Top 10 Best Rose Gold Watches For Men


By Arvind Rishi

When it comes to luxury watches, it is not simply a matter of hat you wear, it’s a matter of how it suits your style and personality. Rose gold watches have always epitomised wealth and prosperity, in a certain way, that no other object has ever been able to personify. It stands for class, position and a delicate taste of fashion, and obviously it does cost a fortune!

So, it is highly important that you make an informed choice when it comes to buying rose gold watches. Paired with the correct outfits, these rose gold coloured watches could prove an asset in your wardrobe. So, this time we countdown our list of top 10 best rose gold watches for men.

10. Tissot

This company has rose gold watches that are made for the idealised gentleman. A classical blend of royalty and authority these watches embody the true meaning of gold watches as no other brand can ever do. Trust its classical dial and humble markers to do the trick, when you are trying to pull off a chivalrous look. Crisp, conventional and truthful to time, this is Tissot for you.

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9.  Seiko

This watch bends classical and trendy so seamlessly, that we can only gape at its beauty. From a rose hue to its slender pinstripe markers on the majestic dial, expect these watches to tick forward your appearance and personality till perpetuity.

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8.  Casio G-Shock

The only military grade watch to make it up to here in our list, the G-shock is the urban legend you have been waiting for. Combining sophistication with rigidity, and classic with utility, this piece of electronic hardware has all the functions you would come to expect of a G-Shock watch. From timers, stopwatches to alarms, this will never disappoint you, or the young Boy Scout within you! Expect high pressure resistance, sleek looks and a plain treat to the eyes!


7. Rolex Day-Date

This piece of luxury watches are widely known for being the first choice for many US Presidents from time immemorial. From classy to bling, these watches embody the modern culture of combining conventional luxury with style as no other. With the brand quality of Rolex attached to it, these rose gold watches would be our recommendation if you are going for a formal get together or just a plain weekend party.

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6. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

This rose gold watch made by Audemars Piguet has but history written all over it. Originally made in the 1970’s as a hybrid between sports watches and a classical gold watch, this piece of hardware has definitely come a long way, in terms of design and specificity. With Audemars Piguet deciding to produce 18k versions of the 41mm dial, this watch is best worn with your finest looking suit and lots of confidence.

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5. Seiko Kinetic Black Dial


This watch is the modern blend of tradition and trendy, and we totally love it! With a rosy gold hue and a pinstripe marker, it gives consistency, and the sub dial presenting the day of the week is elegantly nostalgic to the classical traditional era of vintage watches. Pair it with any outfit you want, and it works seamlessly. A black dial, vintage look and a trendy feel is what separates this watch from the others in this list.

4. Cartier

With the release of its new collection aptly names “Calibre”, this brand has made a new range of “in-house” based movements to fit into its more volume models. With a dial size of 42mm and 18k gold, this is the obviously on of the best brands when it comes to men’s luxury watches in rose gold hue. The best part of the Cartier saga, is that it has seen many models and iterations of its classical watches, including a diver and a chronograph. Combine with this the allure of a rose gold cover and a beautiful dial, you might have probably worn you dream watch.

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3. Citizen

Citizen makes incredible watches for its price range, which not only keep ticking till eternity but also are dapper to look at. This is the main reason why Citizen comes so high up in our list. The inner dial has pinstriped markers along with day sub dials. The outer dial has golden hued roman numerals for expressing the time. With a 42mm dial diameter, this watch also has its solar powered battery that makes sure that you never lose track of time.

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2. Omega Speed-master

Originally designed das a sports watch, there is something very enthralling and exceptional about this timepiece that comes in rose gold casing and bracelet. This radiates passion and exclusivity as no other watch brand, and that is the main reason why it stands at number two on our list. Although the Speedmaster model has undergone many iterations throughout the years, the recent ones are made to look more like the original ones, albeit a few technical upgrades like chronological movements and sleek design patterns that resonate more with the current fashion trends. With a 41.5 mm casing and 18k gold plating, the Omega Speedmaster should be on your bucket list for sure!

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1 Nixon Ragnar

We could give you brownie points if you recognize this watch at the first sight. The Nixon Regnar, is one of the more simpler and unsophisticated designs made by this enterprise.  With a black dial and a 36mm dial casing, this stands tallest when it comes to rose watches due to its un-complicated looks, and classical designs. Suitable for almost any occasions, the Nixon Ragnar rose gold luxury watch makes it to number one on our list of top 10 luxury gold watches for men.

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