14 Best Hairstyles for Skinny Men

By Arvind Rishi


We know that being a skinny guy isn’t that easy, especially when it comes to finding the perfect outfits and hair styles for yourself. So below in the article we have listed  the best hairstyles for skinny men. In a society that is obsessed with muscular men with an impeccable physique, it becomes quite challenging to make your mark. When it comes to finding the finest hairstyle that suits you, a lot of factors kick in, like the contours of your face and the texture of your hair, henceforth it becomes a tedious task.

Best Hairstyles for Skinny Men

So, we are back again, with a wary compilation of 14 best hairstyles for skinny men.

14. The Pompadour

With the hair rolled back from the front of your forehead and upswept around the sides and back as well. It works best for skinny guys as it adds volume to your head, in particular, and your appearance in general. Not only does this make you look a lot fitter and well-groomed, but it also complements a fit outfit seamlessly to create an impeccable appearance.

image6 9


13. The Faux Hawk

A derivative of the Mohawk style, this style comprises that both sides of the head be trimmed and thereby create a large strip of lengthier hair on the centre. This works seamlessly for skinny men due to its significant addition of bulk and demeanour to their appearance.

image5 10


12. The Spikes

Again, this involves raising the hairs on the centre portion by using hair-products while those on the sides remain swept back or trimmed. A difficult style to maintain in an outdoor situation, if you do not have the hair texture required. Not only does it adds dimensions to your face, but it works best when paired with a goatee beard.

image1 12


11. The Side Part

This style requires no introduction as it the default style that is introduced to us since childhood. A simple partition, a well-oiled and swept back hair combined with a ominously trimmed side hair portions, allow for a gentleman like appearance and can act as a faultless antonym to your lean physique, when complemented with a formal of semi-formal (but fitting) dress.



10. The Mohawk

Well, you just saw its reformed version, the Faux Hawk, above in the list. Now, enter its comrade The Mohawk. Not only is it a great hair style to sport alfresco but it also balances a lean physique quite well. But, it has some substantial drawbacks and issues associated with it as well. First and foremost, it requires persistent maintenance on your part to make sure it looks as great as it does on day one. Secondly, it depends on your hair texture and quality. For instance, do not go for this if you have a receding hairline or curly (or wavy) hair. Third, is that this is not an easy hair style to sport about. This requires high confidence and works best with an aura of attitude and swagger around you. So, if you think you possess such flair and attitude and can manage its short comings then the Mohawk hairstyle is for you.


9. The Undercut

This is arguably, one of the most popular hair styles of the contemporary era. Not only is it easy to achieve and retain, but it also provides a sense of dimension and volume to a guy with a lean physique. An undercut is easily realizable by trimming off the sides and cutting the centre part of your hair to a length that suits your physique. But, remember, that the length of the centre part, is the key here; too long and it may look ill-suited, too short and the hair style will lose its shine. So, the impeccable look might be attained by aptly cherry-picking the precise length of the hair and complementing it with stubble and a great outfit.Thus,The Undercut definitely find a way in our list of best hairstyles for skinny men.



8. The Buzz Cut

So, if you want to play it safe, and want to go for the tidiest-looking, easy-to-maintain and the serenest hair style for this summer, well you may have as well hit the jackpot! This works finest for skinny guys and counterparts a tee shirt and a pair of jeans seamlessly. A no-brainer bravura for those who have a receding hair line or simply aren’t too much into fashion and want it simple.

image3 11


7. The Fringe Cut

Be it the straight fringe cut, the textured fringe or the angular fringe cut, one thing we can confidently say about this is that this works for all hair types and works seamlessly for guys with a lean physique. Trim the side portions of the hair and allow the centre portion to fall on your forehead, either straight or in an angular fashion. But make sure that your hair is well moisturised and healthy, as it does not look good on dry hair. Thus, fringe cut definitely find a way in our list of  best hairstyles for skinny men.

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6. The Wave Cut

If you have been blessed with curly or wavy hair, then this one is for you! What we love to call as The Wave, this hair style embodies your curly hair in a way no other style does. Side-parted, well-nourished hair with minor trimming on the sides and back, this can work miracles for you if you have wavy or curly hair. The best point is that it pair seamlessly if you have a lean physique, as not only does it add volume and dimension to your appearance, but it also adds a bit of charisma and attitude to your presence.

image10 6


5. The Divided Undercut

This hybrid hair style combines the best elements of the classical side-partition with the celebrated undercut. Works best for a skinny guy, giving your exterior a touch of fashion and style, this easy to attain hairdo has been the trending style for quite some time now.

image8 10


4. The Fade

This hairdo involves a thick batch of hair on the centre of your head, paired with a constantly decreasing magnitude of hair on either sides, giving it a faded approach toward hair styling. This works best for men with a slight stubble and sharp facial features, which you already possess! Pair this with almost any outfit, this hairdo works as a charm.

image11 1


3. The Mop Top

This retro hairdo inspired by a famous band (guess who?) has its priorities set right. This is suited basically from straight or wavy hair. Once, you grow your front hair till your eyebrows and those on the sides till the ears, start styling it from centre to the ends, till you get a fringe. This is suited to the T for skinny people as it adds gravity and scope to your face. Also it gives an alternative to vertically raising your hair. It is one of our recommended  best hairstyles for skinny men.

image4 11


2. The Butch Cut

This is a type of hairdo where the hair is cut short on all sides, while maintain the same dimensions to it. What is most appealing bout this hair cut is that it is simple yet chic. It is easy to attain, requires less maintenance and looks great. The Butch Cut is number two on our list of 14 best hair styles for skinny people.



1 The Emo Haircut

Well, this is the number one hairstyle that we recommend to skinny people, The Emo Haircut. One look at it and you would comprehend, why this hairdo stands on top. Not only does it look great on lean people, it also is enormously fashionable and can go on effortlessly with any informal or casual outfit.

Although it is pretty tough to sustain, and works only on straight hair, this hair style is number one on our list of 14 best hairstyles for Skinny men.

image7 9

So gentlemen, go out, get the cuts and slaaaaay…..!

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