Top 5 Best Indian Wear Looks Of Shahid Kapoor


Right now, we are going to discuss about a man whose transformation has proven the fact that ‘time changes’…well literally. Apart from his marvelous acting mastery, this Gentleman is a Mens XO favourite. What we love about him is the fact that he can pull off Indian wear fused with hipster looks and can literally slay. No matter how fashion forward you are, please understand, mixing Indian style genres takes your fashion game to a different level altogether.

Sophistication, class, uniqueness and dope.

This man has it all. Down below, we have curated  some of our most favourite looks of Shahid kapoor,  setting trends on fire.. read on:

1.The Boss Man – Okay so for us, this is THE most favourite look. Let me talk about it in details. First things first- the style. It’s absolutely amazing how street style can be explored with and how people can actually come out of the box, leaving all that monotonous crap behind. As I had mentioned above, fusing a stylishly strong Indian Kurta with Patiala pants is a novelty. As the designer has done here, we can see Shahid Kapoor wearing this really interesting kurta with geometric extravaganza adorning the surface. Another key aspect of this look is the colour play. The usage of red amidst all that monotone is what makes us drool. And of course, Shahid Kapoor’s attitude gives this look that ‘X’ factor. You can also try this look with harems…. it would look equally amazing. Did I speak about that bold eye makeup? Go to a party like that …. watch people stare at you in awe.

2. The Bangla Swag – You read that correctly. This style originated from Bengal, where people wanted to have a cross between actual shirts and short kurtas, thereby leading to the birth of a universal style statement. The specialty of this shirt is that it doesn’t have a collar. What we love about this is that such shirts can serve such a lot of purposes! It becomes even more amazing when someone with a physique like Shahid Kapoor wears it. If you have your biceps and chest on point, then this garment shall be your wingman. Wear it in solid colours or with a standalone print. You are sure to make a bold style statement.

3. The printed affair – Are you bored of the regular trousers? Do you feel irritated looking at the same style of trousers and jeans? Well then, it’s time for you to step out of the fashion blues into the bright and sunny scene of prints and patterns! Gone are the days when printed lowers were reserved only for the women. That’s the beauty of fashion. It knows no gender. You can wear anything you wish, however you wish and still look amazing. Your sole aim should be looking aesthetically good and lovely. That’s the whole point of ‘fashion’, right? With prints in the lowers, you can explore a wide span of the style sea. If you choose to try out jazzy and quirky prints, make sure the pants are well fitted. If you choose for a more relaxed and minimalistic print, then you can go a bit loose on the sidelines.

4. Chic and Sexy – Indian heritage textiles have always been a top favorite of mine you know. Not only do they compliment the Indian man well, but also makes him look smarter, classier and of course sexier. Here we find our Haider boy flaunting an Ikkat print on a round neck kurta. The vintage textiles give an added volume to your body structure and work amazingly well with the Indian physique. Talking about Indian textiles, I have to mention some of the best ones which would look amazing when turned into Kurtas – the murshidabad silk, smabalpuri cotton, south cotton, chanderi, benarasi so on and so forth.

5. The Royal Stag – Standing in all the regalia and royalty, This Kurta snatches the attention for all the right reasons. Firstly, the asymmetrical cut is totally a stunner and then the snug fit of the collar with an overlapping breast… dayum! We are floored and how! This well structured kurta acts as a figure corrector and makes you look taller, ‘stronger’ and sharper. Gone are the days of wearing only straight line kurtas. It’s time to experiment and make love to your style game with a lot of panache and exuberance.

With these looks, I am sure you will get an idea to experiment more and come up with newer styles for yourself. Reach out to your tailor and ask him o cast magic through his scissor hands. Cinderella had a fairy god mother. But you, my XO man, YOU need a tailor ‘god father’ as he can make you the prince and even a king. Remember, all super don’t wear capes. Some make them for others.

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