10 Best Goatee Styles For Indian Men

Written by Fairy Kumar


“It is just a Goatee that sounds kind of weird a soul patch?

I do not know how ‘soul’ it is.”

-Apolo Ohno

A man always loves his beard and when it is not the beard, it is the Goatee. Because in the era like the present, people are stuck with so many deadlines that they hardly get time to maintain a perfect beard. The best alternative is obviously, The Goatee. It looks just the best. The people who are not really through with the technicalities of the beardish terms, for them, let us first get a brief idea about what exactly Goatee is.

A goatee is a style of facial hair incorporating hair on a man’s chin but not on cheeks. There is no exact style of a goatee. It all depends on the tastes of people and their preferences tend to change with time, place and culture too. In the late 20th century, the term goatee was used to refer solely to a beard formed by a tuft of hair on the chin as on the chin of the goat. This is the reason which gave birth to the name Goatee. The word Goatee became an umbrella term used to refer to any facial hair style incorporating hair on the chin but not on the cheeks. This style is often confused with the Van Dyke and the debate still exists.

If you think that this is one of the recent styles in the fashion of facial hair that probably you are caught on a wrong foot. This style of facial hair dates back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, where the God Pan was traditionally depicted with the one. When Christianity became a dominant religion and began coopting imagery from the pagan myth, Satan was given the likeliness of Pan, leading to Satan traditionally being depicted with a Goatee in medieval and renaissance art.

Then the time in which the goatee facial style started gaining popularism was again in the 19th century. It became one of the characterising physical traits of the bohemians in Paris. If we talk about the United States of America, it started becoming popular around the time of American Civil War. Numerous wartime figures from the era wore variations on the goatee, including Abraham Lincoln, who actually shaved his beard into a traditional goatee at various points during his presidential period.

The fashion of goatee started going out of style and was not able to enjoy the widespread popularity again until the 1940s when it became a defining trait of the beatniks in the post-World War. The style remained popular amongst the counter-culture until the 1960s before falling out of favour again. In the 1990s, goatees with incorporated moustaches became fashionable for men across all socio-economic classes and professions, and have remained popular into the 2010s and even in 2017, people love the goatee, whether is their’s or of any other’s.

Generally, a goatee style of facial hair is often used to designate an evil or morally questionable character; the convention has most consistently been applied in media depicting evil twins, with a goatee often being the sole physical difference between the twins. Goatees have also been used to signify a character’s transformation from positive or neutral to evil. You can also say that the use of Goatees to designate evil characters has become enough of the trope. There exists a scientific reason behind this characterisation of the goatee. The human brain tends to perceive of downward facing triangles as inherently threatening; brains tend to perceive of goatees as making the human face resemble a downward facing triangle, causing individuals to subconsciously perceive of those with goatees as inherently sinister or threatening. Goatees in media have also been used to differentiate between average characters and those belonging to some subgroup.

This was actually a nice brief story of how the Goatee style of facial hair came into the picture and how it holds a strong position even now. It is time to move on the best ten goatee styles which are the most suitable for Indian Men. Go for the one which seems the best to you and is capable of completely transforming your overall personality and giving you an all new edge to make a nice goatee come back.


image1 29

This Napolean Imperial Goatee style combines a handlebar moustache and a chin puff that extends downwards. It also resembles like the soul patch on the steroids which is beneath the chin. This style has a special feature that it has many identities and it is also popularly known as Chin Strap with a moustache. It is highly inspired from the great ruler Napolean III Imperial. It looks the best on the men with a square or diamond face shape.


image6 26

As the name suggests, this type of facial hair style goatee is completely classic. It implies the basic foundation style of the goatee and is easily maintainable and it pretty common amongst all the age groups. You simply need to tuft of hair on the chin trimmed neatly. You can also say that it is a chin beard under your bottom lip without a moustache along with your clean shaved neat cheeks. It is something which looks very easy and is just perfect for people with round faces because a classic style can go out of style.


image10 16

The name itself makes this style of goatee a special one. This style has got the name Anchor because it looks like the nautical ship equipment of old. It is not easy to pull off but can be done by combining a chinstrap beard along with a well-groomed pencil kind of moustache and soul patch the end of the skin and it is done. This one is another style for the men with a round face shape but it also works very well on men with a triangular face shape. If you ask for inspirations, then Christian Bale has been graced with an admirable Anchor Goatee.


image5 27

This style of the goatee is very tiny in size as compared to the other different types of goatees. This is connected with a jawline beard style. You can also call this complete style as The Chin Strap Beard Goatee. You can grow your facial hair in this particular style with or without the moustaches. This is something which made for the young people out there. It is casual and that is all that you want. This style became popular in the 18th century but now once again in 2017, this made a successful comeback. This style involves growing a thin strip of hair from one end of the face to the other including the jawline and the chin. This one looks just the most appropriate on the men with absolutely toned-up facial bones.


image2 28

In order to get this perfect pyramid style of the goatee, you must need to be very careful with your razor. Reach for the edges of your goatee and be extremely careful on the edges and keep ensuring that the hair does not go beyond the smile lines. The smile lines will actually help you in knowing where you need to stop. The goatee will look very attractive and neat too on a clean shaved face. So, if your hair grows very fast, you need to take of it daily in order to avoid the stubble from growing next to your shape-up goatee.


image7 25

This Chin Strap Goatee is just the most admired of all the other styles. But this is also not a piece of cake. You actually need to show your discipline, if you are thinking to go for this one. It demands a rigorous upkeep to keep it neatly confined to the jawline but you must also keep in mind that you do not burst out into a true beardy man. And, once the look is combined with the classic goatee, your look just becomes so perfect. This style comes under one of the solid choices and will work the best if you have a long or oblong face shape.


image3 27

This stubble goatee does not need a regular trimming. Because this demands a bit of thickness with your facial hair. You can keep it for a long time, in fact, men even choose to go for it for a lifetime and it never makes them go out of style. The detailed angular beard is for the men with a straight or oblong face. This is absolutely light, cool and mildly formed. Also, if you have a diamond face shape and would like to use your chin this time, then this one is the best style for you.


image9 22

This is the oldest and minimized beard style which promises to stay in fashion forever and ever. This look came in the 17th century and is a combination a patched goatee and moustache and the cleanly shaved cheeks. This has also been one of the styles wherein, the people have most of the variations depending on their liking, personality and face shapes. It is also one of the looks which are also popular among the celebrities.


image8 25

This is one of the cutest styles in goatees which a man can prefer to go for if you are in the mood to look cute for some time. This is an absolutely eye-catching cute and youthful beard and goatee look. If you are one who does not want to look the age you actually are, then this one must be on your top priority list. This is surely the look which definitely one would like to go for at least once in his lifetime. It does not require a lot of your time, just give it a regular check and you are always ready with the perfect facial hair.


image4 27

The soul patch, as the name says, simple and most elegant as your soul. The Soul Patch is a short patch of hair beneath your bottom lip. One of its strengths is its versatility. This is because it can be blended with many different facial hair styles without having to be altered. The Soul Patch can easily elongate your round shape of the face. This shape is one of the favourites as the best thing is always kept for the end.

These were the best ten styles of goatees, you can go for the one which you feel suits you the best after looking at yourself and analysing your facial style. All the best!

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