Stylish Gym Wears to try out this Season


Deciding on outfits for anywhere at all is quite a laborious task and if you have specifications like you want to look cool, follow the trends but not show you spend time to get ready or on deciding the outfits, the head scratching part increases. To bring slight ease to you, we have a list with the best of trends you can look up to and sport them when you hit the gym and look absolutely flawless.


This pair of well knitted, slim fit jogger pants can go well in gym, and outside. The material is mostly cotton, making it absolutely fine to be worn while working out and sweating. It is absolutely comfortable and trendy. It can be paired with any t-shirt or vest and you will look just fine. It fits in the vest and you will be showered with compliments. Plus, it is a perfect wardrobe icon because it can be worn anywhere at all and with anything, it would just add up to look brilliant.




This jacket is absolutely trendy and cool to wear at gym or while you are out jogging. The mock collared, charcoal grey and black jacket is just what you will need to watch all eyes turn to you in awe. It is pretty stretchable, so you do not have to fear it ripping off. It is not entirely cotton and has polyester, so all the sweat does not get soaked rapidly. Also, to be on the safest side, choose a size bigger than you usually wear.




This pair of shorts that is designed to get a perfect silhouette, has your comfort ranking its’ priority. It is the best alternative for other bottoms or joggers that are mostly worn and even though, it is very simple, it is pretty tempting and ensures a smart look, if paired with a nice tee. It also does not draw too much attention towards you or give an impression that you spend more time dressing for the gym than in the gym and does not cost much.




This Tricot Slim Fit Suit with Panels from Puma is a must have if you hit the gym on a regular basis. It is absolutely stretchable so you will have no fears of ripping it off during your workout sessions, plus, it gives a very nice look. For people who have just started going to the gym and do not have much to flaunt, this is the pick.




This printed fashion vest from Jockey, is absolutely easy to workout in and is very desirable to look at. It is made of cotton, so it is the best choice for summers. It will soak of much of your sweat, plus will not give you a very sticky feeling throughout the session. It barely costs anything at all and makes you look cool enough.




Working out with running shoes on is more of a tradition now and to keep up with it, you can bring this pair of shoes from Puma that will match whatever outfit you chose and stay intact for pretty long. It will compliment whatever outfit you chose to hit the gym in and will never pose as an obstruction to your peaceful sessions. Moreover, it looks very trendy and you don’t even have to go through the pain of planning your outfit, just put on anything with it, it works fine.


It may demand extra effort but you should always carry a bag with an extra pair of clothes and face wash and deodorant is a must. Adding to that, a jacket is a must because you will take time to adjust your body to the outside temperature and another benefit of it is that you do not look stupid on your way back. Hope you now know how to look good at the gym.

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