Times Fawad Khan Slayed The Red Carpet Looks


This star looks impeccably hot and has come a long way since his first film. He is widely loved and appreciated and has since long been held as one of the most aesthetically pleasing men in Bollywood. With his good looks, his fashion sense is legit on point. He has been killing it at several occasions and has not given us a single opportunity to flinch at his statements and that is why we have put together the best of his Red Carpet Looks.

Grey suits are one of the best and safest options if you want to slightly drift from the regular and monotonous styles, this is the one for you. The grey paired suit with a white shirt and blue tie is one brilliant combination in itself and will look great, regardless. With brown belt and brogues of the same shade, you can complete the look.


The monochrome is paired well with a bling grey jacket. It gives a really wanted and desirable twist to the regular outfit with the teaming of black and white, which is usually what everyone opts for. It looks smart and well put together. Sport a slicked hairstyle and you are ready to go.

Solely wearing formals at such events is not a necessity and you can go for other spectrum and experiment as well. Plus, combining traditional and the trending white on white is a great idea too. The Indian look is an entire plus plus. Wear in with confidence and you will be loaded with compliments.

That, gentlemen, is how to slay the monochrome style. It is not something uncommon but donning it with such confidence and attitude is gaze worthy and looks absolutely alluring. Wear it with a nice pair of shoes and watch and whistle at what you see every time you pass the mirror.


This is probably one of the Red Carpet outfits and is far away from the regular monotony . The maroon jacket and black bottoms with a white shirt and black tie, this is a perfect conglomeration and looks great.


Blue is a very royal color and the look, in entirety looks very sophisticated and elegant. The blue defined jacket with details is just what you need to add to a regular outfit a much required change that would make you stand out.

The defined suit with stitched details is what you need to look great, all in all. It is different and definitely one of the bests to adapt. It is an unconventional concept and you will not have to worry about not looking exclusive.

That, makes up for his best Red Carpet Looks. In him, you will see a room full of experts in styling and a fashionista with an acumen that gets better each day. Let us know what your favorite look is and show if you made an attempt to decode any.

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