Top 8 Must Have Jeans in Every Wardrobe


Jeans are clear staples for every wardrobe but there are specific types and details that should be paid heed to and kept in mind. A few jeans are totally worth the spend and go well with all outfits while a few are annoying to the eyes and makes their way to the part of the wardrobe no one considers. However, one should consider two things while purchasing a pair of jeans, first being that it should be comfortable and the second one that it should be trendy and stylish. Here, we have a list of the few jeans one should own to complete the wardrobe and own the few basics to perfect outfits.

Top 8 Must Have Jeans in Every Wardrobe


Ranking no 1 in our list of must have Jeans we have this black slim fit jeans. which is totally versatile and definitely one of the best pairs to own. They can be paired with formals and with traditional outfits and obviously be teamed with the casual clothing. It assists in, in very fashionable manner elevating the look and can be put together with every color and piece and all it will do is, make you look amazing.


The Casual Washed pair of Denims is a must have jeans in every wardrobe . Even though it would be restricted solely to casual and regular wear, you will undoubtedly always look trendy and chic. The pair, is pretty adjustable in its nature and looks great. The comfort is absolute and not looking great would be the last of your worries.


Ripped Jeans are totally trending at the moment and the trend does not seem to go anywhere anytime soon. So, undoubtedly it a must have jeans i every ones wardrobe.  They are very chic and can be paired with a varying range of pieces. It completes your Friday night, movie nights and all your college outfits that you are fretting over. According to your choice, you could go for a subtle slit or more elaborate ones.

The Straight Fit Relaxed pair of jeans is probably one of the most comfortable piece It is such a pair of jeans men need on there every day routine because of its flexible and loose fit, which makes it comfortable and a perfect daily wear .  It is really trendy and works well mostly. It is durable and totally worth the invest and can be worn with a huge series of clothing and look great with each one of them.

A pair of washed black pair of skinny jeans with a slit is a staple. The kind is really trending at the moment and looks very stylish. The pair makes you look effortlessly well dressed and is also flexible and versatile though restricted to the casual spectrum. They can teamed with so much and it looks equally great with everything.

Joggers are exceptionally known at the moment and is the piece you need to make a statement. Get the jet black one or the blue denim one, or any piece at all, according to your choices and comfort, you would not be disappointed in the least. It is a chic and trendy piece and the one for all the college outfits that you cannot decide on.

No matter how we disagree, but white jeans should be staples. They are totally high on the chic quotient and well enough gets paired with almost every piece that you will pick up. Apart from that, it can be appropriate for all venues and events and make you look just what you want to be. Be it hot or cool or simple or dope, whatever be it, the white pair of jeans with a suitable tee or shirt is the solution.It is a perfect example of a pair of jeans men need in there wardrobe .

Talking about must have jeans in every wardrobe how can we miss this one. This slim fit pair ends at the ankle but never seems to quite end with its endeavor of impressing people. It is simple and we love how he features it as a formal piece. With no uniform shade and changes in between it can be shifted from a formal piece to a casual one real quick. With just a little bit of rip, this one is one of our favourites and totally dope

That, makes us for all the best must have  jeans for this season. They are all simple pieces that add to your look an elaborate nature and looks trendy. Let us know what your staple pair is in the comments section below and which among these is your favorite.

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