. Guys take notes, this is the one you should purchase in the coming winters.

3. Black and beige

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Black and beige can never go wrong. This long coat with ripped jeans and plain black t shirt is what you are wearing for your next date in winters. His style is drool worthy and also not difficult to get inspired from.

4. Printed shirts

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This looks like a sweater worn on a plain white shirt. You are mistaken, this is indeed a printed shirt with plain colors and cuffs. For all the mean wearing formals everyday to the office these shirts can give a your style a 100% change, which have been waiting for a very long time. To stand out amongst your colleagues and up your office game. This is the look you were waiting for.

5. Denim  jacket

tumblr o3vxutC5ee1riav2to1 500.jpg

The denim jacket was a flavour of last winter’s, though it’s worth mentioning here. Wearing your denim jacket with a turtleneck sweater is not the first thing which will come to your mind. This winter wear the denim jacket but revamp it with different alternatives.

6. Love for long jackets

exo kai airport fashion

For one, he seems to love to wear long jackets and two, he seems to love to have ear phones on. It’s hard not to notice that in almost every appearance he using ear phones. Back to the look. Ravishing, is the word as soon as you see this. The jacket is lovely. The squinted material on black plain shirt is good choice of pairing. The shiny ripped jeans just gives it the rockstar feel, which is suppose to happen. We also love the leather ankle high shoes.

7. The leather jacket

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Leather jacket is must have item in wardrobe. This look is apt for your next date. The 90,s jeans is quite noticeable. This shade and jeans is not worn these days, but what’s better than time travelling to the time when some of you were young and foolish and others were simply kids.

Ps : earphone seems to his best friend.

8. Oversize blazer


This is one of the rare pictures where he is not wearing a face mask. The blue faded is the only highlight of this look. This jacket is makes you stand out in crowd. It’s fresh and fulfils both- formal and informal purpose. The shiny pants is good choice as the jacket is faded.

9. Stripes are never out of fashion


He looks like a schoolboy forced to go to school, in this picture. This look is the comfortable one. For a beach party or a house party or for informal fridays at office. This look makes you look young and stripes make you look thinner.  Someone looking for comfort and fashion this look is for them.

Ps we can see the earphone peeping out of your pocket 😉

These looks are comfortable and easy to copy. Kai has an amazing dressing sense which is a mix of fashion and comfort. Being inspired by them makes you stand out in the crowd.

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