10 Moustache Styles For Different Face Shapes

Written by Fairy Kumar


“The world is full of guys, the right moustache makes a man.”

This is an era in which almost each and every person, who is obviously a male, it is important right? Want their facial hair to look the best. People are trying all new ways, different products, reaching various specialists who can help them in turning their facial hair in the perfect way. But not each one of you can go for all this, isn’t it? All these things require a lot of time and at the end, most of the people are really not satisfied with what they get. The only reason behind this is that you followed the advice of others from the very beginning. You never asked what you wanted for and this was because you were probably confused with what can actually suit you the best.

People are surely not very much sure in choosing the right style of facial hair of themselves. And, when you are not successful in getting the perfect style in the result, you finally choose to go the Clean Shave Drive. Yes, this is one of the crucial reasons why people end up getting clean shaved in this typical Facial Hair Fashion. Because there exist hardly few people who do not want to walk with fashion, they are not very much interested. But the people who like to walk with the dynamic wind can never ever miss a single chance to stand out and prove themselves as a fashion freak.

The other reason is the maintenance of the facial hair. Yes, it is definitely a very important as well as a difficult task. You need to take care of so many things, you also need to be disciplined as well. A lazy man can never have a nice hair. You do not trust, try it! So, when the difficulty level increases, most of the people tend to leave the battle and walk away. There will be very few who will try to walk on the rigid road with a heart full of dedication and courage too. And, a very few amongst the lot will try to find an alternative. You too must be having this perception that this group who is always looking ahead to find new alternatives, new ways, is the most interesting the whole population.

So, the alternative which came into the limelight was that if you cannot maintain the complete facial hair, make it partial. Why not reduce your burden from your beard and just keep your eyes on the moustache and make them look the best. This idea is surely not bad guys. If you are not able to give time to everything, switch to one thing and work on it with your full dedication. Focus on your moustache and make them as per your face shape. To get your most suitable moustache, following best moustache styles are present for you to choose from depending on your face shapes. No matter what the fashion is, but you must keep yourself aligned with your body shape and especially your face when it comes to choosing the style of your moustache.



This shape is very much successful in defining your jawline. If you try to go for a Handlebar style, this will not only enhance your jawline but will also give you an edge to your face. The handlebar comes in a thick way which extends towards the ends and twirls upwards. This moustache is completely authentic and never goes out of style. This is not even much expensive and it also does not require much money to be spent on buying and using the expensive wax throughout the day.


In the Square Shape, the jawline looks very strong so, you have the advantage to make full use of it by showing it in the best possible way. By going for the Walrus Style can give your face the best ever look. You facial bones with be highlighted in this style of moustache. Walrus is that moustache style which is inspired by the cowboy men or dads who whittle on the porch. This will give you a classy look in a very little expense and in a very less time


The people who have an oval face shape then you are really the blessed one guys. You already have the natural symmetry of your face. So, any type moustache will definitely be going to look good on you. There are no such worries with this type of face shape. I slightly correct decision can make you look the best ever, the way you always craved for. Still, for the best way, the Horseshoe Stache is one of the styles which you can prefer to grow until the time you desire for.


Diamond face shape looks very good but you need to be very careful while choosing the right style of moustache. A single mistake can spoil all the hard work in no time. If you are the one with a Diamond Face Shape, then you must go for the moustache style which can avoid adding extra weight to your face. An Elegant Stache will work can surely work the best on your face. It is completely minimal and goes with every age group. You will definitely look much more starring by getting this look which is the topmost preferences amongst the youth till date.


If you are the one with this face shape, then you are lucky and can go for the typical new style which is currently in the trend. You can prefer to go for the Soulful Handlebars and this will not only make it much newer but will also give you the pleasure to use all the conditioners and wax which are required to maintain the perfect moustache and beard hair. And, who says who girl works on their beauty, guys too are giving a tough competition these days.


This is a shape which requires a face definition. This one offers much more elongated face angles. One can go for thinner moustaches which are also called as The Disconnect Style. The Disconnect is a unique stache. In this style, there is no hair on the philtrum. The rest of the moustache looks normal but there is a noticeable wasteland underneath the septum. Once you are able to maintain it in the perfect way, then nothing can hinder you to look good.


This shape is also known as one of the boldface shapes in the lot.  The Slacker Moustache style is the best which goes on this face shape.  The slacker is sometimes, also known as The Beatnick and you will then be probably called as The Coffee House Poet. The moustache requires a nice amount of hair which makes it look more full. It is simple and at the same time easy going. The people carrying this style look intellectual and well established.


A rectangular face shape comes with a benefit as it offers a man to choose between either a short or wider sideburn which widens your jawline in an appropriate manner. The Scruffy Moustache Style will look just perfect on this particular rectangular shape. If you a kind of person interesting in maintaining the high profile code then this one is meant only for you. It can be easily altered and maintained efficiently. There is no need to put in too much to get a lot.


This shape is generally acquired by those who are one the fitness freaks and have a muscular physique. Their jawline and facial bones are toned up nice and strong. You can grow this style in the least time and it works very well even on the youngsters. This look has a fresh new energy and gives you the required boost to fight from every problem life puts you in.


Are you the one who thinks that yes, you are one the unique pieces this earth ever had? Then this style of moustache, i.e, The Toothbrush Moustache is meant only for you. Being an inspiration from the legendary and benchmarking eras, if you also own your lifetime, do not think much and just go in the direction of growing this beard with no tension. You can get this look in a short span of time.

What can be more good than looking the best in the latest trends and that too as per your own facial structure? The selection of right moustache will now only give you less burden but along with this, it will also make you feel good after each and every appreciation you will receive not only in your office but also at other various formal and informal events. You will surely leave an imprint in the mind and hearts of everybody. You will be the man in the group of guys, what can be better than this for any male.

Make the right choice, take the right step and just follow the above-mentioned tips and you are all set to do wonders with your moustaches.

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