10 Long Hairstyles for Men Inspired from Celebrities

By Arvind Rish


10 Long Hairstyles Inspired from Celebrities

There is something strangely striking about a man having lengthy hair that resonates with the opposite sex. There is something very alluring and masculine hidden within those manly curls, which makes us want to grow our tresses long. So, this time we are counting down 10 celebrities who set high goals for growing out our hair.

10. Brad Pitt

The heart-throb of millions, gives us serious goals on how to sport a long hairstyle. From possessing many diverse styles throughout his long and illustrious career, our best pick would be the one with complementing it with a goatee, his man bun has often been the blueprint of this luxuriant mane that makes even guys go gaga. So, if you are aiming for a man bun, make sure that you set your priorities straight.

9. Jared Leto

Who is a better inspiration for us than our friendly neighborhood Joker! This Hollywood star, often called the Jesus or the Ronnie Van Zant, this killer appearance is the orthodox example of how to sport an extensive lock. Macho, chic and well-nourished, this style looks even dapper when paired with a compact beard. Experiment with the facial hair to make your own version of this dashing look, and you might even look cool like Jared Leto!

image7 7

8. Joe Manganlello

This Hollywood star possess a thickly grown mane helps us set the right priorities for sporting a mane that could make even women jealous! This is especially a great look if you have a great body and are going for a subtle stubble, more or less, like Manganlello. A shoulder length hair, usually of wavy texture is impeccable for this type of panache.

image9 77. Cristian Bale

Sure, Batman does show us how it’s done, when it comes to long tresses. The Dark Knight star has efficaciously stolen the hearts of millions, by his looks and especially by the styling choices for his mane. Complimented by an enigmatic smile and an intriguing image in the media, this is the look you should go for if you need a mysterious but charming personality associated with yourself.

6. Johnny Depp

Okay, this Pirates of the Caribbean star, was sporting the man bob long before this became the talk of the town. These layered tresses are those that started the trend of long locks even before this became a style icon. From a personality that radiates charisma, cool and macho, this style is the best for people associated with any form of creativity.

5. Tom Cruise

This Mission Impossible star made long locks for men an international phenomenon when he rides those fast bikes with his locks swaying merrily in the wind. Well, a tough choice to emulate!

image4 9

4. Ashton Kutcher

We totally love it when he plays the nerdy roles with center parted hair and those glasses. Okay, look here, call yourself a geek only if you end up looking like him.

3. Kit Harrington

We know how alienated guys with curly hair feel when the topic of long hairstyles rise. But, look no further for any inspiration, from our own Jon Snow a.k.a Kit Harrington. All you’ve got to do is to have a little patience and let them grow out till they reach shoulders, the only problem is that this time period would last significantly longer than guys with straight hair. Once, you have grown it, just style them the way Harrington does, any you could be sporting a long lock too!

image5 8

2. Keanu Reeves

Go no far for inspiration that Keanu! His hybrid version of the classical Bill and Ted Bob, not only looks good on him but also suits his personality. So, if you have an oval shaped face, and love to grow your hair out, this is the style for you! Add with it a sprinkle of a subtle stubble and you have the perfect Keanu look!

image6 7

1 Chris Hemsworth

He does give us serious goals when it comes to sporting a man bun. Blessed with god-like looks and awesome sense of fashion, this actor is the guy you should look up to if a man bun is on your list. With sporting a nourished, and rolled back hair, and a killer smile, he makes it to number one on our list.



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