8 Best Airport looks of Suho


Popularity of Kpop is increasing rapidly in India as well as globally. This is because of the catchy music, which u cant stop humming and the colourful videos. But the main reason of the popularity of kpop is are the gorgeous boys in the music band. I’m not being biased, they indeed have talent and that’s what selling but who won’t like a sexy man dancing to catchy beats?

These stars are not more than 30. They have unique sense of dressing. In fact we can call them trend setters. They experiment a lot with their clothes, hair and makeup(yes men use makeup and they are not ashamed of it).

One of these kpop group is the EXO. They are a 10 member boy band headed by SUHO. They are all handsome men looking dapper in anything and everything they wear. Like airport fashion is a thing here so is it everywhere around the world.

Here are 8 best airport looks of SUHO:



Im mesmerised with him. He looks amazing this look. Black hat, black shades, black t shirt, black jeans black watch, black bag. BLACK. Everyone i know is a fan of black,it’s  like everyone’s go to colour. One just can’t get over this look.

The school boy


School boys have never looked better. Who can say this man is 26 years old? The tucked in shirt that too with with shorts and the sneakers  looks good but the turned cap just completes the look. The bag is the cutest thing you will see on the net today.

The mickey mouse


Mickey mouse shirt. Oh my god. This shirt is a must have in every guy’s wardrobe. This shirt is ultimate. The pairing of the sweater is just with it fits perfectly with this. It’s as if he walking on runway rather than travelling.

 Checked in in checks

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We should call it – the no shit given look. His attitude, the way this picture is taken, he looks every bit the celebrity he is. This shirt is just amazing, we love the combination of floral prints with checked shirts. One can get inspiration to revamp the mundane shirts. Ripped jeans with formal shoes just compliments his attitude.

All black

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From top to bottom he is in black. In fact black seems to be his favourite colour as we have seen black in all his looks. He might have repeated his jeans in here, but well who’s a better friend on a trip than a well fitted jeans.

 Doctor shirt look


A t shirt with quotes printed on it layered with black shirt is and black jeans. A look appropriate for a house party or date, we love his travel bag and how handy and spacious it is. His airport game is strong. If you would have noticed none of his hairstyle is the same in any of the looks.

Zip it up


His t shirt should be the next thing you buy for yourself. It’s chic. We loved his dressing sense. He has looked no less than a model in all his looks yet wore clothes which are so comfortable for travelling.

 The long Jacket


If this man goes to airport like this, how well does he dress up for a date? Someone just stop him already, people are dying. The long jacket paired with light blue shirt and pants. He looks surreal.

Kpop men are ruling the world both talent and fashion wise. They are the people everyone is looking up to as they are experimental and they take risks. Airport fashion looks no less than runway shows and these singer no less than models.

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