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The pride which a beard carries can be explained by none other than the man who has grown his beard. Growing a beard nicely is in itself is an art. You need to very creative in order to maintain a nice long or an even toned-up beard, whichever suits your taste. It is all about you. It expresses you and also establishes you. One needs to be very careful with his beard, a slight mistake is actually capable of turning the smooth sail into a disaster. Here in this article we present you 10 Best Beard styles for long face, Select the one which you love the most

Everyone who loves the beard, lives with beards, eat with beards and also, breathe with beards. Let us take this wordly phase a few centuries back. In the times when the beard started becoming popular.  Throughout the history, attitudes towards the beards have been varied, and the styles that developed in each culture all have reasons for existing. From the long beards made colorful from hair dye to show that you were rich in the ancient Egypt to the cleanly shaven soldiers returning from World War I after they needed shaven faces to survive gas attacks. So, the history of beards is something very great and worth reading. You can spend a quality time when you love your beard.

If we talk about the 21st century, the beard yet has a significant mark on history just yet to all those researching them in the 22nd century. However, we can notice the change very well that now the beards are coming into fashion once again. It started gaining more and more popularity and favoritism since 2010. From 2010 and till now, the beard has been on the top lists of the latest fashion trends. Beards started becoming more popular than the clothing. The beard of a person mattered more than what he is actually wearing. Thus, 21st century is can also be regarded as the century which actually encouraged people to grow the beard.

The history of the beard is very interesting and has made a unique benchmark in the field of fashion. The interest of growing beards still continues even till today. If you also want to be a part of this golden era of beards and want your name to be inscribed in that golden letter of this Beard Era, then make your mark on the history by ditching that razor and growing out a stunning beard today.

Growing out beard is no doubt a fashion but along with a style statement, it also comes along with a lot of benefits. Let us know the benefits of growing a beard as well so that you can feel more proud of your beard if you already have it and the ones who do not have, can without any hesitation go ahead for growing their beard.

“You can call it facial hair. I call it awesomeness.”

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Beard is successful in blocking the UV Rays from the sun, as the summer season is going on, so we must remember to take care of our skin and protect it against the UV Rays. You are lucky enough to get that beard which will take away all your problems. Your skin will no longer be burnt and ultimately it will lead to the reduction in the risk of having skin cancer.


Shaving on regular basis is the root cause for dry skin as well as acne outbreaks. Shaving your facial hair can cause you irritation. The exposure of your clean shaved dry skin makes the skin irritated and exposure to sunlight, sweat, dust completely blocks your skin pores. This becomes a perfect concoction for outbreaks and dark spots. However, your beard can protect your face against all these acne outbreaks and keeps your skin spot free and it keeps on glowing as the pores never get blocked.


Your beard can give you a germ-free day throughout. It actually acts as a filter, keeping the dirt and grease off your skin. By having a beard and moustache as per your face shape can actually help you in protecting yourself from getting the illness as hay fever, allergies and germs.


The appearance after keeping your beard gets revamped completely. This is very obvious that we all love change and accepting the fact that we do get bored without monotonous routines. So, think about what a beard can do to your looks, your mind will also see something fresh. You will become new altogether.


Because it has been observed that men actually feel that manliness in their facial hair, so growing a beard will automatically turn you into a confident person, and thus you will become more successful with your work, you will feel proud of your work, the way you carry yourself, etc. In total, growing a beard can actually turn you into a completely different personality.

Moving on to the best ten styles for the men who have a long face. Knowing your problems which you must have faced while deciding about which style to choose for your beard, you must have gone mad. To help you at your point of satiety, presenting to you the following beard styles. Go ahead!

10 Best Beard Styles for Long Face

Here is our list of the Top 10 Best Beard Styles for Long Face . However, If you have any recommendation, feel free to share in the comment section and we will be more than happy to add that in the list


image2 26

The name is the exact for this style of beard. The man with this style is set to make that royal image of himself in the eyes of people. And, your friends are definitely going to hate you for this. Make it nicely and it will do wonders for you man. This style of beard style is quite slender and a bit long. Your long face with this will look a bit short and will also give it a wider illusion. It is not hard to maintain, just trim it down with the clippers after every few days, depending on your growth of beard.


image1 27

The length of your beard is not really necessary until and unless you are happy with the shape of your face. When you love the love edges of your face, things will automatically work out in your favour. Even in the early stages of growing your beard, you can easily obtain this style of beard.


image5 25

Ranking no 3 in our list of best beard styles for long face we have this Hollywood inspired beard style.This style is made keeping in mind the shape of your face. As the name suggests, this style is highly inspired by the Hollywood culture. In this style, one needs to concentrate on accentuating areas that will create a more structured look. You can add more to it by styling it around your mouth with a razor after a quick trip to the barbers for the professional touch to your styling.


image3 2

It is very easy and also, convenient to achieve the ducktail beard look. It will help you face look slimmer and your beard will get a nice bold edge. Also, this style has a very own mature vibes to it. It is surely going to load your character with the sense of intelligence and decency. Ducktail beard is classy yet casual style for elegant men who love to keep even their casual style on point. This style is much more hassle-free as compared to the other beard styles which comprises of thick and long beard.


image4 25

The men who have a slightly flat chin, then this look is just made for you. An addition of this hairstyle will do wonders with your long and elongated face shape. Grow a fuller beard and trim it nicely. Let your facial bones give the shape to your beard. Let them rule the way of your beard growth. It is extremely simple to maintain and it works the best in this corporate world. Thus it make its way to our list of best beard styles for long face.


image7 23

If you spot a thick beard and on top of it, if that belongs to you, then you know how much attention and care it costs you. No doubt it has its own beauty, the hard work pays of really very well. It is better than all the other styles if you are ready to stay calm and patient for a nice long time. Yes, to get this look you really need to wait and give your valuable time to your lovely beard. But once you will achieve it, it will be a completely different experience for yourself.


image11 5

The old beard always resists more power than the beard of any age. It has its own specialities. It comes along with so much of courage, effort and dedication. As it is said, ‘Old is Gold’, this style of beard is the real example for this quote. You will always get the temptation of trimming off your beard but this is the time when you actually need to fight, not against any other person, but against your own temptations, your own emotions. The more you will be able to hold and control, the more benefit you will get in this grey goldage.


image8 23

The illusion you want to create is of a face which is more masculine and structured. So, go for a minimized overall beard. This almost covers your face on both the sides and on the chin as well. This can be nicely clubbed with a Painter’s Brush Moustache. It makes it even more new and trendy.


image9 21

If you have the courage, try this out. This is an epitome of boldness of facial hair. This checks all your capabilities. A long beard comes with a lot of facial hair, and more hair means more maintenance. In this type, your lower face might also become a bit itchy, but just wait that out. You can apply your favourite moisturiser and you are done. Flaunt you dedicated efforts through your beard.


image6 24

This is something which you can do all the things at your own. You will definitely require a professional. The every inch of your facial hair is in the complete control of your barber. If you love to stay with technology, why not go for it with your beard as well. Try this digital look and give yourself a fully smart appearance.

Do not think much guys, it is the time of beards,choose a style from our list of best beard styles for long face and make your mark!

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