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Fawad Khan the name says it all. He is the epitome of elegance, class and royalty. What on earth is better than him? Nothing. He is the dream man of every girl, the inspiration of every man and the love of everyone’s life. He is the conqueror of heart he is what he is Fawad Khan.

He is one man who looks good in anything and everything even when he wearing only his chest hair. Though what suits him best or what he wears the most are Suits. Here are his 10 best suits :

Number 1

fawad khan 001

This is one of his most recent looks. He wore this to the lux award function. Wearing maroon is risky but well it’s fawad we are talking about here.

White shirt- check

Black pant- check

Black tie- check

Leather shoes- check

Smile to kill for- check

It will be in rare cases when a suit will go wrong for Fawad. What we love here is his sleek on point hair.

Number 2

6c4e227770ad15d8146535aa7cc7cc38 men street mens fashion

This all all blue look of fawad is sure gonna take all your monday blues away. This is a different kinda suit with a half zipped jacket over white shirt and blue tie. This is rare combination but is sure gonna look good on you if you wear it for a friends wedding or reception. It’s not the same monotonous suit which everyone’s gonna wear and sure will make you stand out. What’s worth mentioning is the moustache which looks oh so good on him.

Number 3


The classic grey suit black shirt look. Though it is very common what makes it stand out are the leather loafers paired with them. A well fitted grey suit is a must have for all men out there. Also we like the purple satin napkin in his suit pocket it ads a different bling to the otherwise  plain suit.

Number 4

Fawad 11 1024x1024

We have seen a lot of bollywood actors and even television actors wearing all stripped suits and fail miserably doing that. But that’s not happening for this man. The beard and pink handkerchief  makes him look more drool worthy. Ne tip to take from him will be pairing your suits with sneakers just like he did. The white sneakers looks amazing on him. This look is perfect for a party at the office or an dinner.

Number 5


No one would have ever thought of a light blue colour suit but man does he look good in it.

Pairing a striped suit with striped tie won’t be easy, do it as he does it. This look is apt for a meeting, official dinners or a wedding reception. What stands out is how good the tanned belt and tanned leather shoes are going with light blue.

Number 6


Black suit and fawad khan. Oh my god. He looks every inch dapper in this three piece suit. Though his suit is plain we like his striped glossy waistcoat. Nothing can go wrong with a black suit unless it is not fitted well. What could have looked better is his hair, nothings wrong with it but it looks better set is a more sleek manner.

Number 7

img 1786

Men in pink are every girl’s dream and what’s better than that is Fawad Khan in pink.

Heaven on earth. Most men won’t go for a color like pink but take it from the girls guys pink is all they want. He has used grey tie and light neon blue hanky which won’t be the first colour combination in your mind but it indeed works well. The embeded watch completes the look.

Number 8

IMG 5089

This look is casual yet formal. He here has layered his suit with with white t shirt and brown jacket and black pants. You can wear this on a date or an unofficial office lunch or dinner. This look stands out as  it stands out and it’s different.

Number 9

when fawad khan got it right in a suit 500 4 1476784533

Navy blue suit, brown tie and leather shoes are pretty common what’s different is the scarf teamed up with the suit. It’s chic. To look different and add a different look to your otherwise normal blue suit wear a scarf. Also go clean shave like him.

Number 10

fawad khan 1920x1080

This is one of his best look till date. Messed up hair the crooked smile and such a well fitted blue suit. It’s just amazing. The white striped black bow tie just compliments the look. Handsome will be an underrated statement for what he looks in this. Men are you taking notes? If not then please do.

Fawad Khan is the king of hearts. He has a charming sense of dressing, which defines class and royalty. For men out there who have love for suits and want to experiment with your style take inspiration from him.

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