10 Best Strong hold mustache wax available in India


The fiercest looking men can look babyish if they lose their manly moustache. We invest a lot of time into our lovely fluffy moustache so we can show it off with some ‘swag’ oh yes! Everyone takes pride in caressing their moustache and I bet you would get a lot of compliments too.So, below in the list we have 10 strong hold mustache wax available in India

The real question is are you really taking good care of it? Or are you neglecting it? You would surely say that you of take well care of it, but do you use a Moustache Wax? Heard this for the first time eh? Trust me I did not just make that up, yes in this world full of creams, lotions, jelly, moisturizer, conditioner and so on mostly for the female counterpart, we too have a few things for us too. It is just a bit obscure, that is why you might not know much about it. The name is indeed self-explanatory but let me give a brief introduction.

Growing a beard can be both a delightful and a dreadful experience. It is enchanting to see slight growth of hair rising out of those follicles but can get ghastly when you see that they are coming out unevenly and you have a hairy mess at one end and barren land at the other. It is quite a struggle to get a perfect moustache. Even after you have got a pleasant looking moustache grown the battle is not won. As after that comes the time to tame and maintain them. Here comes Moustache Wax to the rescue, there are two basic reasons you should use it –

  1. First – The convenience it provides with. By using a wax you stop your moustache from popping into your mouth while you speak and also when you do some, let’s just call it mingling. Wax is designed to tame your moustache so it does not move around a lot when you smile, chew, yawn and speak.    So that’s the practical bit.
  2. Second – Wax gives an attractive and marginally glossy look which is very desirable for the on lookers. It keeps your moustache firm in the way you wish to retain it in

You do need to know that a beard wax and moustache wax are quite similar yet different. So try to use each other as an alternative but doing so wouldn’t create a mess. Moustache Wax is made to help your moustache breathe whereas the Beard Wax is meant to act like a conditioner for your beard. They do seem eerily similar but at times can be quite different. Now a days moustache wax and beard wax is sold as a single entity so would not be surprising to confuse them, but I would suggest look for individual wax. {Skeptical about this comparison as most waxes are sold as moustache and beard wax in one but in real they should be different. Above I do sound contradicting so please refine this paragraph}

Now that you know what a Moustache Wax is let’s see some of the best moustache wax brand out there.

Here’s 10 Strong hold mustache wax available In India

Ustraa by Happily Unmarried “Mooch Wax” – Yeah let’s support make in India with this one. This is quite evident that this is a ‘desi’ startup now an established brand for over 14 years. The company Happily Unmarried is known quite well now for its wide range of merchandises. Ustraa is its subsidiary which brings out fabulous products for men’s grooming. Their motto is my favorite and is surely to entice you – “Not tested on Animal, Only on Rascals”; you can find loads of puns on their products too. So keep your eyes open for that. Enough of the company now about the product the highlight of this product for me is undeniably the use of all natural ingredients and the fact that it adds a fragrance to your moustache while refining your moustache. You can buy this at the e-commerce sites like amazon – BUY NOW   or the brands own website at OFFICIAL WEBSITE  The brand’s website does offer some nifty combo deals do give them a look.image5 1Brahma Bull Moustache & Beard Wax – I bet it’s got one of the fanciest names on the list and it will surely keep your moustache fancy too. It is a combo of Moustache and Beard wax so would be very convenient to buy this. Now why should you get this, it is because it contains a mixture of Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, English Camelina, and some secrete vital mandarin oils. Don’t know about you but mandarin oil does make it sound quite interesting. This will surely keep your moustache in shape and nourish is too with those vital oils. You can buy them for under Rs 600 at amazon –BUY NOW image4 1

