10 Best Swimming Trunks for the Sporty Men



Confused on what to wear for the beach party this weekend, or on your planned Goa trip with your friends that’s finally happening?

Well your search ends here. We bring you the latest trends in Men’s Swimming Trunks that are hot this summer.

We understand that it’s going to be hot out there, and you have got beach volleys to be played and ladies to impress. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 swimming trunks that not only are comfortable to wear but are also great to look at.

It’s quite common for Indian men to know about their fashion style when it comes to wearing a shirt, a pullover or a cardigan. But when it comes to choosing a pair of good beach shorts, it’s always rocket science. Well we are here to tell you that it’s not. On the contrary, choosing a swimming trunk is crucial to your self-portrayal in many more ways than you thought.

  • Stop buying the shorts that are the cheapest. No! That’s the worst way to go about buying things. Buy one that suits your body type and the intensity of activities you are going to have, for example am I going to a beach-ball game or just for swimming?
  • Choosing a swimwear is similar to choosing under-garments. Choose the most comfortable fabric that fits you.
  • Choose Polyester or Nylon, as it does not soak up much water and dries up quickly.
  • Use materials with a tighter lining on the inside. Not only does it improve your fitting, it also prevents your body from being over-hydrated.
  • If you are above six feet, wear Trunks that come till just above your knees. This would get you the desired body-proportion.
  • If you are a relatively short guy, wear a Trunk that is up to the middle of your thigh. This would make your legs seem long, and in proportion to your torso.

So, experts believe that the type of dress you wear defines your personality type. You decide your personality, and then choose upon the perfect Trunk for your Beach-Party.

Have Fun in choosing your personality and let us do the hard job of deciding the Swimming Trunk that you should wear!

So, go on and skim through our list of these major personality types and the dresses that suit them to the T and bring out their inner colours for the world to see.

Follow our tips to get yourself a trunk that brings out the secret personality inside you. Cause you know when comes down to making an impression, everything counts!

  • The Extrovert – You can easily charm people with your wisecracks, and don’t hold back your opinions on matters that concern you. You are talkative, out-going and are made for the spot light. Your fashion statements and choices are bold and you aren’t afraid of experimenting. You are the reason fashion industry is not stuck behind in trenches of monolithic colours. So, basically just stick with it!

PRO TIP: – Go for Floral Patterns and light colours to complement your care-free attitude.

  • Jack Spade’s Mens Poppy Flower Swim Trunk


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  • Sauvage Men’s European Floral Leguna Swim Short


  • The Introvert – You are the quintessential rational guy, but once you feel comfortable in someone’s company, you cut lose all the metaphorical ropes of insecurity. Your fashion choices are mainly light shades with designs your body is comfortable in.

PRO TIP: – Use monolithic shades and fabrics that you feel comfortable within.

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  • Retromarine Men’s Solid Volley Swim Trunk




  • The Explorer- You are not afraid to take tough decisions and avoid taking the common road. You are an artistic pioneer and push boundaries with your personality as well as your fashion choices.

PRO-TIP: – Use designs and patterns that amplify your adventurous attitude and set your mood in the right sync like the ones below.

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  • TRUNK’S Men’s San O 6.5 inch embrioderied Swim Trunk


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  • Tom and Teddy’s Men’s Turtle Print Swim Trunk


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  • The Rebel – You knowingly digress from the normal path in search of a different destiny. Your fashion choices as well as life’s choices are strikingly different and you tend towards having a more contrasting outlook over life and people.

PRO TIP: – Use patterns that have something unique and quirky within them. If possible wear shirts with quotes by famous personalities.

  • Maui and Son’s Men’s Reckless Volley Swim Trunk


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  • The Artist – Often misunderstood for The Introvert. You are silently driven, original and sensitive. You feel for the people around you, and tend to stick around them for a long time. You have an aesthetic appreciation for beauty and a well-defined sense of fashion. You are creative and original and enjoy the present moment.

Pro tip: – Go for classy patterns like checks and shades that suit your taste, as for you, making yourself happy is all that there is.

  • Kanu Surf Men’s Regatta Sailboat Volley Swim Trunk


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  • Kanu Surf Men’s Toy Strap Swim Trunks


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  • The Thinker – Logical and original, you have a rational explanation of everything around you, including many of your new theories that you seem to propound as easily as you are reading this line. A born leader, you have no interest in standing in line or following others.

PRO-TIP: – Wear a wide variety of colours that enhance your creativity and your uniqueness, like those below.

  • Volcom’s Men’s Costa Solid 21” Broadshort


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  • Sauvage Men’s European Floral Laguna Swim Short

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  • The Executive – You are driven from within. You form the de-facto leader of the pack. Assertive, informative and decision-making skills form the core of your personality.

PRO –TIP: – As the leader of the pack, you must go for black, shades of grey, or white colours with simple patterns that also look stylish, like the ones below.

  • Volcom Men’s Costa Solid 21” Broad Short


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  • Oakley Men’s Road Block 20” Broad Shor


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