10 Best Beard Styles for Oblong Face

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“Any man can have a beard. A true man never finishes one.”

When it comes to choosing the right beard style which perfectly compliments the shape of your is surely not an easy task. One needs to be very intellectual in order to decide the right style of the beard for himself. Growing beard is not a difficult task. What you need to do is just leave your razors for a few days and the automatic process is started and you call it as a beard. If you think a shave sabbatical is the only way to a brilliant beard, you are solely mistaken. While resting the razor is step one, the next is styling and shaping a beard to fit the contours of your face. Understanding the face shape is very essential and selecting the most appropriate beard style is another task.

This article is especially for the men who have an oblong face shape. Just forget those hard times of trouble when you fought with your beard so much as you were not able to get your desired look. This is because every face type is different and thus, each and every face style requires a different style of beard. It is not only following the fashion blindly, you must also realise that every fashion cannot suit each and every person individually. You are different, you have your own unique features, so things will obviously not be same for you as they are for others. You need to think of some creative ideas, innovative styles in which you can grow your beard, give it the right guidance and help it grow up nicely and most importantly, in the way you always wished it to. You cannot afford to compromise on your looks. You cannot ruin your appearance just like that. Being proud of what you already have, makes you get a number of balls in your court as compared to the people who are never satisfied with what they get as a gift from life.

If one cannot respect of himself, no one else will ever do. So, it is you who can make yourself. It is you who can break yourself. Everything is dependent on your inner thoughts if your inside is weak, it is hollow, so nothing can make your outer look strong. You need to be passionate for yourself from inside and rest will automatically follow. There is no need to worry about it. You need to know that each and every man is different, each facial style needs a complementary beard style. A man with a chubby face should not have a thin moustache, while a man with a small face should not be overwhelmed with a foot long beard. There are rules in place to help a man find the best beard style to suit their face.

The only goal which every man must keep in mind is to have a cheerful face and a confident beard to make a complete success. The beard should be nicely graduated, and even, and not be a sudden harsh transition from skin to hair. If you are unhappy with the size of your face, then you can actually change it by growing the correct style of beard. The extra facial hair will fill the gaps or draw the eyes away from the problematic regions of the face. Growing a beard, you can also call it as a remedy to cover scars. Many people get acne as teenagers, which can cause unsightly facial scarring. Often it is only a matter of time before it disappears. Some men might also get rosacea, which makes the skin appear red and inflamed, even when it feels fine.

Talking about the Oblong Face Shape. In this oblong face shape, the length of the face is longer than the width. So, what you can do is instead of growing beard that will make their face appear even longer, they can grow a fuller and a shorter beard to balance their face. Men who are born with an oblong face shape have a benefit of allowing their beard to grow on sides fully but do not forget to keep the base of the beard shorter.

Let us now check the different beard styles are most suitable for the men who have an oblong face.


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The oblong face is generally longer than the oval face shape. In this style of beard, the beard is fuller on the sides, covering all the facial bones area. Then, moving towards the bottom, it becomes comparatively shorter. This very well compliments the oblong face shape of the man and also help in making you look even more stylish than what you were before. If you decide to add bangs to your hairstyle, then it will work wonders for your personality. This will automatically shorten your face shape and will help you the way you wanted from the very beginning. But yes, do not ever forget to wear a smile and you are done!


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This style is meant for those who do not want to spend much time on styling their beard. It will hardly need any of your time and you can obtain this type of beard style in a very short span of time. You can start with Carte blanche styling and it’s a great shape to begin your beard styling. No one is saying no to your experimentations. Go ahead fearlessly, do what your heart says and you will definitely arrive at the right style for yourself.


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Beards have always been hit very hard by evolutions. There combinations have always been made and have also been changed from time to time as per changes in tastes and preferences of the people. Choosing the right goatee with you beard is another typical task which needs to be done with utmost care and precautions. Choosing the right goatee will not only balance your face shape but will also enhance and reinvent your look. The beard and goatee styles are for ages and can stay with you for a lifetime.


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As the name says, the beard is truly uniform and shows the intense discipline. It is uniform in length throughout. It is not one of the longer beards for sure since it is minimal. Going towards the facts, this beard extends about 2 inches past the chin, ending in nice and shaped rounding points. The moustache needs to blend in uniformly with the beard. In order to achieve this look, one needs to have a same length of hair which is obtained by trimming throughout the beard and the stache for a smooth appearance. This look will definitely make you grow in the professional style.


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This is one of the shortest beards which one can keep. This is extremely thin and has those bold moustaches with a nice amount of hair. This makes the face slightly fuller but on the sides, it is minimised. This gives a very interesting faded look, this is very new style and surely help you in obtaining your unique look this time. All you have to do is let your side burns come down thin, disappearing and then fading into the beard. You need to keep the edges sharply defined with a slight curve. Also, the moustache needs to be closely trimmed. The trimmed look will make your appearance a perfect one.


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This beard style itself promises to stay forever, so it is never ever going out of trend. You can achieve this Razors Edge look by fading in the sideburns to give way to wild and full beard. The sides are not trimmed, but you should keep the edges nice and sharp, clean overall look. You can also grow out your moustache and shape it so it curls slightly upwards at the tip. Below the chin, keep the hair long and sloping gently towards a point, but cut off at the end of the neck line.


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This style is most famous amongst all the age groups today. This is very much trendy and classy as well. The pretty stylish bold and thick gives off quite a dashing appearance when done rightly. To grow this style of beard, the first thing which you have to do is blend your sideburns into the beard, grooming to the same length throughout. Let your beard grow below the chin and taper it to a rounded end.


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If you are interested in turning your beard into the sexy one, make it with the fades. Fading patterns are very popular in 2017 trend of beard fashion. In this, the sideburns grow short and extend to the full beard at about mid-ear. Send the edges diagonally downward and up into a small soul patch. The moustache must be nicely trimmed. You need to make sure that all the lines are highlighted and clearly visible because this is the speciality of this style.


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The Bandholz beard style is impressive. This beard style actually got popularised by Eric Bandholz, the founder of Beardbrand. It definitely takes time to grow, you need to wait for at least six months, patience, patience and patience… But once it will be done, it is worth the long wait.


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This is quite similar to the short and tapered style of the beard but has more flesh outlook at the front. If you have long hair, you are going to kill millions of people by just a glimpse of your look. Let your sideburns grow out and down into your beard. Trim your beard close to your cheek and let the length increase closer to the chin. For a better texture, go for a moustache of the same length.

These were the best ten beard styles for oblong face shape. Select the one which you love the most.

All the Best Guys!

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