7 Best Hair Color Sported by Suho


Popularity of Kpop (Korean pop) is increasing rapidly in India as well as globally. This is because of the catchy music, which u cant stop humming and the colourful videos. But the main reason of the popularity of kpop is are the gorgeous boys in the music band. I’m not being biased, they indeed have talent and that’s what selling but who won’t like a sexy man dancing to catchy beats?

One of the popular bands of South Korea is EXO. They are a 10 member boy band. And  man are they all good good looking. One thing about Korean celebrities are- they are too experimental. Be it the way they dress, the varied hairstyles and hair colours or wearing makeup. These guys do it all.

So EXO is one of the most popular boy bands. The 10 member boy band is headed by SUHO. This 26 year old singer has experimented quite a lot with hair colours and hairstyles. From red to blonde he has done it all. Here are some of the hair colours which he sported in the span of 4 years:

1.  The blonde


To start of with we have platinum blonde. It’s not one of those uncommon hair colours in fact this one is gaining popularity by day. It’s a big risk for anyone with dark hair, though. We love the side parting of the hair. This hair colour defines his features and makes him look sharp.

2. Pastel shades


He is sporting a pastel shade in this look. Pastel shades are light and breezy, they are good for summer and autumn. Yeah your hair colour should go with climate. Jokes apart, this hair colour is not risky in fact it’s a shade to consider for your next hair appointment.

3. 50 shades of grey


If you think that grey make one look old, my friend you are mistaken. Look at this 26 year old looking not more than 18, that too in grey hair. He looks HANDSOME in the grey hair look. It’s as if that’s his original hair color. It looks natural.

3. All rose gold everything


Own a rose gold Iphone? Match it up with your hair. Now you know why i mention that they are very experimental when it comes fashion. The best part about him is that, he is quite comfortable in all his hair colours. It doesn’t seem like he has chosen a different colour or it unusual. It’s as it comes naturally to him.

5. The highlights


BLONDE was not enough, pink highlights with blonde hair is what he went for next. Does this man wants to kill us  just by looking at our computer screens? If you are the experimental type go for this combination, only if it suits your skin type. This look is classy. Though a little bit of change of colours would have gone totally wrong for him but these shades are perfection.

6. Frowny browny


Though the name is quite literal for this picture. This look is a 10/10. This is a colour which suits all skin types. It’s not quirky or indifferent. It’s easy. This look suits him quite a lot. He looks dapper in it like in any other of his looks.

7. Is it really red?


Red is no one’s favourite hair colour. We have seen bollywood celebrities opting for it and failing miserably. Does the korean stars really fail at anything? Be it any kind of fashion – trendy, bizarre. They can pull it all off that too like a pro.

SUHO like any other popular kpop star is very experimental with his hairstyles and the choice of colours. He has varied taste for pink,blonde and browns.

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