10 Best Hair Hacks For Indian Men

By Arvind Rish


Best Hair Hacks for Men

Getting a hair style that suits you is the equivalent to a cherry on a cake. A good hair style can not only accentuate your looks but they can also make a significant difference in how people react to you. May it be getting the attention of that one girl, boosting your self-confidence, or simply an overall makeover, hair style is the most important factor in all of these. So this season, we are going to list out 10 hair hacks for men, to bring out the best guy in you!

10.  Blow Dry upside down

Ranking no 10 in our list of best hair hacks we suggest blow dry upside down.While Blow drying your hair, all of us do it from the hair roots on the forehead to the tips of the hair. So, practically we blow it backwards. What you do wrong here is that you are working against the forces of gravity. This also tends to make your hair loose volume. So, the correct procedure would be blow drying your hair, from the hair tips to the forehead, this would not only make your wet hair dry faster, but also would go a long way in increasing its volume.

9. Blow dry with cold air

Another  Hair Hacks for Men that you might miss on, is that to use cold air while drying your hair. This not only dries it quickly (for obvious reasons), but also helps it retain its shape, and in this case, your particular style.

8. Choose the correct Brush

One of the best hair hack for men would be choosing the correct brush.  A little experience on choosing the correct brush for your intended hair style would go a long way in cementing your personality on the minds of other. The normal brush with wide, uniformly placed teeth can be used to set your hair once dried but it can’t be used to style it. Use Round Metal brushes to bring about a nice texture to your front hair. Also, in addition use paddle brushes for day to day normal use. Also, you could use Vent brushes if your major problem is untangling your impossibly curly hair.

7. Shampoos

Ranking no 7 in our list of best hair hacks for men we recommend you to choose the perfect shampoo. Nothing can undermine the importance of using a shampoo that suits your hair. If you have the habit of shampooing daily, use products which have natural ingredients in them. I know, you have heard things to the death, but regularly using market shampoos affect the health of your hair. As they contain sulphates, paraben and are not made by a company dedicated to making hair-care products, they often lack in the most basic elements of hair-nourishment and therefore it would not be a good idea to use them daily.

6. Egg wash

This advice is old enough that every one of us has at least heard of it, somewhere or the other. But what might fascinate you, is that this age old adage is actually true. Washing your hair with egg once a week, not only moisturises your hair, but also gives the much needed protein to it.

5. Drying your hair

Most of us, in our everlasting hurry, try to rub our towel as harder as we can on our hair. Not only does this damage the hair, but also breaks its follicles. A subtle approach is preferred where you must gently wipe your moist hair with a dry towel.

4. Use warm water while bathing

Usage of warm (preferably lukewarm) water is preferred for washing your hair as compared to cold water. The reason being that the blood cells inside your scalp become constricted in cold water and are not able to transfer the nutrients into the hair roots and remove waste materials from it.one of the most simple but very important hair hacks for men.

5. An emergency Routine

What happens when you have perfectly styled your hair, and are wearing a helmet over it? What happens when you are supposed to be in a meeting but your hair is looking like a complete mess?How can you possibly re-apply all your ingredients to style back your hair into its majesty? For this crisis situation, you use a comb. Always keep an emergency comb in your pant back-pocket, to straighten up your messy hair and infuse some life back into it.

4. Take it Light

Most of the hair fall and hair thinning complaints arise due to people constantly taking stress. Avoid stress as it takes away nutrients from your scalp. Although, strictly speaking, this is not a hair style hack, but this goes a long way, in maintaining a good hair and a good life as well.

3. A Pre-styling product

When it comes to styling your hair, almost everyone can give you advices on what product to use and what not to. But when it comes to the crucial aspect of applying a “pre-styler”, this whole idea goes unnoticed by many Hair-Pundits. So, our advice to you would be to use pre-styling creams before applying any kind of product on your hair. Not only it acts as an insulation, but it also increases the longevity of your hair style.

2. Oil them!

One of the most important hair hacks for men is  oil your hair.Okay, I’m not being your mother now, but oiling your hair every night, or even alternative nights, improves the texture and nourishment. Although this point has been spoken about till death, we, here thought that we couldn’t undermine its immense importance (about which all of you are obviously aware about).

1 Talk to your Barber

Okay, so this is the most valuable hair hack for men that is unknown to most of us. Now, before you go to a salon for a cut, research a bit about what kind of hair-style you want, and what kind of Hair-style would actually suit your hair. Now, talk about this to your barber, and ask him suggestions and advices about your hair conditions and the appropriate style it deserves. Do, all of this, but TALK! Talk with him for at least ten minutes before going under the knife>

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