Top 5 Swimwear You Should Must have this Season



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Summer is around the corner, and we cannot wait for those oh-so-sunny weekends to relax by the beach (or swimming pool if you’re away from the coast).

A perfect swimwear is all you need to set pace this season. Understanding proportions and body types is the key to pulling off any swimsuit. We are here to inform you about 5 must have fashion swimwear to fire up your holidays.

There is a wide variety of swimwear to choose from. From short, medium and long to subtle, bold and print, you name it and it’s there.

Contemporary swim suits serve both practical and decorative purposes. They are generally categorized by their length and looseness.

Here are 5 swim wears that are trendy, affordable as well as body-positive and 5 ways in which you can style them:


  • TRUNKS         

  • BOARD SHORTS  image2 25







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2017 is all about ‘BOLD STRIPES’ and is the most trending high-fashion look this season. It is a very flattering swimwear outfit for all men out there. All you need is to pick the right stripes for your body type, and you’re good to go. Be it diagonal, criss-crossed, vertical or horizontal, bright stripes enhance your look and give an edge to your outfit.

image7 22 image21 image9 202. CAMOUFLAGE

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The military look has always been in spotlight. It is a very preserved fashion look and will never fail you. No matter how skimpy your swimwear is, this will give it an extra edge with its manliness. You can pair it with any simple white tee to create an amazing outfit. It brings out a safari look and will make you stand out in the crowd. You can play with lengths and patterns of your choice to get your desired action look.

image10 13 image16 1 3. FLORAL


Botanical prints have made their way all the way from a women’s closet to men’s. These prints add a sense of fun, boldness and vibrance to your outfit. Floral swim wears aren’t that behind in getting identified as one of the top trends this season. The length of the trunks is of big concern. The trick is going shorter than what you’d prefer with a plain colour. Also make sure to keep them loose-fitting. These tropical & exotic prints are great social media fodder, especially Instagram. You need to know your complexion and undertones before playing with them. Darker complexions should opt for lighter base to contrast with the outfit and make them stand out and vice-versa.


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Get ready to make a bold statement with this outfit. This is the most talked about fashion trend this season, identified under the brand name of Tommy Hilfiger. Pairing 2 vibrant contrasting colours, it gives a high-fashion and an urban-chic look. This two-tone colour block design, confirms its status as a summer steal. If you’re not a big fan of prints, and you fear that mixing them up might put you in trouble, this is what you need.

image22   5. ABSTRACT


Get drenched in style, by picking these amazing abstract-graphical prints this season. By not giving the eye a place to settle, these are much better than any classic swimwear when it comes to hiding sins. With such innovative swimwear designs, say goodbye to your generation old outfits. Also, pairing them with a bright solid top will give you a perfect summer look and notch up your style statement.

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There are a plenty of choices to choose from. There isn’t a good time for shopping, you just do it. Try these out and make some heads turn. Oh, also make sure you know how to swim; these swimsuits won’t save you from drowning.

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