Top 8 Best Hair Care Products for Men in India


When a kid, hair care must have barely meant anything other than a bottle of shampoo and if you want to get a little fancy, you would add conditioner as well. But as you grow up, you must have realized hair care requires much more efforts and products and maintaining the goodness of that mane, all in all, is not half as easy. Not one product can compound all of it into one and bring it to you in a silver spoon that you can tuck into your mouth. You have to go through a lot of those, for the different benefits they hold and according to your hair type, level them in accordance with your needs, but also, find the appropriate product that would give preferable results and also not drain all the money out of your wallet. It is difficult to incorporate it all in one, but we are trying to do that, for you.So here we present 8 best hair care products for men in India.

Best Hair Care Products for Men

Here are our list of ‘best hair care product for men’. While the list have a ranking order from 1 to 10, we have reviewed a number of hair styling gel to come up with this list


Ranking no 1 in our list of best hair care products for men we have Kiehls creative cream. A texture friendly and easy to apply wax, as it is, it provides a very strong hold and does not in the least give it a hard look. A tiny amount of this product goes well with both, damp and dry hair and does not only provide the grip but also has extracts that will nourish your hair. The best part about it is that it provides a very natural appearance because it has no build up. So, it does add texture but the shine is mostly like the way it was, so it is really easy to wash and you will never be stressed about someone saying that you have caked yourself up.



You can get this baby home, irrespective of your hair type and as the name suggests, gives an extremely strong hold preventing all the messing up. If at all, you have used pump sprays earlier, you will know that it does not always give a very balanced and smooth outlook and sometimes even leads to clogging. But this hairspray would not leave all these worries unattended and not dismantle your hairstyle by adding the uneven texture, instead make it highly smooth instead. Since it works fine by all hair types, you know, it holds by through thick and thin and is light weight. Apart from that, it does not harden your hair or display a very greasy and sticky look. If that is not enough reasons to fetch it, I am not sure what would, undoubtedly we rank it no 2 in our list of best hair care products for men 



With varying ingredients for different purposes it is one of the best  hair care products for men and being biased towards it is totally justified. It has Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate, difficult to comprehend but works just fine and adds volume and polyacrylate that provides hold and quaternium that conditions and nourishes your hair. With a strong perfume like scent, this creamy white foam is technically a miracle in itself that does not stiffen your hair, lasts for n entire day and works like a miracle on limp hair.



This light weight wax keeps your hair in place, all day long even if you are in and around places with hot and humid conditions. It follows the matte finish code perfectly with being light weight and giving an all natural look. It also adds a little texture to your hair and the difference is absolutely visible. With a little seductive scent to it, it is also very firm in its hold and does not mess up the look in the least but is also flexible. You should not be expecting flakes at all because they do not leave behind residues.



Ranking no 3 in our list of best hair care products for men is keratese homme force. This is probably the best non-sticky, styling formula that leaves behind no unwanted white flakes or any residues at all and vitalizes your hair and scalp, efficiently.  It is just not the sculpting, fixing gel which manipulates the pesky strands that keep falling out, to a desirable hairstyle, but also thickens your hair. It caters one of the rarest qualities by providing a very high and firm hold and retaining the natural look at the same time. It is the best you can have for regular use because it is absolutely light weight and feeds your hair with the necessary amount of nutrition to increase its strength and also works at eventually doing away with dandruff.



One of my personal favorite in our list of best hair care products for men we have john freida brunette The little tube is sheer brilliance and worth investing on. It locks in split ends and adds a natural shine to your hair making your tresses look nice and healthy. The super light formula adds softness and smoothness to the untamed hair instantly and also provides it with the much needed nourishment. With such results, this serum totally deserves a place in your hair care regimen.

“Take a pick and make your hair fall in love with you, as you fall in love with your hair.”



An organic serum, as it is, has no harmful contents at all, be it paraben or SLS or artificial colors or propylene glycol. It softens hair and removes frizz for an entire day, without the need to reapply. Long term use of this serum would not harm you in the least because it is composed of all natural ingredients and dab a little amount and you will be done for the day. It does not in the least make your hair oily or appear greasy and is perfect for regular use.



Last but not the least in our list of best hair care products for men we have loreal studio line gel.  It totally steals the show by never making your hair look hard or rough, like other products do and instead sticks to giving a very fresh and light kind of style. It is slightly different from the other products because of its feature of melting into your and then working to make it look completely natural and offers a firm grip but at the same time also gives you the advantage that you can restyle and reshape your hair as per your needs. The way it adds a little bounce to your hair without adding even a tiniest hint of frizz is sheer brilliance and it adds just the required amount of shine, not less not more, just perfect.


Give your hair the care it really needs and watch it grow and shine. Hope this helps.

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