Hti Moustache & Beard Styling Wax – hti do call themselves expert and with this wax you can definitely give them that. hti wax will surely let you command your moustache. This wax is particularly made of herbal extracts making it pretty natural and is paraben free. What is paraben? Paraben is a chemical preservative used in grooming products. It is quite harmful and can cause skin irritation, cancer and is quite reactive with UVB rays which will unquestionably make you visit your dermatologist. So yay no paraben. I found them selling for around Rs 200 on the official website and the e-commerce websites too so you can buy them from wherever you wish. The official website is – BUY NOW image9 1Gangs of Beard Moustache Wax –   Most manliest name on this list for sure I find some resemblance to a movie here ha-ha! Not only the name but the beautiful empowering fragrance is one you will lust for. That is greatly due to the use of natural elements. Natural and ayurvedic is what the company calls it and rightly so with no traces of sulphates or paraben and inclusion of all natural oils does make it ayurvedic indeed. They do sell for an economical price of Rs 300 on e-commerce sites. I suggest you to visit their official website as you would adore it a lot because it is very graphical. – BUY NOW image2 1Beardo Beard and Moustache Wax – Beardo has been known for its ultra-premium grooming products and they do make exceptional and admirable products. This particular wax has to be the best from the lot. The brand advertises itself as using the “choicest” ingredients that does give a sense of fulfillment. It is a premium brand so with the premium tag the price does go up slightly but at the Beardo website you can get points for buying their products do try them out – BUY NOWimage8 1Clubman Moustache Wax – Finally an international brand for those show offs. Yep Clubman is a subsidiary of Corrado Cutlery and they are the most experienced too. So you can rely on them heavily as they are on the oldest companies. One thing you will really like about this is that it comes packed with a small handy comb for you moustache which is kind of cute. It is one of the long lasting too if you stay away from water. Only one drawback is its cost, so it might be an occasionally used wax rather than a daily one but it is still worth it. BUY NOW image1 1Moustache Wax by (THE REAL MAN) – Real man provides a sleek moustache wax with a plethora of awesome ingredients – Bees Wax, Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Carnauba Wax, Menthol, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil. This certainly makes it the most nurturing wax in this line up. If you see closely you will see menthol in the ingredients, which is indeed great smelling with that cooling fragrance, bound to keep you fresh throughout the day. BUY NOW    image6 1Beardo Moustache and Beard Wax Stick – The wax stick is one of the most handy grooming product out there. I mentioned it here so you can tame your moustache all around the day without having to carry a box or anything. It is easy to carry and even more easy to use. It is just a typical beard wax in a stick. It does have the same ingredients as the general Beardo Moustache wax.BUY NOWimage7 1Man Arden Beard & Mustache Wax – Only wax on the list which offers various types of waxes. That too fancy names like – The Island Emperor, The Legend, The Maverick, and The Pacific Prince which are awe-inspiring. Arden contains pro vitamins making it stand apart from the rest. Also this bridges the gap between premium and the economical brands which I guess would be a certain hit. The difference in the types is majorly the fragrance and use of various vitamins. Do try all of them to get a taste of which suits you the best. I would suggest The Maverick for its genuine wild smell; the description says “Natural Fragrance Made from Madagascar Black Peppercorn, Fresh Coriander and Vetiver” smells even better than it sounds. thus, we rank it a spot in our list of strong hold mustache wax.  BUY NOWimage10 1Stache Bomb Stache Wax (Mustache Wax from Maine) –  Last but not the least in our list of  strong hold mustache wax in India we have Stache Bomb.It is one of the firmest mustache waxes that is perfect for those handlebars and has the unique pine scent reminiscent of the state where the wax is made. One thing I do like about this is that this handmade mustache wax also works well on sideburns, goatees and short beards to help hold those stray hairs in place. Contains the general natural ingredient and additionally contains petroleum jelly which we all know helps regulate the moisture of the skin and moustache. The best part is its subtle pine scent, which many are guaranteed to savor. Furthermore it provides a light wax unlike many of those waxes which tend to make the moustache a bit hard or strong. Another advantage I would like to point out is its ease to carry it tidily fits into the back pocket of your jeans means you can carry it anywhere and apply it easily on the go.    image3 1

An honorable mention would be the – Honest Amish Original Beard wax. This is the most organic wax out there right now until ‘Patanjali’ comes up with one. Anyways it didn’t make the list as it is more of a beard wax rather than a moustache wax. You can still try it as it isn’t much different. BUY NOW

A killer mustaches look great, but only if they don’t look sluggish blowing in the wind. Any of the above products can help you tame that facial hair and truly look like a man. Hope these will fulfill your needs and help you flaunt a fabulous look with swag.

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